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I, Somethingwithatail, have joined the new Review Revolution. I promise to leave only constructive reviews whenever possible. I will not leave reviews that only say, "Update soon" or "Good job." And even though I hate the "copy and paste this into your profile" things: Copy and paste this into your profile if you want to join the new Review Revolution.

This Profile contains spoilers from the 6th book.

Skip down to the bold print if you want to get to the most recent stuff!!

My previous story titled "Feelings" has officially been discontinued.

"A Way Out" started out as an angsty one shot about Hermione's home life. However, now after a prolonged time away from fanfics I have decided to continue it as a less angsty story. The story contains a bit of romance and will have more later. I hope that it will get quite interesting as Hermione runs into more and more problems in her love life. :D

Old ranting about 6th book and my failed one-shot:

Heh, really I'm not even sure why I'm even bothering to update this. I've had a total of 6 hits to my profile since I joined Fanfic over a year ago and I've had only 3 hits to my story. I know I should probably try writing a story. I actually was... but I now have no inspiration after reading the 6th book... I mean seriously... HE KILLED HIM! AND THE SCHOOL'S CLOSING! How can you write anything after that? ... Just when I was starting to like Snape she has to go and make him evil after all! Although, I do have to give her credit for Malfoy. I loved how she made him hesitate. And I hope he doesn't go completely evil. Though with her track record... she's just trying to depress her readers as much as possible. First she has to kill off my favorite character in the 5th book then she has Harry and Ginny together in the 6th book only to break up in the end! Depressing... I know. I'm a freak that gets WAY too into books. And I'm treating this as a review on the 6th book. It doesn't matter though, because no one reads this anyway.

UPDATE 7/3/06: Yeah, pretty much right after I wrote the above paragraphs I started reading fanfics again... and I've been reading them on and off since. Though I do still think that Book 6 seemed a little more like another fanfic than JKR's work. I was definetely disappointed. Oh well. Other than reading every fanfic that comes within reach, I've also been writing again, though I've chosen to ignore Book 6. I've mixed my story "Feelings" and my one shot "A Way Out" into one story which will probably be titled "A Way Out." I thought "Feelings" was kind of dumb in the first place but I was too lazy to try to think of a better title. So, IF I ever decide to post it, I'll have a story called "A Way Out" that is going to be Book 6 the way I want it. I probably should start to post it, afterall, I do have about 4 chapters done and 20 or 30 pages...

UPDATE 2/21/07: Okay, so last time I never actually followed through with posting all of the new and improved "A Way Out." However, now, I am attempting it again. I've only written about one more chapter since then but I hope to get them out a bit quicker soon here... Wish me luck!

Oh, and I received a review saying that Ginny's real name was Ginevra. I thought that this was just a theory for her name. I plan on checking the books but if anyone would like to save me the trouble and just tell me where it says it in the book (if it does) then that would be greatly appreciated. :D Thanks!

UPDATE 7/25/07: I just finished updating this with a lovely rant and somehow it all got deleted. SO, now I'm even more pissed off than I was while I was ranting. I was scared away from FF for awhile because of a few very poorly written stories and every time I come back I seem to find more and more. And now, to add to the poorly written stories, I'm finding horribly inept authors. I actually went to read a story that was favorited by one of my favorites (God knows how that thing got a favorite) where the author started with this author's note:

"A/N: Anything that is not consistent with the books, you’ll have to excuse because I have not read them. Basically everything I know is from fanfic"

takes deep breath trying not to explode Seeing as I've already wrote out my rant once, I will not be rewriting the whole thing. I will simply say that I do not believe that someone who has not read the books should be allowed to write a fanfiction about them. End of story, goodbye, the end.

Update 8/25/07: Wow, look at that. Exactly one month from my last update. Well, FF has redeemed itself because I found a wonderful author who loves writting DMHG fics. I only like that pairing sometimes, but so far I've really been amazed by all of her stories (mostly one shots and I don't usually like them either). Unfortunatly, I can't remember her pen name at the moment. But yes, I have returned now after only a short leave... not that anyone even noticed I'd left or will notice my return... I'm not exactly an avid updater. Oh well, I might start up again someday...

Update 1/19/08: Ah ha! That 'someday' was apparently a couple of days ago because I just randomly got the urge to finish the chapter I had in production and post it. I've gotten a few reviews and a lot of story alert 's. Although I'd prefer the reviews, it's always nice to know that people at least like my story enough to continue reading it if I ever continue writing it. Just in case anyone is reading this and is wondering: I have one more chapter that just needs to be touched up but is mostly finished... after that... well, I barely have a plan for the story so I'll be making it up as I go along. I sort of have an idea of how I want to finish the story but I'm not sure about how I want it to get there. So, that's gunna be interesting. Anyway, thank you to all of my reviewers and story alert ers for taking an interest in my story!

Update 5/7/08:Ummm.. so, I said in my last update that I had another chapter ready and I knew how I wanted the story to end. Well, the thing is. I've already forgotten my plans for that story... And I got some awesome new plot bunnies (one of which I actually managed to get in story form and will be posting in a second). So, "A Way Out" is being put on hold for the one-shot that I'm posting today and for another longer story idea I have in the making. A few of my new plot bunnies include: Luna being taught how to fly by Ron (so cooler than it sounds really), an unusual look into Draco's home life and another different full length story about Hermione's love life (along with a few other things of course). So look out for any of those next. I actually have part of the Draco idea written so that might be next up.. So far that one is just a one-shot but it's subject to change. I think the twist on canon that I put in it is intriguing. Hopefully I'll actually finish a full-length story and get it up on here. That is my goal!

