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6th Jan 06: Another update time! I've posted another RHr rant and a pic for my Intervallum Readers. Follow THIS link to my LJ to read it.

Bucko, I do appreciate you, man!

.: Newsworthy Posts :.

24th Dec'05: HAPPY X'mas and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, my readers! -love and huggles-

17th Dec'05: I'm getting the urge again... To write that is. For all those of you who wanted me to write Shadows of the Watchgate's sequel, TUNE IN. I even sent you all messages, but I dunno, the link may not show. So, here's the link to my newest forum: http://www.fanfiction.net/fr/600272/2090/1965/1/ where I've made a Poll about this. Reply and let your voice be heard.

I'll be posting something new soon. --sends out love--

~ Tania ~

3rd Sep '05: OK, I have something for my readers. And no, it's not fanfiction but a very short drabble. If you wish, you can find it here: Drabble: Conversation

25th Aug' 05: IT'S DONE! Shadows is officiall finished:)

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I stared into the light to kill some of my pain
it was all in vain, 'cause no senses remained
but an ache in my body
and regret on my mind
but I'll be fine 'cause
I live and I learn
yes, I live and I learn
if you live you will learn
and I live and I learn
(The Cardigans)

.: Disclaimer :.

Please, (I’m being sweet, see?) don’t steal my hours, months, years of laboring. Even if it’s not original material, incase of characters’ names and world features, the underlying plotline is still mine including all the new things that I’ve thought up. If you want to use some idea or character traits of mine, ask before doing so or give proper credit where it’s due. Thanks!

.: Colloquially :.

It’s a high time for me to change my bio. The old one was really becoming… well, old!

So, I’m still Tania. And I still share my birthday with Hermione – that is 19th Sep. But, one big difference is that I’ve completed my MBA and now I'm working in a Research firm. You know now, where my time goes.

I’m also a Freelancer and work for few selected local and international dailies and magazines. I’m in between jobs as well. Still, I’m looking at a bright horizon right now.

Anyways, I will be continuing with my WIP fics. Even when I’ve started work, writing is still my escape and major time-pass. It is how I grow.

.: COMPLETED Fics :.

A Little Toil of Love: A total out and out James and Lily fic with a catch of a Hogwarts ghost, (Ravenclaw) Grey Lady. It's the end of sixth-year and James realizes that he will not be able to get Lily unless he wisened up. Grey Lady helps him do it and he finally gets together with Lily, as destined.

Riddles of the Past: (One-shot, not posted here) About Tom Riddle's childhood, how he lost few precious things in life. The roots of his evilness started from him innocent childhood.

It Ends Here Tonight: (One-shot, not posted here)About a girl who looked exactly like Ginny, who meets up with Harry. Some mysterious things happen with a sad but breathtaking ending.

Shadows of the Watchgate: Revolving around Harry Potter’s sixth year at Hogwarts. As he inherits Sirius's Diary, he discovers new dark secrets about his past, about his parents and godfather. He travels to a different world, where he will have to overcome new challenges and face up to the enemy he was prophesied to kill...

A possible sequel to this fic? Reply HERE: http://www.fanfiction.net/fr/600272/2090/1965/1/


1) Intervallum: A re-write of the meant to be Intervallum, which didn’t turn out the way it should have beenI thought long and hard. Why am I changing the fic’s name when it was, I, who named it? So, I’m reverting to its original name. Miles Apart would be a chapter title in the least. However, as I’m writing it, the plotline will change a little but the fic will still remain a R/Hr shipped fic. So, is Intervallum dead? No. It still lives here.

Summary: Even being miles apart, Ronald Weasley (Auror), and Hermione Granger (Ministry Researcher), are connected with a thread of pain. However, they will soon forget their bitter past and come face to face to resolve the things that were left unsaid years ago. A Post-Hogwarts fic that spans from England to Egypt. In which broken hearts are mended and friends are united. (R/Hr)

2) One-Shots: I might soon post athis one,the plot bunny of which has beenhopping in my mind for some time now.

4) H/G shipped: I’m working on a fic which might turn into an H/G ship. I guess I’ll post it after reading HBP because I would like to be canon in Harry’s pairing. We’ll see what happens on that front.

5) Whatever comes to my fancy. I’ve been itching to write a song-fic, maybe that’s next? Who knows?

6) I also have few original ideas and some plot-bunnies safely squashed in my mind so that they don’t run away. If I get some time, I’ll write some of the one-shots that I’ve thought of. However, that is speaking in long term.

.: Promises, Promises :.

I had a very active online life but entering practical life, I’m going to be a little absent. Also, I'd just been appointed the Leader of the Light (Dumbledore's Army at Godric's Hollow) So, will have to work over the clan-activities as well. IfI'dbeen reading any of your fics, rest assured I will continue to do so but not so regularly. Sorry!

.: My Official Beta’s :.

Shadows of the Watchgate:

Sassybid – Chapter 1 to 23

LadyBrannon – Chapter 24 onwards


Bec (Huugs) – the whole fic

Caz – Chapter 2 & 4

Little Toil of Love


.: My Obsession :.

Can you guess? Except HP of course (and reading thriller books), what I obsess over is reviews. Yes, I’m a review freak and more there are the merrier I become. So, if you want to make me happy. Review, review, review!

Lots of Love & Huggles,

-.-;; Tania

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Tête à tête reviews
How does it feel to love someone so much that it hurts? She would go down to his house to corner him, as her final try.... He can't run forever. A Drabble on Tonks & Remus.
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Intervallum reviews
Even being miles apart, Ronald Weasley (Auror), and Hermione Granger (Ministry Researcher), are connected with a thread of pain. However, they will soon forget their bitter past and come face to face to resolve the things that were left unsaid years ago.
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