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Kay. A little bout me. I love anime. Anime is awsome. I love to draw it. I'm pretty good too.

FavoriteAnime andCharacters:

Beyblade: Most of the characters in Beyblade have really cool hair. I love the animation.

1 Kai!!! My alltime favorite anime character is Kai. I don't care what anybody else says, Kai is the best.

Rei- What can I say? I haven't met one person who likes beyblade who hates Rei.

Max- In season #1, I didn't know whether or not if I liked Max. For one thing he was best friends with Tyson and he didn't look that cool, but Max is my favorite guys name. I think there should be a law that all anime characters like Maxhave to look cool. But now he does, so yay!

Daichi- He annoys the crap out of Tyson. The perfect character.

Brooklyn, Mystel, Kevin, Mariah, Tala, Enrepue, King, Ozuma, Merriam, Joseph- Kay, Brooklyn has sweet hair, Mystel has sweet hair and can do majorbackflips, (easily impressed) Kevin and Joseph are both short with green hair, Mariah's hilarious, Tala's kinda creepy sometimes but he's pretty cool, (I LOVE HIS BITBEAST!!!) Enrepue is the good old "Miroku" character that all stories should have, (In case you didn't know, Miroku is the perverted Monk off of Inu Yasha) King has sweet hair and is pretty cool, Merriam has sweet hair too and would make a great couple with Max, :), and as for Ozzy,he's short, has cool hair, and pissed Tyson off for a long period in the show.

DNAngel: Love the character art sooooo much!!!

Daisuke: He's...well, cool character art!

Takeshi, Masahiro, Riku, Wiz, Dark, Satoshi- Takeshi is abusively hilarious, Masahiro is, well, Masahiro, Riku should be the one Daisuke ends up with in the end, Dark and Satoshi both are the same as Daisuke, and Wiz is Wiz!Who could hate wiz?

Dragon Ball Z:Some people don't like it, I do. It's my inspiration for my very own,alloriginal story that I will soon write. Soon.

Bulma- Abusively funny.

Vegeta- Vegie-head has got to be one of the first villans I have ever liked.From his "piss off" atitude to his "eff u effer" responses, he makes the best DBZ character. (Along side of Kakarote of course)

Goku- From pig out sessions to the strongest character on the show, what makes him any different from Tyson? Goku not only looks cooler, but he's not an educatedstupid person. He's a simple minded, naive, guliable dude who always has room for more food.

Goten, Trunks- What more could youask from two little kids without a carein the universe? They're funny!

Krilin, Chowtsu- The short little bald dudes.

Majin Buu- The best villan of all times. The dude has all this power behind him, and he enjoys blowing stuff up like every other seinile evil dude before him, but his greatest desire in life is not money or conquering the universe, but...candy. Heh. Never saw that one coming, huh?

The Supreme Kai- No, it's not because he has Kai in his name. He has cool hair and is pretty wimpy, but, he has cool hair. Okay, and because he has Kai in his name.

Inu Yasha: Everyone I've shown my Inu Yasha mangas to have really liked them and the show is even better.

Inu Yasha- Anger management dude with dog ears. What better main character is there?

Kagome- Does "sit boy" not amuse you enough?

Shippou, Miroku, Sango,Kilala, Rin- Shippou and Rin are both adorable, Sango has a huge weapon, plus she's cool, Kilala, who hates Kilala? Miroku. I think there should be a Miroku character in every story.

Other characters:

Duo, Quatre: Gundam Wing- No explanation needed.

Bakura: YuGiOh- I LIKE THE MANGA, NOT THE LITTLE KIDS SHOW!!!- Bakura, I think, is one of the best villans next to Majin Buu. He stands there, all smiles, then when you have your back turned, he goes all psycho and tries to kill you.

Luffy, Zoro, Nami: One Piece- What can I say? I can't stand to watch the show, but I love the manga to pieces.

Alucard, Police Girl: Hellsing- No explanation needed. Gore is good. Gore is good!

Characters I hate:

Tyson, Hilary, Kenny: Beyblade- I absolutely despise Tyson. Kenny brings shame to the name Kenny because he won't ever die (see South Park) and Hilary is annoying. She's okay, but future wife of Tyson's and that's not cool.

Thea: YuGiOh- WHO LIKES THIS CHICK? SERIOUSLY? I mean, I'm all for friendship and all, but, come on. Somebody shoot her already!

Kaji: Hey, how's it going. If you've read all the way down to here, you have a lot of time on your hands. Kay, I have two, count em, twoalter egos, Tori and Kurai. Kurai is obsessed with killing and can be very calm yet psycho. Tori is happy and carefree. Joy. Anyway, I'd just like to let everyone know that I hate Tyson. Tyson is a &$#@! retard. That is all.

Thanks for reading.

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