Update 6/5/08: I just got done updating my story, "A Way Out." It will be continued after all! As I say at the beginning of the new chapter, I've decided to combine my new ideas with that story. And eventually make a sequel using my new ideas. Anyway, I'm going to update my story summaries below too.

Let's see, so all of my ideas from the update on 5/7/08 except the Draco one have been combined into "A Way Out" or will be eventually. I'd actually forgotten about my Draco story I started to write before. That was a really awesome idea... I'm just not sure if I should try to handle two stories at once when I have a hard enough time trying to update one! We shall see.

Update 7/20/08: Well, it's been about 24 hours since I put up my next chapter of "A Way Out" and I must say, I'm a bit disapointed. I did receive 3 reviews and a story alert though. One of the reviews was an anonymous something. I wouldn't call it a flame, but it definitely wasn't nice and it wasn't helpful either. They just said that my story wasn't for them and that they don't like it. Why couldn't they just tell me why? It's going to bother me now.. :( Oh well, the other two reviews were good ones; one was even constructive!

I've already started working on the next chapter and it might just be up in the next week or so. I think that's a decent amount of time between updates, don't you? Let's see... oh, I finished "You Want Me To Go Where?" The Draco's home life story is still floating in the back of my mind but I think it'll be awhile before I get that up here. I want to keep the updates coming on "A Way Out" as fast as possible. I want to get some of my readers back. I don't get enough reviews for the number of people who are watching that story. wink wink nudge nudge :D

Update 8/5/13: So, I obviously haven't updated in awhile. I did just post a one-shot "Malfoy Problem 18" and will likely soon be posting another one-shot tentatively called "The Mood Glow". Don't expect updates to "A Way Out" anytime soon. It's really not my cup of tea anymore. I am working on a different full length story right now, but let's be honest, I'll probably never actually finish it. So, I'm not going to post it until I'm actually done - which very well could be never. Feel free to follow me instead of one of my stories though to get any little one-shots that I may add in the future. My most recent addition is actually my first attempt at Next Gen, but I don't think I'll write any more Next Gen. And my upcoming one-shot is from the Marauder Era - which I actually liked much more. I might have a few more one-shot ideas floating around for Marauder Era. Anyway, I *highly* doubt anyone at all will read this for a very long time, but if you do. Please do check out my new story. I'd love some feedback.

Malfoy Problem 18: Newest update. A one-shot of the Next Gen characters and some of the originals. Seeing Albus Severus’ new best friend at Platform 9 at the beginning of Christmas break leaves Harry shocked and not knowing how to cope. George swiftly steps in to ‘help’ - Plot based on Malfoy Problem 18 (can be found on tumblr or Pinterest or by searching the web for "Malfoy Problems")

A Way Out: My main story. It's going to be very long if everything goes as planned. It should also have a sequel eventually. Right now it's a little bit of GeorgeHermione and RonHermione and it's going to be mostly HermioneRon for awhile. I'm not sure where it's going to go after that just yet... but I do really like George... ANYway, back to the summary: Hermione runs away from home after a fight with her parents causes a realization. She stays at the burrow for the rest of the summer, has a few midnight encounters, and gets a boyfriend! This story continues with The Golden Trio's 6th year at Hogwarts. ABANDONED.

You're Welcome: A one-shot, hints at RonHermione, it.

You Want Me To Go Where?: This is a cute NevilleGinny story that I'm very proud of. It's in Neville and Ginny's PoV, one right after the other. This story is how I think Neville asked Ginny to go to the ball with him in the 4th book. Spunky Ginny and Nervous Neville, of course ;) The second and final chapter is now up!

Thank you for reading! Have fun! Oh, and I must ask you to also check out my friends' stories (You'll find them in my favorite authors list along with many others):

MagzDD writes mostly Daughters of the Moon stories (she's really, really good) and I'm pretty sure they're all romance (really juicy romances ;) ) Update: she now writes mostly various animes and this one tv show she watches... they allllll include slash now. You might call her a bit obsessed.

Autumn-Crystal has one fairy tale story posted and the beginning of a Harry Potter fanfic. It sounds pretty good so far... I don't think she plans on finishing it though.

I would like to thank all 21 of the reviewers of my story "A Way Out" and anyone who reviewed "Feelings" when I had that posted. Also, thank you to each of the reviewers on my other two stories. I woujld also like to thank the 3 people who favorited "A Way Out" and the one that favorited "You're Welcome". Also, I'm amazed that I now have 28 people on the story alert list for "A Way Out" and one person on that list for "You Want Me To Go Where?" Thanks to all of you and I hope you like my latest update ;)

Also, I have 2110 hits for "A Way Out"! and 351 hits for "You're Welcome". However, I'm disapointed to have only gotten 19 hits for my other story (the one with the long name that I don't feel like typing out even though this was even longer than the really long name). Oh yeah! and "A Way Out" is in a c2 now too!

Also, I have 4 people who have favorited me :D ...though 3 of them are my friends, Autumn-Crystal, KovuWolfe, and MagzDD... The 4th one not only favorited me but also has me on her alert list :D Thank you purplekitten7!

Now go read my stories! (if you haven't already)

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