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Name:Sarah Adams/aka:Yukino,Kenzie,and Takara
Stats:Artist,part-time writer,Duelist.
likes:Anime,BlackLabs,Shrimp-Fried Rice,Reading&Writing!
Dislikes:Well People flaming Anzu&Yami stories,and bashing Anzu.

Before I begin agian...Im sorry to some people for what Im about to say but I have a good reason for it...I CAN"T STAND SPONGEBOB! ,One reason its a pointless show and my lil nef. almost drownd trying to find him!...I know is only four,but,Its the creaters of SpongeBob's fault! They and that sponge can go to hell!

I'm a ProAnzu&Yami person


Ok these are a few of the Anime's I've seen and loved but before we get started I'd like to thank the first anime I'd ever seen (Drum Roll)...SailorMoon! yep people this was the first ever anime I'd seen.Well now to tell you about the others...

Arc The Lad
All purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
Angelic Layer
Astro Boy
Bey Blade
Big O
Blue Gender
Blue Submarine No.6
Card Captor Sakura

Chance Pop Session
Code Lyoko
Cowboy Bebop
Cyborg 009
Detective Conan/Case Closed
Dirty Pair
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball GT
Dual!Parallel Trouble Adv.
Enden's Bowy
Final Fantasy Unlimited
Flint:The Time Detective
Fruits Baskets
Full Metal Panic
Furi Kuri:FLCL
Gate Keepers 21
Gumdam Seed
Gundam Wing/AC
.hack//SIGN Legend of the Twilight
Last Exile
Lupin III
Monster Rancher
Nadesico The Movie:The Prince of Darkness
Oh My Goddess!
Outlaw Star
Pilot Candidate
Princess Nine
Ronin Warriors
Rurouni Kenshin
Sailor Moon
Saint Seiya
Sakura Wars
Sakura Wars 2
Serial Experiments Lain
Shaman King
Silent Mobius
Slayers Sorceror Staber Orphen
Steam Dectectives
Speed Racer
Sprited Away
Tenchi Muyo
Tenchi in Space
Tenchi in Tokyo
Ultimate Muscle
Witch Hunter Robin
Wolf's Rain
You're Under Arrest
You're Under Arrest:The Movie
Yu Yu Hakusho
Yu-Gi-Oh:The Movie
Zoids Fusers

Fewwww...thats a lot to type.So there you have it all the anime's I've ever seen,well there is more but it to much to type.

My Favorites are:
Anglic Layer
Full Metal Panic
Gundam Seed
Last Exile
Rurouni Kenshin
Wolf's Rain

But my most favorites of all favorites is (Drumroll)

I just love this show(And Ryou ; P)

Paring:Kenshin&Karou(RK)This is what true love is all about!


Hey I almost forgot I have to tell you who my favorite couples are here goes:


.hack//Legend of the Twilight:
Shugo/Aura,Rena/Balmung(I'll finish it later)

Wolf's Rain:Kiba/Cheza,Tsume/Blue,Hige/Blue,Cher/Lord Darcia,Quent/A bottle of Rum(lol)

Last Exile:Claus/Lavie,Dio/Me(finish it later)



:Yami,Atem/Anzu,Tea.Joey/Mai,Tristen/Serenity,Maximillion Pegasus/Cecila Pegasus(A/N:You may want to know that I don't like the Mai and Joey Pairing)

RurouinKenshin: Kenshin/Karou,Sanosuke/Megumi,Yahiko/Tsubame,Shishio/Yumi

Now I'd like to add the many names of Yami and Co.:

Yami,Yuugi,Atem,Atemu,Yu-Gi-Oh,Yami Yugi,Pharaoh.

Yugi Moto/Yugi Mouto

Tea Gardner,Anzu Mizaki,(The reincarnation of Yami's wife)

Joey Wheeler/Katsuya Jounouchi(Reincarnation of Yami's bestfriend)

Serenity Wheeler/Shizuka Kawai

Tristan Taylor/Hiroto Honda

Duke Devlin/?(I don't know his Japanese name)

Seto Kaiba(He's Japanese name and American name are the same)

Mokuba Kaiba(Same goes for him)

Mai Valentine/Mai Kujaku(Can't stand MAI!)

Ishizu Istar/Isis Istar( The reincarnation of Yami's high Priestess)

Marik Istar/Mailk Istar(Droooool)

Maximillion Pegasus/Pegasus J. Crawford

I'd jus like to get this out I do not Flame stories,but only the ones that have hard Anzu bashings,but there are three that are ok!If there is one that have alot and hard Anzu bashings then I tell them what I think about it but please don't take it personly I don't like making alot of enimes,sometimes I over react so im sorry if I hurt anyones fellings

Two Hearts One Soul: Removed!

Little Ceclia:Being rewritten!

The Yu-Gi-Oh Talk Show:this story was removed,I was about to change what I said about a reveiwer but was to late...sorry to you all!

Please bare with me for the moment! Thanks!

Favorite Stories on Fanfic:

The Warmth I give-by:mirrored-gaze

Blue Eyes,Cold Heart-by:Shedemonwolf

Broken Pieces-by:Linay

Consequences-by:Rosepedal(How ya doing GURL!)

Daring Summer-by:dietcOke(and no it's not a typo)

Even Demons have their Angels-by:Chibified Raven


One Full Moons Night-by:Jisusake

The Last Piece of Me-by:drix

The Video-by:Sailor Twilight Assasin

Stories to come:

The Night of the Red Moon:It's and Inu-fic,my very first!...It's also a Rin and Sesshoumaru one!

AScared Past:This is also going to be an Inu-fic,my friends and I wanted to make on were we all are in's going to be great! This one has Inuyasha and the gang in it as well.

It seems that I got them mixed up so The Night of the Red Moon will be out later,AScared past is uploaded already...I need to redo it as well!

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A Scared Past and Unknown Future reviews
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