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Yo! ApexUtopia here, an amateur writer here on FanFiction.net! I'm a college student, and I like anime, manga, games, movies, cartoons, books and a hell lot of other stuff.

Anime I'm Currently Watching this Season:

- eldLIVE, Interview with Monster Girls, Blue Exorcist Season 2

Here are some stuff I love:

- Pokemon

- Digimon(The old ones)

- Godzilla (Toho and Legendary, no Zilla allowed, but cartoon Zilla is cool)

- Most Nintendo games, especially SUPER SMASH BROTHERS!

- Fossil Fighters (It's a Nintendo game! About dinosaurs Vivosaurs!)

- And a lot more! I'm a very open person!(Too much to list down)

Also, since I'm still studying (College gives me daily headaches), my updates will be slow. But rest assured, I do not quit my fanfics unless I say so. Apex out!

UPDATE: After X months of neglecting my fanfics, I have finally started writing the draft for the next chapter of "A False Utopia"! Hopefully should be around late January to early February.

By the way, to anyone who knows Witch Girl Pilar, she is my older sister. She will not be continuing her fanfics, unfortunately.

The SYOC Application is over, but you can look at my rules and OC Form if you want.


1. NO OC SUBMISSIONS IN THE REVIEWS. I'm truly sorry for the ones without accounts, but how will I ever contact you about your character? I will ask a lot of things regarding your OC (I want to make them in-character). If you want to submit a character, then make an account.

2. If your OC dies, then I'm truly sorry for your loss. This is a Danganronpa fanfiction; not really in the same universe, but still a DR fic. No buts, okay? Besides, when you submit an OC to me, it's like you acknowledge the fact that your OC may be a culprit or a victim.

3. THIS IS IMPORTANT. NO REUSED OCs. Seriously, just don't bother. I am a frequent lurker of the DR Fanfiction archive, so if I see that the OC you submitted is in another fic, then I will reject your OC on the spot. However, if you really want to submit an old OC for various reasons, (Your OC died in another fic; the story your OC is in is never going to update again, etc.) then at least rename them and change their appearance and/or talent. But again, this is discouraged. Please try to submit a fresh, new character as much as possible.

4. Canon talents are allowed. However, try to be unique. Having a unique talent boosts the chance of acceptance. If you want, I can give you some talents. This was originally going to be a story consisting entirely of my OCs, so I got a lot of talents in my mind.

5. As Utopia Academy is a Japanese institution, I will only accept Japanese OCs. However, I may accept one or two foreigner/s, depending on the quality. But I would like more Japanese OCs, please.

6. Be detailed. Don't just give out a few descriptive words for a character's personality. Give your OC some flavor. And please describe their appearance well, too. It doesn't hurt to be detailed, right?

7. Do the research. Is there a particular talent you want your OC to have? Don't be lazy. Research. I will also be researching the final roster of talents, so that I can understand them better.

8. One OC per user for now, unless you want to submit siblings. If I get few submissions, then I will allow the others who already submitted an OC to submit another one.

9. Lastly, be creative and have fun making your OC. Like what Albert Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than Knowledge". Don't rush your OCs as well. I want well-thought out characters. We all do. And no, this is not first-come first-serve. Take your time, because time is gold.

UPDATE* The accessories section are for accessories only. All the students will be wearing the official Utopia Academy uniform. (Yes, it's a strict school)!

UPDATE 2* I'm taking someone's suggestion to lower the class roster. So, I'll make it 18 instead. Again, no rush! I'll be choosing the best I can find!

A False Utopia OC Form

Part 1 - Basic Data

Name: (First, Last)


Age: (Remember, these kids are High school freshmen. My preferred age range is 14-17, but you can go all the way to Hagakure's age, at maximum.)



Zodiac Sign:

Short Bio: (Give me a short summary of his/her attitude and personality. Can be around 3-10 sentences. Oh, and please keep this spoiler-free. AKA no secrets.)

Part 2 - Appearance

Hair style and Color: (I'm allowing crazy hair colors like purple, green or blue. It IS the future already. But no Yugioh-like hairstyles!)

