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Will we get along? Count the number of ticks you can put against my loves, and then minus the ticks you can put against the hates. It's a pretty long list, I've discovered:

List of Love

1. Scrubs, in particular one Dr Cox.

2. Benjamin Biolay, as French strumming beats the knickers off of anything else. Plus he's rather yum.

3. Ben Christophers, as any kind of strumming beats the knick-knick-knackers off of everything else. Also yum.

4. The OC. Nothing will kill off the love for Seth...

5. Grey's Anatomy. Burke better than McDreamy. Addison better than Meredith. Izzy better than them all. End of, kids. Seriously.

6. My favourite club/pub. Which I can't really say here, 'cos then you'll know where I live.

7. Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Russian stuff on the whole. Read and weep, you'll never be as good.

8. Lucian Freud. So I follow the crowd, psh. Not Sigmund, by the way. Dear God, not that Freud.

9. Oliver Sacks.

10. Stroke 9. A break from the strummage.

11. Francis Dunnery. What can I say?

12. Topshop.

13. Zara.

14. Office.

15. Doctor Who! Almost forgot Doctor Who! I love David Tennant! How could I nearly forget?? I'd have him anyday.

16. Elton John.

17. The name Quentin, for a girl. Think about it. All dark bouffant Bardot-esque hair and smoky eyes and IQ. Who I'll be one day. If I change my name to Quentin. And get an IQ.

18. QI. I heart Stephen Fry. And Alan Davies!

19. Starter for Ten. Unviersity Challenge on the whole. Bamber Gascoigne? Yes yes yes.

20. Breakfast at Tiffany's. The film, not the song. Although I like that too.

21. Fiddler on the Roof. Legendary.

22. My Fair Lady. Audrey Hepburn = my silver screen idol.

23. The invention of the camera phone.

Hm. Materialistic? Shallow? Surely not.

List of Hates

1. People who hate my materialism. And shallow-ness. I can be both!

2. Well, actually I hate people who hate me.

3. The word "smexy" sends shivers up my spine. It's not cute, it's not clever, it's definitely not alternative.

4. Pointless pointless celebrities. Jade Goody, I'm looking at you.

5. Lembit Opik's newest acquisition. Really? A Cheeky Girl? Pointless politics meets pointless celebs.

6. People who think that pretty people automatically have crappy personalities, and ugly people have fantastic personalities. Doesn't work that way, chuck. Life's unfair.

7. Angsty poetry. You have a Volvo, for God's sake.

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