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Author has written 4 stories for Ace Combat, and inFAMOUS.

Welcome! If you're here, you were probably interested in seeing if you could learn more about the person who A) commented on your story and/or Private Messaged you about your story B) wrote the story you commented on and/or Private Messaged about C) wrote the story you didn't comment on and/or Private Message about D) forget all that, how did I get here? If you fall into categories A, B, or C, prepare to have those questions answered. In the slim chance you fall into category D, just press the back button on your browser and everything should work out for you. Okay, back to my A, B, and C people.

For people in category A. So, you take individual interest in your readers too, huh? It is interesting to see what people who like your work like in addition to your work, isn't it? Some people have VERY diverse tastes, it's a wonder how they ever stumbled upon your story. Anyways, thank you for stopping by and taking time to check out one of your readers.

For people in category B. So, thought you'd try and learn some more about the author huh? Well, you came this far, I guess some general info wouldn't hurt. I'm currently 23 years of age and have lived in the United States my entire life. However, I have moved around quite a bit, from North Carolina, to Michigan, graduated high school in Colorado, and I'm currently stationed in California serving in the US military. Most of my friends would say I'm a science guy and/or a walking encyclopedia of random facts. I've also been told I know too many dad jokes for my own good. I wish I knew Japanese, but currently only know a handful of German. I love learning and think the worst thing a person can do is be content with what they know. I wish there were more completed works on this site because I LOVE to read, but recently, I've begun to understand why people can... stagnate. I've been working on my own stuff to get out of the funk but it can be pretty challenging. My main motivation for writing is filling in the gaps. There are so many empty spaces in games, movies, TV shows and other forms of media that my mind just begins making ideas for and wont quit. I've learned some people call these ideas 'plot bunnies.' If that's the case, I've got a farm out back full of those buggers that must be out of regulations. I wish there was a special pocket dimension for writers to jump into where time stood still and you could just write all of those ideas out. Someone get on that. Anyways, that's just a little about me. Thanks for taking some time and looking at this page and reading some more about me.

For people in category C. Go leave a comment or PM me. I wont be angry you're just now getting around to it, promise. Once that's done, come back here and read the section for the B people. Get on it!

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Current Project News:

Citizen of the Sky


Thanks to all who read my first story and encouraged me on the way! For those of you who are wondering, yes, I do plan on making sequals/prequals and stuff for the other Ace Combat games. When? Someday, my friends, someday.

Big special thanks to Karaya 1 who's helped me out in more ways than one in making this story a piece of work I'm proud to put my pen name to. Hope you stick around this time! This world is too small for great writers to just drop out of it.

Getting A Clearer Image

Updates Pending

There's still too many ideas I have and It wouldn't feel right to cut that short, so unfortunately, there will be a long lapse in it's updates. But, there will be updates someday.

Counting My Zeros

As it was decided by a pole I'm sure many have forgotten about, I'm working on an Ace Combat Zero novel. What surprises will be in store for The Demon Lord and Solo Wing as they resume their merc work in the small country of Ustio? How did Takuma, the man who became known as The Demon Lord, become such a threat to the worlds most powerful Air Force? How were so many convinced of a need to rid the world of political and geographical boarders? How many lives can one man change and save from a fighter planes ejection seat?

There are currently no other stories in progress.

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