Eye color: (You can make them have heterochromia, if you want)

Build and Skin Complexion:

Other Noticeable features:


Part 3 - Personality

Personality: (DETAIL IS YOUR BEST FRIEND HERE. Make it as long as you want; just make sure it won't surpass the word limit.)

Speeches Mannerisms and Habits:

Likes: (At least 5)

Dislikes: (Same as dislikes)

What kind of people would they get along with?:

What kind of people would they not get along with?:

Open to Romance?: (If yes, then what is their preferred gender/their sexuality and what kind of person they would like to share a romantic relationship with? And if no, why? Also, do note that this aspect will not have a major role)

Mental Illnesses: (If any)

Part 4 - Background

Backstory: (Make it detailed and concise. Also, put how they earned their talent. Only the best of the best go to Utopia Academy. Their achievements must be international and revolutionary, or at least known nation-wide in their country. For more information, this is taking place in the year 3000. There are no aliens, humans haven't invented FTL travel yet and no time travel. There is however Mechas, self-sustaining spacecrafts, holograms, teleportation, levitating cars, and a city on the moon.)

Deepest Secret: (Can be incredibly mundane or nightmarishly dark)

Strengths: (Everyone has strengths. Even the most repulsive humans have.)

Weaknesses: (No one's perfect. Also, no Gary Stus and Mary Sues.)

Quotes: (Give me some lines that can define his/her character.)

Part 5 - Utopia Academy/Killing Game Information

Utopic Title: (Be unique! Think out of the box! Also, no extreme talents, please. So no Rapist, Drug lord, Prostitute, etc. (I am allowing Mafias, Assassins and other combat/killing related talents, however))

Role in Investigations: (Not everyone is a Kirigiri.)

Role in Trials: (Also, not everyone is a Hagakure.)

Reaction if they saw a corpse:

What could motivate them to kill?: (This is pretty important, since Danganronpa motives are hard to make.)

Execution: (Please fill this up. It's hard to think up of these things, and I need your help guys.)

If they were the culprit, how will they act?: (Will they be still the same? Or will they be more fidgety?)

Part 6 - RP your OC

Headmaster: Greetings! I am your headmaster. In this interview, all information will be only between the two of us, and it is confidential. May I hear your name and title?


Headmaster: Ah, I see. Okay, now the first question! What is your first impression of Utopia Academy?


Headmaster: That's an interesting way to describe it! Next, do you believe that you are worthy of your Utopic Title?


Headmaster: Okay! Next, the third question. Are you comfortable to fact that you will be studying and staying in outer space?


Headmaster: Haha! I assure you, the Academy is safe. We have powerful mechas patroling the entire school! Made by an alumni of Utopia Academy, of course!


Headmaster: *Ahem* Now, for my last question. For you, what is a "Utopia"? No using the dictionary, please. Define it in your own view and words.


Headmaster: Okay, we're done here now. You must be tired. You may now leave. I hope you have a great time in Utopia Academy!


Part 7 - Other Information

If there anything I missed, feel free to add it here!


Class 100 of Utopia Academy (Full Roster)


1. Kensuke Kazama - Utopic Animal Tamer (Me)

A young man of average proportions, he is very calm and reserved, and has nerves made of titanium. He's also very mature for his age and is generally a very dependable person, if not for his somewhat distant attitude that he exudes when not around his two best friends. He loves animals, and considers the, family. A big fan of Pop songs.

2. Dexter Miles - Utopic Intellectual Prodigy (My brother's OC)

Self-proclaimed smartest man in the world, Dexter is an exchange student from another famous school in London, Avalon Academy. He may come off as a jerk and an arrogant bastard, but he's not as he's just really proud of himself for his enormous IQ and intellect. He's so proud that he even may begin a speech of all his achievements. A longtime fan of mechas.

3. Yuki Akiyama - Utopic Therapist (Criminal Limes)

Yuki Akiyama doesn't look like much at first glance - small, weak and constantly terrified of everything around him. However, his talent at psychoanalysis and talk therapy is second to none. Despite being a bit of a doormat, if you ever need anyone to help you sort out your emotional problems Yuki is your guy. Likes warm sweaters.

