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Name: Merielle
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Description: Shoulder-lenth dark brown hair with light brown highlights, dark brown eyes. I wear dark colors usually. I love scaring people. I can get dangerously hyper at times(hehe..). And my friends call me a weird psyco... -;

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~~Last Updated: 11-5-05~~

Mini-Note (edited during every update)

I live! I'm not dead everyone. Really. I've just been sitting around collecting dust for the past few... months. Yeah.
Anywho, I demand that you all go and read my friend Clari's stories!Now! Visit~~ I commaaand yoooou~
...Yeah. I'm beta-testing one of her fics (not yet done. 'Cause I'm lazy.) Her Teen Titan fanfics are really good, so I suggest it! ...Unless you're one of those clean-minded, stay-away-from-perverted-rated-m-stories people.
On another note, I'm sorry there have been lack of updates lately. There's been too much work for me lately. (sigh) Well, I'm getting around to working on Destiny's Randomness... because it's funny, and I'm not really in the mood to work on DP. So, expect the next chapter of DR soon~

On another note, I'm working on a new story called Undead Courthouse! I've decided to post it up on FictionPress. Just visit my FictionPress account and scroll down to the story list. Hope you enjoy reading it!

Current Song Obsession~ "Satellite" -- P.O.D.
Current Favorite Fanfic~ Vargas by Zarla
Current Game Obsession~ None.
Current Game Character Obsession~ um... none? (gasp)
Current Anime/Manga/Comic Obsession~ Johnny The Homicidal Maniac
Current Anime/Manga/Comic Character Obsession~ Nny (JTHM)

Currently working on:
Destiny's Punishment (don't know when I'll update)
Destiny's Randomness (working on ch.6)
Vampiric Delirium (on hiatus)
Other Stories
Undead Courthouse (working on ch.2)

Likes: Video games, good fanfics, computer, chocolate, anime, manga, drawing, chocolate, J-pop music, Linkin Park,reading, chocolate, dark colors, quiet places, chocolate.. did I mention chocolate?

Dislikes: horrible fanfics, evil Kairi, waaay too peppy people, rabid fan girls(eek!oO;), country music, squirrels(EVIL!), way too bright colors, very very loud places, and last but not least... SCHOOL. (dun dun dunn) O_O;

Favorite Games: Kingdom Hearts(my all-time favorite!), Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy X and X-2, The .Hack Series,and Star Ocean: Till The End of Time.

Least Favorite Games: Games that I get stuck in as soon as I start playing it. I hate that, don't you?

FavoriteVideo GameCharacters: Sora, Riku, Fayt, Zexion, Kadaj,Cloud, Squall/Leon,Sephiroth. (notice that they're all guys... drooling non-stop hehe..)

Favorite Anime Characters: Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Heero, Haru, Kiva, Edward, Alphinose, Kevin, Yoh, and Kenshin. (I need to stop getting addicted to anime guys... hehe... ;)

~Quotes from "Destiny's Punishment"~
-"It's hard being Keeper of Kingdom Hearts. You have to beat the crap out of Heartless everyday. Plus you get really hungry..." ~Kaitsu
-"You all should burn in hell!" ~Takari
-"When you realize your destiny, you accept it. But there's always a catch. Because of my destiny, I lost the only one who ever cared for me..." ~Kaitsu
-"Someone needs to be punished..." ~Yasuko
-"Oh, shit!" ~Ryu
-"You are all complete morons..." ~Ken
-"Worried? Worried! I'm not worried! I'm just jumpy today!" ~Seika
-"I feel sorry for that kid..." ~Seika
-"You two better shut up before I rip out your vocal cords!" ~Takari
-"Be prepared...It's just beginning..." ~Yasuko
-"What? You got a problem with Half-Heartlesses?" ~Kotoro
-"Don't worry! As long as the sky is blue and the grass is green, everything is okay!" ~Seika
-"...You have mental problems, Seika." ~Ryu
-"I'm gona rip out your intestines, put them in a blender, and feed them to the Heartless. How does that sound?" ~ticked off Takari
-"Even though I'm blind, I can still fight them..." ~Nori
-"Someone who betrays me is never my friend." ~Kotoro
-"This is the worstday of my life." ~Kaitsu
-"...I take that back. This is the worst day ever possible in anyone's life." ~Kaitsu.
-"...What the hell?" ~Tamorei
-"I don't have time for this..." ~Sanyu
-"Looks like someone got off the wrong side of the torture bed this morning..." ~Sanyu

My Personal Quote:

That's all for now! Ja ne!


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