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So yeah...

I now have a little more time for fanfiction, because I'm on Summer holiday. Whilst I have that time, I seriously hope that I don't waste it.

About my fanfiction:
Most of the stuff down there is in the Pokemon category. It's sometimes far too deep for fanfiction (which is my error), and therefore confusing. It is also quite angsty, because I'm not that good at writing humour.

The pairings I use are generally shounen-ai. My preferred pairings are listed further down.

In progress:

FINIS!!! Yes, I am planning to complete this fanfic. I just need to get going on it.

I'm also writing some fanfiction and/or drabbles in the Fullmetal Alchemist category. What they're about is a complete surprise. I've been watching this fandom from the inside of a paper bag for about a year now and I need to do a bit of paying back.

About Cold Spring, my Fruits Basket fanfic - uhhhhmmm, if any of the readers of this fanfic are reading this, I am most terribly sorry, my imagination just ran dry. T.T I'll have another look at what I've got and see what I can do.


Pokemon -
Championshipping; Lance x Ash or Red. This pairing is just about my Pokemon OTP. IT'S SO GORGEOUS AND...FLEXIBLE. I have only Phantomness and her amazing mind to thank for this ship.

Originshipping; Steven x Wallace. It's just a beautiful pairing, there are so many plotlines you can twist around it, it's...a pure artwork.

There's only one. Beware of the rant; I was unable to control myself.

Elricest: Don't whine.

I could sit here and pour out my entire life story and compare and contrast my past with how I am today relating to Elricest, but I had better not. I am absolutely infatuated with this pairing and it has to be...uhm, my love philosophy. I more or less ignore the fact that they are, indeed, brothers; to me Ed and Al will never have a 'traditional brotherly relationship'. Not after losing an entire body, a couple of limbs and 6 years to get them back and find each other again. Oh, yes, after all that trauma it's completely natural to suddenly go your seperate ways (sarcasm-sarcasm).

Ok, so when I want a logical pairing for Ed, or for Al, I think, 'hmmmm...who does he risk everything for?' Yes, I know it's my personal opinion but I always wind back up at Elricest. We all have out favourite pairings and I don't care what anyone else supports, but in my opinion pairing the Elric brothers up with anyone other than one other makes them out of character. It's just consensual gay incest. If you don't like it, that's fine, but if one looks past society's intolerance and the psychological programming that one naturally has to find it unacceptable, logically it's...to a great extent...harmless.

Sorry about that.

Despite this, I also like brotherly fluff. (gets shot in the head)


Thus ends my epic bio, without any true biographical material (apart from the Elricest rant). In conclusion, I live somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere, at the arse end of a small island. I do have a busy school life, which will get busier as of February. I've grown tired of my current pen name; in fact, it is quite painful and does not really represent me in a very positive way. (smacks it with a fly swat)

I shall continue my fanfiction, and find a more suiting name, but you may still call me Darkest...if you want.

Thanks for dropping by. (blows kisses)


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