4. Hayato Mori - Utopic Robotic Engineer (50Zoned)

Hayato Mori acts very confident and overdramatic, and TvTropes wise, would be classified as a Large Ham. He's extremely flamboyant, and always acts as if he's on stage. Well, he tries to, at least, but he often fails horribly and ends up acting extremely awkward. Underneath that dramatic exterior, however, is a simple guy with a big heart. The most likely to act like a knight.

5. Seikō Tarumi - Utopic Salesman (globalization)

The most important thing about Seikō is his ability of persuasion. He can persuade people into making them do almost anything for him. He appears as a charming individual at first, good looking and kind to most, but his mind works much differently. He is however, very cruel. He's rude (But can still maintain his politeness as an act) and lacks concern for other people's emotions and feelings. He makes fun out of manipulation. Chuckles a lot.

6. Norio Iwata - Utopic Virtual Gladiator (Nemris)

Norio Iwata is a confident, laid-back and jovial person, who likes not taking things too seriously. That is of course outside of the virtual arenas, where he is ass kicking incarnate. Give him some cotton candy, and he is your blood brother for a lifetime. Doesn't like chocolate, surprisingly enough.

7. Chihaya Soh - Utopic Space Surfer (The Internet Explorer)

Chihaya has a knack for getting himself into trouble (and subsequently facing those troubles with his signature poker face). No one ever quite knows what this eccentric athlete is thinking (not even Chihaya knows half of the time). He's always off in his own little world, but everyone seems to percieve this as level headedness and behaving in a "cool" manner. Chihaya doesn't get it. What exactly do others see in him? Eats a lot.

8. Zange Ichijo - Utopic Politician (Jubilees)

Zange is a very talkative and savvy person, who enjoys the company of others. He can be very flirty, because he likes to make everyone feel special. He likes to surround himself with a large group of friends and does not want anyone to feel left out, and he is also a great leader. He is very mature and nurturing, the mom of his friend circle. Says "hun" a lot.

9. Shintaro Fukami - Utopic Parapsychologist (SqualinaTralala)

These days, it is impossible to discuss of parapsychology without having the name Shintaro Fukami brought out at least once. Charming, playful and full of quirks, this young man is also a living encyclopedia when it comes to paranormal and psychic phenomena. There are even rumors that he might hide a mysterious power within himself. Whether it is true or only an invention of gossipers has yet to be proven… Loves telling scary stories.


1. Miku Shishido - Utopic Geneticist (Me)

A rather silent and stoic individual, Miku likes to shroud herself in mystery and act like a mysterious person, even though her friends see right through her. She only speaks when necessary, and is more likely to space out since she talks in her mind often. She's very small and light, but she loves genetics more than any other person. Loves pomeranians and dinosaurs a lot.

2. Suzumi Tomoe - Utopic Teen Idol (Me)

A very pretty girl with porcelain white skin and golden blonde hair, Suzumi is a kind, nurturing and motherly young girl who loves to make friends with everyone she meets. She's extremely bubbly and joyful, and she always makes the atmosphere bright when she's around, whether said atmosphere was gloomy in the first place or not. The most likely to run headfirst into any fun situation.

3. Harukaze Medici - Utopic Spirit Medium (My sister's OC)

Harukaze is a half-Japanese, half-Italian girl who is the very definition of a pure soul. She's sweet, innocent, polite, kind and is also a huge romantic. She's also quite gullible and naive to a fault, and can be clingy to a boy if she ever starts having feelings for them. Usually writes during her free time.

4. Asuka Minami - Utopic Mecha Pilot (IfTimeWasStill)

Asuka Minami is seemingly the perfect soldier. She is a battle hardened and physically powerful young woman, unrivaled when piloting a Mecha. Her top priority is to serve and protect and will never disobey an order even if it costs her life. She may be a little bit rough and straightforward, but she will always strive to protect civilians. Rather fond of swimming.

5. Shiro Akabane - Utopic Guitarist (bluesnowkitty)

Shiro is very shy, and stutters a lot when talking to people she is not familiar with. She tries her best to make friends with strangers, and starts to tear up over the smallest mistakes. But she becomes a very likeable and friendly girl when performing for others though, and will start to become a tad bit more confident in herself if she is recognized and appreciated by others. Usually bites her fingers when nervous.

