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Don't mind me, just baleeting some of my embarassing childhood angst before the internet finds it.


If you were wondering about L Tastes Like Chocolate...

Hi all. I know its a little late to let you know, but...My entire chapter dissappeared. Yes, many eons ago, when I was trying to be a good writer and update, my computer crashed when I was about 70 of the way through the chapter. You can thank the bastards who came up with the adobe script exploit virus, and my family for clicking the fake "antivirus software" link that was a virus in disguise. I lost everything. All of my music, all of my writings...everything. I actually had some of them saved on the document uploader, but without a computer my 60 days ran out...ugh =A=

Senior year was taking place as well. AP classes made me do enough writing, plus losing what you've already written is so completely demotivating. =_=

So, that being said, I have a month before I leave for college so I'll see what I can do about recreating it. Not sure how my schedule's going to work before I get there, but I'm really hoping to finish this story. I've read over it going "Holy shit...I wrote that?!" And have come to remember just how much I enjoyed writing it. No way I'm going to just give it up. So have faith. Though my writers block is on and off, I will, eventually, finish the story. Thanks for reading and all of the lovely reviews, without you guys I just wouldn't have the motivation anymore =3


GASP! Hikari say CONTEST?!

That's right, I am holding an art contest with the release of the next chapter of L Tastes Like Chocolate!

Stay tuned for more info and the next chapter!



Uh, hi, yeah, it's me. Your not-so-faithful authress, Hikari. And you don't even want to know why I haven't been updating -_-

First off, writers block. Everytime I set to write, it's turned to shit and isn't nearly as detailed as the rest of the story, and I wouldn't dare post some bullcrap like that. So, it's taken some time to sit down and sort out the rest of the story, and even the next chapter. Yes, I originally planned to take is a different way, but that route led to a dead end like I don't know what. So, I would sit in front of what I had written, and just stare at it, trying to figure out if what I was writing was right...yeah XP Details are suddenly spilling from my mind again though, so I can write.

Second, UGH, school was a bitch. All my teachers decided to start loading me up with work for no reason, then it was SAT and scholarships and projects and finals and then, school was over, and I was lucky to be watching anime let alone updating fanfics. Then, my fandom turned into complete shit...meh.

And I was having problems with my own social problems let alone Raito and L's. For almost a month, I actually fell into a depression where it was hard to write even anything, even talk to my friends. Then it got to it's peak and spilled over, and suddenly things started happening that made me want to be alive again, so now my desire to write is off the charts. I've been in a good mood these past few days, and I honestly think it's because I'm sleeping only a few hours a night and consuming massive amounts of sugar (aka I've restarted drinking energy drinks) again. To hell with my health! =P

But in all seriousness, my inspiration is coming from my overactive imagination. My original plans were to not let myself even think about involving myself with those people and stuff that make me happy, or I'd do something I or someone else would regret. But then, the problem solved its self, and I'm allowed to act on my mind again. Of course, it sounds stupid when I don't just come out and say everything bluntly, but if I get to confident about it, everything will probably fall appart, and that's really the only thing that could change my mood.

Lol...does anyone read this?

Back to the original subject though, I now have an office job at the US Department of Agriculture (impressive for a 16 year old, huh?) working with computers, and since I get my work done fast, I have plenty of free time in which to write. So, I'm almost done the next chapter. When I post something, my rule for myself is that it has to be over 4000 words, or else it'd be lazy work. Right now, I have about 2800 words, so I'm almost there, don't worry. Expect an update in the next few days, maybe even today. We'll see e_e

Thanks for being patient, everyone.



Yoshi! Now that I have internet access at my disposal, I can finally rule the world-! Er...I mean, get back to posting fanfics!!

Lately, my fandom has switched from Yugioh and onto Death note...I've gotten kinda big into intellect, have learned actually how to write, and have remained an L fangirl despite all the rip off characters introduced know, volume 7...episode 25 of the anime...the end of the second live action movie...You know...the same thing that happened to everyones precious little Matt (Whom is the dumbest character to fandom over...Seriously, its like Ogami from Kannazuki no miko having a fandom...or for you simple minded adult swim watching wanna be otakus, its like Pride from Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (FMA...though I actually like the english version) having a just doesn't make sense XP)

So like...yeah.

Bios! Because thats what everyone else does!

Name: Hito Katsuri. And if you write that in Hiragana, crossing out every other syllable, you get "Hikari"
Sex: Actually, yes =o
Gender: Boobies...yep, I'm female.
Age: I just turned 16, about damn time. Maybe people will take me seriously now!
Height: Short.
Weight: Too scared to look.
Looks: Can pass as 12 years old.
Status: In love with someone but it doesn't really mean much, hm?
Orientation: I'd prefer a hot chick over a hot guy anyday.
Occupation: Trying to get a job at starbucks and involved with some filming agency thing thats hooking me up with movies. Also, catch me on "Behind the badge" in january on ABC family =D
Likes: Anime, Manga, drawing when she should be paying attention, Chicks, guys that use their brain before their dicks, Paintings, Original japanese dubbing, Alchohol, ranting, Birds, the internet, writing, being paid attention to, acting, kittens, video games, thesauruses, Jpop, Jrock, Music that involves singing, Math, being taken seriously despite looking like a kid, psychoanalyzing people, having a job, my friends, sushi, and chocolate covered strawberries. 3
Hates: Neubs, People who only watch adult swim anime, illiterate people, Men, drawing realism, Memorizing, not having internet, my father, English dubs, little kids, parents who dont discipline their kids, atlases, rap music, boring rpgs, dogs, not having control, hands being dirty, anything being dirty, being in small spaces, being in giant open spaces, what n00bs did to the anime "Naruto", Writers block, desperate males, being flustered, not getting reviews, spinach, Drugs, Ciggarettes, Pointless fandoms, Spiders, the dark, and being alone /3

Written fanfic pairings:
Ryou/Bakura Sadismish fic
Ryou/implied OC relationship thing that i wrote when I was little XD
Bakura/Anzu thingy cheating on someone and something else...never got too far there
Ryou/hinted Yuugi? I need to finish that story
Kenshin on crack/Kaoru acid trip story
Hikari/Edward Elric implying on Whos line Fic
Raito/L Christmas fluff...that was a oneshot folks
Raito/L Intellectual Kira vs L M rated progress

Stole this from Lillian Edwards GO CHECK HER OUT, SHE IS AWESUM!!

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