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hello, this is my bio (obviously, though there's really not much biographical information in it:).

I just posted my first fic, though it isn't the first I've written (I've got another in the works that I'm not too comfortable, as it's very long and I'd like to see how I'm received before I post it). My fic is about Remus during the summer of 96 and the many trials and tribulations I've set up for him.

I'm a fan of good books and movies, mostly I read HP and LOTR fanfics, sometimes PotC, but it's harder to find good fanfic from that genre. I think that's because it's difficult to write when you don't have a book to sort of reference.
Anyway, I doubt anyone really cares about this, so I'll stop now, as I have no real idea what to write here. See ya, and thanks for visiting.

UPDATE: 9/4/04
Well, Real Life has made my updating a bit difficult lately. I just started college and have been very busy. To top it off, computer troubles continued at college as did a psuedo-writer's block. Some Good News will be updated in a week or so. The next chapter is nearly finished and has been for some time.

My other fic is also coming along nicely, though another Regulus (why aren't there more fics about him??!!) plot bunny (they mulitply) has attacked me and I'm writing that AU, mostly for my own enjoyment, I don't know if I'll be posting it.

I've begun another fic, which came to me after rereading OotP. It's about Sirius's younger brother, Regulus, and how he met his utimely demise at the hands of his fellow Death Eaters. It's coming along very well, and I've actually done an outline for it and everything. I like it, at any rate ;).

So, thanx for visiting and check my favorites lists: there's some really well written fics and authors there. Especially visit Alice Dodgson's page, b/c she is awesome and also has written an overly complimentary bit about me in her bio, so I'm returning the favor (GO READ HER STUFF!!! ;) ).
Have a nice day!

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