6. Tokiko Kaishi - Utopic Timer (Shyjoker)

Tokiko is the daughter of the "God of Time". As such, she can estimate when something was made, what time it is just by looking at the sky and is overall great at exact timing. She's pretty innocent despite growing in an age group full of mature people, and can adapt to a lot of people around her. She is also very scary when mad. The most likely to forget someone's name.

7. Cassandra Delsin - Utopic Painter (PSISomething)

A laid back but stubborn American from the heart of the south. She moved to Neo Angeles at a young age and runs a small family restaurant with her father. Although strangely enough, no one's actually heard of this artist. Why is she a Utopic if no one has ever heard of her? Who knows. Casually swears a lot.

8. Masumi Hoshikawa - Utopic Astronomer (CaptainQuackin)

Masumi is a refined person who is fascinated by space and likes to talk about it a lot. She is intelligent and will not hesitate to show off her intellectual prowess (She'll only do it if people question her intelligence) by upping her vocabulary and talking about her findings in space. She's easily excitable and will talk to people if they approach her. Calls people she likes by planet names.

9. Misao Kitagawa - Utopic Hacker (bluemoonbutterfly)

Misao is a very analytical and blunt person. While she sometimes gets bored easily, she enjoys puzzles and proving the harm and damage that a computer can create. She is straight to the point and sarcastic in conversation, but put her in front of a computer that needs to be accessed and she will take the job quite seriously. Likes to play chess.


1. Monocifer - Headmaster (Me)

Self-proclaimed headmaster of Utopia Academy. Monocifer is a very sophisticated being, and he tends to act like a gentleman. Do not be fooled by this ruse though; he is also a cunning and sadistic genius, and he even has god-like powers due to his half-angel and half-demon physiology. He is also capable of flight, teleportation, flame manipulation, forcefield projection and a whole lot more. Definitely not someone you would want to mess around. Is rather fond of animals and mythical creatures, surprisingly enough.

2. Monodragon - Guardian of Utopia Academy (Me)

The Monodragon is a colossal, 1000 feet tall mechanical dragon. It is capable of outmatching an energy output equivalent to an exploding galaxy, and is also capable of flying across entire galaxies in seconds and can perceive and react to similar speeds. Equipped with thousands of laser cannons, it's most powerful weapon is the "Antimatter Cannon" attached to the tip of its tail, and can easily destroy millions of solar systems in one blast, and possibly even an entire galaxy. Is somehow sentient.

3. Monofairy - Caretaker (Me)

Small, cute and magical, Monofairy is a little fairy creature with a body similar to that of a young human child. She is very motherly towards the Utopics and is willing to help them and care for them. She is also very meek and shy; and is powerless against Monocifer, the Headmaster. Nevertheless, she tries her best to care for her students and is always willing to cheer them up. Is very good at cooking.

LINKS!: (Just remove the spaces and you're go to go)

Monocifer from "A False Utopia" by Witch Girl Pilar - http : / / soulless-sanctuary . tumblr . com/post/145859894466/monocifer-from-my-youngest-brothers

Utopia Academy Maps from "A False Utopia" by ApexUtopia (Me!) - http : / / imgur . com / a / PmJ8I

My Friend Code in my 2DS for those interested -- 4098-4062-4486

So yeah, that's me, ApexUtopia! Apex, out!

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After a demon hunt goes wrong, Mami, Kyoko, and Homura suddenly find themselves thrown into a world where magic flows through the air. From there, they discover the Wizard Guild Fairy Tail, and after hearing how things work in this world, Mami and Kyouko wish to join. Homura however, does not wish to abandon the Earth in which Maodka sacrificed everything to protect.
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Kyubey: "It's you." Homura: "What do you mean?" Kyubey sounded fascinated. He continued, keeping his eyes on the duo of pink and purple, down in the city: "You were the Walpurgis night. And now Madoka changed you back as the girl you were before." Homura: "Wait, are you saying..." Kyubey: " Yes. Now, there are two Homura Akemis."
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