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!ATTENTION!: Dude, I really have been out for a long time. Look at this awesome crap FF.net got! Colors and everything. Man, they went all out. Anyway, despite popular belief, I'M NOT DEAD! I know I haven't updated in a while... Ok, a long while, but school has got me by the hair, and damn, have I been busy. Anyway, I'm getting updates on Best Years of Our Lives out soon. I'm literally halfway through a very long thrid chapter.

In other news, I've got a nice new Xanga, where you can all see my little update of when stories are going to go up. Plus, you'll know excuses when things are late! So check it out, drop a comment, and sign the guestbook. That way, I'll get screamed at by angry readers and finally get my lazy ass to finish up. Heh...

~DistantCompany /12-5-04/~

Well, it's high time I write and tell you my preferences. I doubt anyone will take the time to read this, but hell! Have fun. It's your funeral...

:--Personal Prefered Couples--:

HIEIxBOTAN (Yes, these two are great.)
YUSUKExMUKURO (I don't know...They have a certain charm)
BOTANxHIEIxMUKURO (That always proves for a good time...)
KUWABARAxHIEI (I know. You're thinking what's wrong with me? I'm not even sure...I can't help it! I think they're adorable together! Christ help me...)
BUIxHIEI (Another odd couple, but then again, when you think about it... Not really. If I don't read one of these soon, I'm so writing my own.)

:Basically, I'll pair Hiei up with anyone except Yukina. Even the males. I can see him with everyone.
:Yes, Kurama wasn't mentioned once in my couples list. I can't help it. I've tried to like him. To put him in a realationship, but I just can't do it. I'm just not fond of Kurama. I can write about him in character and I would never trash the guy in a fic. Kurama's a great guy, and I DO like him. Just not in couple relationships...I'll try, though.


I really do like yaoi. I have no problem with male on male realationships. In fact, I like them better then some of the straight couples. Though, I do have some peculiar tastes when it comes to yaoi couples... (Hiei/Kuwabara)


Like yaoi, I really don't have a problem with it. You know, you hardly ever see stories with Yuri couples. It's a shame. I really would like to read some.

:--My Fanfic Style--:

:I'll usually write about Hiei/Botan. In the future, I might try different couples, but hell, they'll always involve Hiei.
:My fics are purely Yu Yu Hakusho. I know the show from beginning to end. Forwards, backwards, and inside out. All 112 episodes. I don't think I'll be writing about any other anime. My plate's full enough with YYH.
:My writing style has started awkwardly, but now I'm getting my ground in the fanfic world. My fanfics and story ideas have begun to take a more darker side, so I wouldn't doubt that a lot of my work is angst. I also have a few stories in the process that have humor. Those are basically my two themes. Humor and angst. Interesting mix...
:Honestly, I'd be more then happy to write a request fanfic for anyone who asks. My e-mail is always working for anyone who wants a fanfic.


:I don't have a problem with flames. Constructive critism, I call it. I'll accept even the nastiest flames and take them with pride and honor. But please, if you're going to flame, make sure it has something to do with my stories. Not some petty bone you feel the need to pick with me.
: I don't hesitate to flame, either. If a story is totally trashing an innocent character (Kuwa bashing. Stupidest thing in the world.), it deserves to be flamed.


:Honest to god, I was originally against the whole thing. I mean, I've heard of some people pairing Hiei and Yukina together, and I cringed. But recently, I've read a Yukina/Hiei fic, (Actually, the feelings were one sided from Yukina...)and it was really well written. I knid of enjoyed it. So, to update my truthful preferences, I'll read an incest fic as long as it's well written. Besides that, screw incest.
:Sorry to anyone who might have hoped, but I dont ever intend to write an incest fic.


: I won't lie. I love them. Females with males. Males with males. Females with females. Any combination of YYH characters. I love them. And no, I'm not perverted. Trust me on this. If you read a really good lemon, you get hooked.
: Not a fan of PWP (porn without plot), though. A lemon's only good if it has a story backing it up.
: Hey, if you have a lemon you want to share with me, send me an e-mail about it. Especially if it's about one of my perfered couples. I'll willingly go to the site you have it posted on, and if you don't have it posted yet, send it to me in e-mail and I'll give you a review to knock your socks off.

:~:~:Recommended Authors:~:~:

Sherkoni- One of the best Hiei/Botan authors out there. Her fics are wonderful blends of drama, humor, and slight Hiei/Botan fluffiness. Her fics always seem to amuse me. I guarantee you'll come to love her work if you give it a chance. She truely has a talent for Hiei/Botan fics.

Saeka324- Another one of the best Hiei/Botan authors. I love her fics. The ideas and themes for them are amazing, using things like old black and white movie ideas. (at least, that's what they seem to me) She's used old French love stories, spies, and plenty of other things. Her works are truely something. I suggest anyone who wants incredibly written stories reads her fics.

Altar of Wishes/bit-Blackmage/Realdrawer80/Daremythe/Mausoleum/bakabahamut- Whoo...-_-; She changes her name too often. I can never be sure. Well, she's not another H/B writter, I'll tell you that. No, alotof her pieces are centered around Kuwabara. (Yay!)I have yet to read them all, but of the ones I've read so far, they're really good. She writes all these different angst angles for Kuwabara and other characters and her stories are totally unusual. Things that you're never likely to see anywhere else. She's also a great yaoi writter. From Kuwa/Yusuke to Kuwa/Hiei (I ADORE that couple!...-_-;), all her stories of male on male (some female on female, and a little het action as well)action are great. Most unfinished, but still great. To any yaoi, Kuwabara, ororiginalityfan, I suggest you check her writings out.


