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HEY ALL!!! Just to let you know, I have a Yahoo screen name too. it is 'ko_inu_128.'

About me:

I know English, Japanese, Spanish, Opish, Gibberish, American Sign Language, and Irish.

I live in the United States but my summers are spent in Osaka, Japan.

I play a LOT of tennis: after playing for only six months, I got accepted on the Varsity team (as a freshman) as #2 singles, #1 doubles, and #1 mixed doules (a boy and girl teamed up togehter...that is how I met my boyfriend). My singles got me to State (3rd place, Silver Singles spot), doubles to Kiwanis (2nd place, Gold Doubles spot) and Mixed doubles got Micah and I to Nationals where we placed 2nd!

My tennis spcialties: Volleys, Serves, Lob returns, overheads, ground strokes, one-handed backhands, drop-shots, No-man's-land returns and hitting to No-mans-land!!! (No-mans-land is at your feet. when a shot is hit there, it makes the reciever panic as to which way to go cause the racket to miss.)

I just love writing fan-fics but I hardly have time to type them up or post them. *sigh*

Well, I really need to write more about myself, but I don't feel like it right now...I'm lazy today...

I love:
Wolf's Rain
Peach Girl
Case Closed
Prince of Tennis

Yes I love tennis! And horseback riding, singing, hiking, drawing...anything you can think of, I've probably done before.

Well, I am tired of writing...I'll write more later.


recent news:

12/05/04:You all may not know Beverly Kidd, but she is a news anchor for channel 3 and she wants me to do a portrait of her and her two boys over winter break! She pays me REALLY good money to watch her boys ($20 an hour) so I can only imagine what I'll get for a portrait! Especially considering that she has always wanted to have one done but could never get ahold of an artist!!! Yeah, life is good! ...Oh yeah...MY BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!!! SWEET 16!!!!!!!

11/16/04:YAY!!! I just got informed that I am eligable to apply for a scholarship at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Medical Illustration Master of Arts - Biomedical Communications!
Yeah, it's a mouthfull, but what it basically is is a University with Medical Illustration as a major...only four coleges in the U.S. have them...and they only accept six students a year. My chances of making one of those spots is 75 percent! You have to take about 17 different science classes and about 14 different visual and graphic art classes. I'm almost halfway there!


10/23/04:YAY!!! My first kiss! ^^
It was so cute how it happened. My friends and I (including this one guy who I play tennis with and like very much) were at the last football game and we (the girls) had bought blankets. So we each shared with someone, and I got to share with Micah (That guy I like) and he put his arm around me!^^ And sometime in the evening, the girl on the end of our row started this thing where you tap the person next to you on their nose and say 'pass it on' (yeah, i know...lame). Well when it got to Micah, he had one arm around me and the other holding the blanket so we just tapped noses. We thought it was so funny that we did it thrughout the night and when the game was over we did it one more time. But this time he put his lips against mine and stole a kiss!^^ I couldn't let his steal my first kiss, so I gave him one back, but he was ready. We kissed a few more times before we parted to our cars!^^

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