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Let's see... I have to write something about myself. Too bad I'm not an interesting person.


Gender: Female

Age: 22

Location: Munich/Germany

Hair colour: Blonde :P

Eye colour: uhm... green? blue? grey? depends on the weather and my mood

Favourite colours: red and grey

Favourite music: None really, though I'm not too fond of HipHop

Bad habits: I'm an internet-junkie and I smoke too much... uhm, and I'm not much of a drinker though I tend to overdo it whenever I do it

Favourite drinks (whenever I find the time to drink): everything that has rum in it and red whine... and I can't stomach tequila, at least not too long

I love yaoi/slash!

Favourite pairings:

Cloud/Reno (FF7)

Harry/Snape (Harry Potter)

Harry/Lucius (Harry Potter) ...What? I like older men!

Naruto/any male (not Sasuke! or Orochimaru shudders)

and some other pairings...

Favourite het pairings:

Reno/OFC (Sadly there are not many good stories that feature an original character)

Naruto/any female (if the story is good and I'm not too fond of Naru/Saku and Naru/Hina)


Favourite character: RENO!!!!

Favourite authors: Tolkien, Rowling, Anne Rice, John Grisham, Frank Schätzing... and many, many more

Favourite movies: Final Fantasy 7 AC, LotR Triology, How High, Riddick (got to love his muscles), Saw (only the first one. Can somebody tell me why they kill good movies by making 1000 sequels?), 300 (got to love those muscles too even if they are animated)

Things I hate: prejudices, lies (though I can't say that I never lied before... or still do... ah well, I hate it when others lie to me ) and crowds.

My love life is practically non-existent, though that's my fault as I get bored very easily and very fast and I never give second chances, ever. I intend to marry sometime though I don't want any children.

I do not have many friends (originally they were my brothers friends and still are) but I can count on those I have. I do not take best (girl)friends because they tend to turn against me.

I still live with my parents, but I pay rent and want to move out as soon as possible (not that it's bad there, but you can't really live your own life with your parents breathing down your neck).

Most people think I'm arrogant, because I don't talk much.

I'm sarcastic.

We (my friends and I) usually make fun and ridicule those of our group that are hurt. (Like when I had my arm in a sling for three months and couldn't move it "Come on! Let's do some jumping jacks! Can't do it? Oh well, then just clap your hands!" Grrr)

My brother once hit the back of a chair in a fit of rage and broke his hand. A friend told him not to be such a sissy and did the same deliberately... and broke his hand. (sighs men... Honestly!)

My life

Alex, a friend and serious metal fan telling me about different brands of metal by the means of coffee. Alex: Melodic metal is like perfectly brewed coffee with milk and sugar Me: and Slipknot? Alex: very hard, like coffee with coffee beans in it Me: uhu... and 'Cannibal Corps"? Alex: like drinking three day old coffee out of an ashtray.

"No wonder you have no boyfriend." - "Oh yeah?" - "You intimidate them." - "... I'm 1,62cm (that's about 5'3'' I think) how the hell am I intimidating, not even the cat lifts her head when I enter the room." (My brother and me)

Mottos: (I don't know who they are from)

It's not how good you are, it's how much you want it.

If you die we'll split your gear. (usually used when playing with my friends on xbox360)

If you're not living on the edge then you're taking up too much space!

Lead, follow or get the fuck outta the way!

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