Vampire Kisses: AUHIEIxBOTAN: One shot- Botan is a vampire stalking her pray; the new guy in town. His name is Hiei, though, there's more to him then just a quick meal.

This one's a one shot...So, that means it's finished.

Time Is Running Out: One shot songfic-HIEIxBOTAN Hiei and Botan love each other, but they go their seperate ways. Now Botan is going to marry Koenma. Can Hiei stop her before time runs out?

This was originally supposed to be a one shot, but after a serious request from Hiei-Daughter, previously known as Hieiwritter and silvermooneyes, I've been, er, persuaded to do a sequel. That should be out soon. And I finally got a name for it. IT's called HYSTERIA.

Best Years Of Our Lives: HIEIxBOTAN- Hiei, being an outcast at highschool, only has his sister, best friend, and girlfriend. Then his girlfriend cheats on him with his best friend and he's left hurt and angry. Can the new girl pull him thourgh hell, known as high school?

Look, I updated this one! Since everyone is waiting patiently for Botan's appearance, I'm going to try and get another chapter up soon. Cause man, reveiwers are scary when they're angry and/or impatient. 2 chapters up so far. I'm working on the third! Cut me some slack!

Hysteria: Sequel to Time Is Running Out.songfic After Hiei takes Botan from the wedding, Koenma finds himself wanting revenge. Badly. But then the contraversial comes up: At what price?

Finally, right guys? Since August I promised this one to somebody! August! But I'm getting better at these things. And now that ends this legacy.


Botan's Sorrow: A one shot, of course. Heh, I guess I'm famous for them...or not. Anyway, it's a Hiei/Botan. A real depressing angst one, though.

In the past week or so, I've had dramatic changes dawn on me. My views on life and other things have been twisted around so badly that it's beginning to pain me on the inside. I'm confused, hurt, regretful, and hysterical. Lately, my mind has been a whirlwind of one thought after another. I find that I'm faking things like emotions and attitudes around friends and family. I feel hopeless and pathetic, to say the most. Like I'm failing to stay on the standards of my own self image.

It's not one of those fake things people say to get attention. I'm not depressed, I know that. I'm not going insane, either. There's an explanation to why I'm feeling like this, I know there is. I just can't figure out just what it is, though.

From all my years of living, my life has been built on the stability and happiness of my mind. Things that have upset me I had twisted around in my head so that they didn't seem so bad. It took the edge off things and for the most part, things that would have normally pained me...haven't affected me at all. When I found something I liked, I lived it to the fullest, only to find that that thing I had become parcel to was fake, a distortion in my mind. Never to really give me the physical, mental, and spiritual stimulation I needed. So that thing would pass on and I'd move to the next, only to have history repeat itself. Every time it happened, it became more painful, slowly wearing away at my soul.

When I had something to enjoy, I would be in bliss for weeks at a time, nothing would tear me out of it. Then something would happen...a slip of someone's tongue, a sentence written down. Someone, anyone's different point of view, and in a flash...the thing I had liked for such a long period of time...seemed pointless. It had no value, no meaning, no reason for me to give a Damn anymore. And so I'd give it up, just to find another thing to give me an adreniline rush for a few more weeks.

All of that torture had finally stopped and I had found something in reality to care about, or so it seemed. For the past three years of my life everything was going fine. Things just seemed to be getting better. Then the day came when I came across something, something that shook the stable sense of mind I had to its very core.

I had read something. Where it was, I can't even remember any more. I had read it and it had taken the past three years of my living into a new light. A dark light. I had tried to ignore it, but it kept reentering my mind when I least expected it. In the early hours of morning. It bothered me so much to the point of pain, I couldn't bare it any more and I blocked it out of my mind. Then, as the days went by, I began reading more and more things like the first. All of them tampering with my life's work.

What I read wasn't about what was going on in the world today. It wasn't in newspapers or other places that told of the stories that happened everyday across the country. What I read wasn't even a thing that was commonly real. It wasn't some strange kind of made up story, either. Infact, it was one of those rare things that balanced on the thin line of reality and fantasy. It was the cold harsh truth. The words of realization. All of it tellilng me what I had been living for during the past three years was nothing more then a crazy thing in my mind. It was real, yet it wasn't. And finally realizing all these things...it had broken me.

My world came crashing down. One thing into another, until it was just a blur of thoughts, memories, guesses, opinions, and wrong facts. I went on through the past month of my life the same way that I always did. I laughed at times when things were funny. I smiled, did the activites I usually did, continued to commute with people, but...it was all empty. Like I said before, fake.

Nothing's the same for me any more and it never will be. Life has no real purpose, because the thing to live for never really existed. I've become distanced in my own mind. When I'm with people, I find myself yearning for isolation, and when I'm alone I find myself yearning for the times before my changes, wanting nothing more then to go back to the days when life was pure and my imagination didn't haunt me. In about a year from now, the thing I had cared for so much will be nothing more as it finishes, ending its chapter in my life and so many others. Plenty of people know of the thing I care for, and they care for it in there own minds. But once it finishes, everyone will be upset, for what? A day. Then they'll move on to the next thing, their mood not dampered at all. To them, it's nothing, and they'll forget. Everyone will forget...except for me...

I won't forget.

I'll never forget.

And it pains me, because I can't forget...

~DistantCompany /7-23-04/~

Hey look everyone. It's my C2 community entirely deticated to Hiei/Botan. It's still in the works, but it'll get better. http://www.fanfiction.net/c2/3023/0/1/

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