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hey there~

I created this account basically to hold all of my one-shots and as a way to diverge into smaller fandoms without having a bunch of my Harry Potter readers get author alerts every time I write a new random one-shot, haha. I definitely put more effort into the fics I write on this account so I'm hoping people enjoy them. Right now I'm kind of into the Mighty Ducks fandom again. I'm hoping it's becoming more active. Anyway, as of right now, I'm into Fight School, which is, surprisingly, not a one-shot, so I'll probably be updating that more frequently.

Basic summary of the things I've written:

The Mighty Ducks

Alike- one-shot that I really enjoyed writing and am quite proud of but didn't get much feedback on. It's about Adam watching Charlie break-up with Linda and realizing how much Linda and he have in common. Contrary to what the quick summary eludes to, this is about Adam's unrequited love for Charlie.

Bottle Up and Explode- this is not a one-shot; it basically chronicles life at Eden Hall during their freshman year, before Adam rejoins the Ducks. It's basically a lot of teen-angst and anger and all that jazz but I like writing this because it focuses on all the characters (for once, haha).

Cowboy Lost- first fic/one-shot uploaded on this account! I love this fic, I really do, more than I should, haha. It centers around Dwayne who feels isolated and lonely, forced to put up with the facade of the brainless cowboy. It is about his growing friendship with Adam and his finding the courage to finally act like who he really is.

Don't Sleep Yet- one-shot drabble; late night conversations of the Ducks

Fight School- not a one-shot; an AU fic that centers around Charlie and Adam. Eden Hall is a school that is ruled by social hierarchy and fighting is the way to the top. Charlie wants to get to the top of the social food chain but that means having to beat the current impassive leader, Adam Banks. However, Adam takes an interest in Charlie for the fact that he is different from his usual brainless followers and it is up to Charlie to use this to his advantage.

Finding the Cat- two part fic that centers around Julie; chronicles, briefly, her time before the Ducks and through the Junior Goodwill Games. It is about the developing relationship between her and Dean Portman that is neither romantic nor platonic. It just is.

Stockholm Syndrome- the last of my non one-shot fics (for now). After Adam is held in a hostage situation, his demeanor changes. He seems nonchalant about the whole ordeal but Bombay knows better when Adam refuses to testify against the hostage holders. Adam has to face the consequences of his past when he is followed and harrassed by allies of the hostage holders as the date for the trial grows near.

Trip- one-shot; centers around Charlie and Adam. Charlie's falling deep into a haze of drugs and depression when one day, his old friend comes to visit him and take him on a surreal trip that shows Charlie how much things have changed and how far he really has fallen. Charlie angst. I liked this one too but it didn't get much feedback. Alas, tis the way life works, hah.

Paradise Kiss

Addiction- one-shot; years after the Paradise Kiss group has broken up, Caroline is shocked when she meets George's son by chance. She juggles a love affair with George's son, jealousy of the mother of this son, and the love she feels, not only for George, but for his son as well.

Just- one-shot; extremely short, I may revise it since I'm not satisfied with it yet. About Arashi and Mikako, taken from a scene in the second book. They both understand each other in a way that no one else, especially not Miwako, will.

Vanilla- one-shot; short blurb about why George won't stand for just plain vanilla. This one was wonderful to write and I got wonderful feedback to match.

Mean Girls (yes! I've written Mean Girls fanfics!)

Girls' Night Out- one-shot; starting from the four-way call in the movie, what would have happened if Karen hung up on Gretchen and went out with Regina instead? Expands on Regina and Karen's relationship that was neglected in the movie (then again, it was a teen comedy, haha). non-slash (just felt it was prudent to specify since the summary may have eluded to it)

M&M Kisses- one-shot; I really liked this fic. Expanding on the quote: "See, that's the problem with all you Plastics. You think everybody is in love with you when actually everybody hates you. Like, like Aaron Samuels? He broke up with Regina and guess what, he still doesn't want you." So...what caused Janis to say that? About Janis and Aaron's relationship.

Make-Up- one-shot; Janis and Regina finally make up after a three year grudge.

The Lioness Quartet

Some Thing Stay the Same- AU, not a one-shot;set in a universe where Alanna was really Alan. This boy has visions of his female counterpart that confuses him but doesn't dwell on it that much, he's much too busy trying to become a knight! Eventual slash (puh, of course, haha).

I suppose that's it. Thanks for visiting my little corner!


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