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Alias(s): Rachel, Rhysati Ynr, Rach
Specialised Power: The ability to write Star Wars - those this may be subject to opinion :S
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student - Journalism Major
Race: English
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Earth
Age: 22
Affilliation: To practically everyone
Blood Type: A (I think)
Skin Colour: Pale
Eye Colour: Green
Fur/Hair colour, length: Shoulder length, naturally brown but now black
Height: 5"3 1/2 (yes, the half counts!)
Measurements: Pft. No way will you find out
Beliefs/Religion: Roman Catholic and the Force, naturally
Hobby: Writing, reading, socialising, learning to play badminton, learning foreign languages
Languages spoken: English, near fluent German, French, basic British Sign Language and medium-fluent Mando'a
Lightsaber Pigment: If I had one, green!
Lightsaber Style: If I could, Jar'Kai

Biography Legacy of the Jedi (s9 forum)

Updated 22/12/2010 (after three years of it saying I was 17. Paha.)

Works in Progress:

Star Wars: The Vod Squad Saga

Oh yes, my boys are getting their own series. Below is an outline of the stories, and which parts are completed:

Missing in Action (Complete): Vod Squadron are thrown into the heat - quite literally - as they face their first real battle upon Geonosis. And it couldn't have been more of a desperate one, either. From shooting droids to meeting Jedi, the boys do whatever they must to turn the enemy into spare parts, until tragedy strikes...

Crowd Control (Complete): Bombs, drugs, fangirls and rock and roll - Vod Squadron are back with a vengeance. When a pop concert in an auditorium in downtown Coruscant becomes a terrorist threat, the boys are sent to keep the peace. But not everything is as it seems...

Hostages of Lao-Mon (work in progress):

The Bug War (work in Progress):

Friends of the Enemy (to be written):

Mando Style (work in progress):

Star Wars: Treason

Mere days have passed since the battle of Coruscant. Chancellor Palpatine has finally returned to the safety of the Republic. When Vod Squadron get an assignment to investigate the security measures of the Jedi Temple, they are left wondering if this breaches their duty to serve the Jedi or the Republic. The struggle ensues as they awake to the eve of Order 66 and join the 501st on the mission into the temple...

Star Wars: Mandalorian Way

I wrote this AGES ago, but it appeared to be particularly popular. Considerably AU, I do plan to update this one day and take the plotline under a total revision to make it more of a gripping story.

Obi-Wan Kenobi joins Siri Tachi in a mission to try and find out the origin of the Clone Army when they learn that Jango Fett's son, Boba Fett, survived the Battle of Geonosis. However, they get more than they bargained for when an old face rises from the grave and his unhelpful assistant. Anakin Skywalker joins the race against time to find the boy, so the Jedi Order can find the answers they so desperately need to solve the puzzle...

Star Wars Galaxies: Fugitive

This is for all my friends at Starsider on Star Wars Galaxies. Keep an eye out for camoes from your characters! ;)

A series of Force visions begin to haunt Jedi Knight Mirdala Kendari. They quickly progress into more dark and sinisters scenes that not only she experiences, but those close to her as well. There is no where to turn, no where to run: they will get her at any moment. With the help of those around her, she must fight the darkness and work out what the osik is going on...but can the Kendari family prevent tragedy from striking?

Completed Stories:

Star Wars: The Trouble With Palpatine

My first completed, reasonably full length story!

Jedi Knights Keisha Farlander and Kai Darklighter barely escaped the Jedi Temple attack with their lives, but they still paid a heavy price when someone they held dear fell pray to Skywalker's blade. Now out in the galaxy by themselves, they muddle over whether to join the fight and try to bring down the Empire or go into hiding. Before they can make any progress in the decision, chaos ensues. Camoes from Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Star Wars Short Stories:

Star Wars: The Trouble With Clones

Star Wars: Close Call

Star Wars: Ghosts of Alderaan

Star Wars: Into the Temple

Star Wars: Lost

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Zyii (10)