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Hi I am Blackarrowprime I'm a guy, I love archery (not a show or book or movie as you can tell), teen titans, Transformers and a whole bunch of shows, movies etc. please review my stories and maybe PM me with how you like them or have ideas that could help me get the stories going :-]

MY OC's:

Blackarrow the dark archer- Nico Samuel Satanian

chaos edge (girl hero)

Judgement Blade (guy hero Twin of chaos edge)

Reaha Roth (white raven, OC sister of teen titans' Raven, she is 14 while I am making Raven 17)

Techno-Kane kings (kinda like TT's cyborg but less high tech, more boxed out, colours are silver for the normal plating bronze for the circuit armour)

Hornet-Henry Wallice (like TT's bumblebee but a guy, big, no electric stingers but rather can form toxin filled stingers over his hands)

Wasp-Audrey Stevens (again like bumblebee but her stingers are bracelets and channel her electro stings instead of making the sting for her, girlfriend of Hornet)

Marcus "HUNTER" Marx (like beast boy but I have a few ideas for him I hope you like)

Whiteknight- Drake Satanian, obsessed with gaining his fathers approval Drake went to his mother to gain power but was twisted into the opposite of his brother and now hates and hunts him, in his warped mind killing Nico Satanian will grant his fathers approval making him the heir to his fathers throne.

Sonicboom- Yolena lin (girl got sonic powah!!!!! she always seems to be listening to some kind of music with heavy bass and hardlyy ever talks.)

Silas Dread aka Deadlock aka Destron (TT's Slade's latest apprentice, turned own villan)

Richter- Richard Everquake (one of silas dread's lackeys has the power to turn into a stone monster and cause massive earthquakes but cant control his powers so is mostly in a sleeping state)

Red sparrow- Thomas James (like robin but with different colours and changes to the tools etc more explanation in my stories)

Lucifer De'mon Satanian (god of demon kind, creator of all demonic ancestors but unlike his distant descended kin he is more good and not all evil, father of Nico and his brother Drake

Crow-later Blacksparrow- Ariana Simon (a female villain with no super powers who unknowingly is the rival enemy to her boyfriend Thomas James (red sparrow) later turns into Blacksparrow when she believes she has killed him she changes her name in grief so that she can always remember him, but still works for the bad side for now)

Wrench-Alan Sylcone (a tech whiz villain with a whole horde of tech and robots to do his bidding works with Crow and Richter and the rest of the NEO TITAN team-put together by Silas Dread though he is not a part of the team just made it )

Dark Beast-Johnny Marx ( Hunters older brother he is red in colour not green and is a villain)

Sonar-Amanda Everquake (Richter's little sister can sense anything touching the earth and can harden her skin to the density of diamond)

Steelhide- Connor Everquake (Richter's little brother, Amanda's twin, he turns into many different earth, stone and steel based creatures)

Iceis Satanian- Nico Satanian's artificially created daughter (his D.N.A was stolen and mixed with a woman's then she was born nine months later) she adores her father and does anything if he asks her to do it her age was forcibly accelerated by scientists after she was born, she naturally would be about two but after the acceleration is around 6 or 7.

Axle- a young transformer that arrived on earth after one of optimus' invitations he's a "runner" a team of two that delivers anything no matter the cost, he has the minimal amount of armour required to protect himself and allow transformation into a red and black sports racer street edition. his weapons of choice are twin X.58 cal. Nucleo blasters with full ACOG sighting systems typically holstered on his back looking like their weight could topple him.

Burnout- different than his partner, but only by a small ammount, he has more armor than his light weight counter part and has a full back pack filled with various dis-assembled guns and rifles, although the only wepons he carries on him that he can use in the first instance of an attack are a pair of duel .39 cal. Frag 80 pistols in a holster on each of his legs, he is blue with white flames on his shoulders and around the bottom half of his legs, he too has an old helmet but his is a field 26 comn command battle helm and he is hardly ever seen with out it on, full face mask and all. his vehicle mode is a combat modified sports edition hatchback type car with a large box like trailer on the towbar.

Brachus Prime- Heir of the powerful Burst core he is the most powerful bot other than Optimus prime.

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