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Hello there you rare person reading this! Since you're apparently curious, I will proceed to tell more than I probably should. I'm a Chico State student studying Business and planning to take the option in Entrepreneurship and Small Business. I have a number of side items other then school that cut into the time that I can spend writing, which isn't a good thing given the rate I write at, but some of them should make me some profit and that's a good thing! The fun one is that I have four ball-jointed dolls and I'm designing clothes for them!

Anyway, I've been writing for about six years and think that I actually have a decent style now, but there's still room for improvment. I'm also hoping to learn to draw so that I can make art to go with some of my stories. It would be fun. I also have a deviant art account, my pen name there is KenRiker, were I have mostly the same stories and pictures of the flag pillows I have started to make. Now, technically I'm not suppose to work on stories besides Acting. Unfortunatly, my imagination has other ideas, so I keep adding little bits and pieces to other stories that I have in the pipeline. My love of Hetalia also has me randomly producing little oneshots, but those are pretty easy, so it almost doesn't count as working on another story. It does break my 'no posting until Acting is done' rule, but I will continue to hold that rule for the rest of my ideas. One advantage of that is that they may have several chapters writen by the time that I can finally get to them. Hopefully, that'll be sometime next year. Until then I'll just keep working away at Acting and the others and posting descriptions of some of the stories I think of.


Escape from Fortress Hell: Rewriting
Acting: Working on Chapter 11
Dragoons: DONE!
Finding the Memories of Home: Working on Chapter 2
Demon Drugs: Working on Chapter 2 and rewritting
What...Who are you: Working on Chapter 2

Nothing: Done

Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Done

America's Random Unofficial Holidays: Finished - Aug 27th, Sept 18th, Sept 19th, Oct 17th, Nov 18th, Jan 6th, Mar 9th, Mar 20th, Jul 14th; To Go - I think I know!

A Random Holiday Interlude: Done

In The Pipe

Chibi Chimeras: In Marchik there's some trouble brewing. Central gets a tip that there are illegal experiments being conducted in Marchik and Edward is assigned the mission to go sort things out. Since Al is recovering from being returned to his human body in Resembul, Major Courtney Brinch, the Ice Alchemist, is sent along with him. What will they find there?

Harry Potter and the Sinners' Arch: AU for the 6th year. A quiet and withdrawn Harry returns to Hogwart for his 6th year after the trumatic events of last. Now there is a new teacher, an extra worker for security and dicipline, and a few other things going on. What will become of this year? What is Voldemort up to? And just what is the Sinners' Arch?

DNAngel Story (as of yet untitled): Two types of magic, granted to the world by the Radiance Fallen, each powerful and wonderful. Two friends from two families, a sudden curse, a war. How will these events affect one Daisuke Niwa this year? Will he be able to deal with what is about to happen or will he be another in the long line of those claimed by battle?

Reverse Sight: AU Pre-KH2. There were once two knights that protected the 7th Princess of Heart. Seperate, they were a force to be reconed with, but together they were unstoppable. Each the other's missing half. They balence each other, like light and dark. Riku has been found, but what could this old legeand mean?

Ryujinn Shinobi: In the Ninja Villages there are those who are decended from races that excisted before the villages. They hide their appearance from those who are untrusting of non-humans or nin-animals. Kakashi is one such being. He is a ryujinn. He was hoping for a chance to streach his wings, but instead he got sent on a mission with, oddly enough, Iruka. Perhaps this new village will at least prove interesting.

Avatar Story (untitled): Aang and the others discover the village of Jeoan, a place Aang hasn't been to in 102 years, and hear of a battle that took place recently outside the forest where the village is. When they meet the apparent leader of the village, who was injured in the fight, they learn about a fire-bender, a surviver of the battle, who has completly lost his memory. How will this affect the rest of the journey? And just what is a beast-bender anyway?

Dragoons Sequal: Something is stirring in the deepest, darkest parts of the Shadow Realm. Something that will tear the barrier between the two worlds asunder. As the awakening continues humans, duelists, begin to feel something is wrong as mosters begin to appear in the Real Realm. This evil will need to be stopped as soon as possible or nothing will ever be the same again. Either the worlds will be destroyed or the dimentions will be intermixed for eternity if it isn't stopped.

Another Naruto That Has No Title: This goes AU somewhere in the middle of the Gaara rescue. The plot is told by following three people. As the stories start to come together it becomes obvious that there is one thing connection them. The bijuu. Is the Akatsuki's plan a good idea or is there something far more dangerous that they could be messing with? What is Orochimaru going after and what does it have to do with the Akatsuki? And will Konoha be able to stop both plots before it's too late?

Bleached Wolf: An AU Bleach story centered around an OC going by the name Mika Windsinger. After a dimly remembered night, Mika wakes up in the hospital. But things aren't quite right. Namely, his spirit isn't inside his body anymore. With Hollow hangging around the hospital and the full moon approching what will happen to Mika and his still living body? Mika's sure of one thing. His life sucks.

Now there are more of them, well over a dozen, but I won't bore you with them. Mostly because I don't want to think of a summary for them!

Anyway, here are the stories of Mom's that I have here. Some of them were the result of something I mentioned sprouting into an idea in her head.

Victoria Base Affair: Done. Sad ending.

Dark Side of Gravity: Done. Go read Gravity Well! Mom has it!

Go read the Gundam Wing Seires that Mom has going! I'm helping, in a relative sence, write that! The Gundam Pilots family are now working thier way through the first Lord of the Rings story! It's fun, go read!

Alright, so that's it. Hope you enjoy reading my stories and are looking forward to more!

p.s. Since some one asked in a review and we all know how fast I update I decided to put the responce here just incase. I was asked if I knew anything about gettting a custom Ball Joint Doll. I don't really know how one would go about it but for you who are curious try the Junky Spot. They're the one's who sell the dolls at Yaoi-con. Their site is . Also, you can visit the Dollzone site at or Den of Angels which I don't know the url for as I don't have an account. That's all the info I have so goodbye and good luck in your quest for the perfect doll!

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An important notice has been posted.
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Yuki and Kyo are tired of being stalked by girls so what should they do? Ayame and Shigure have an idea. Rate for curssing and shounenai and saftey. Probably over rated. No like shounenai/yaoi then no read. Please R&R Thanks.
Fruits Basket - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 13 - Words: 23,094 - Reviews: 130 - Favs: 61 - Follows: 71 - Updated: 8/24/2009 - Published: 6/25/2004 - Kyo S., Yuki S.
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Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,664 - Reviews: 3 - Published: 7/18/2004 - Sirius B.