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Me- I'm mid 20s girl, here with my little hobby, writing fanfiction for a book that I first read about 10 years ago? Or so. And became lowkey obsessed with, and started reading fanfiction after the first trilogy, before the other books came out. And so, even though I have read plenty of satisfying books sense then. Shipping Clace was so ingrained in my mind as a young teenager, that every own story plot that my brain comes up, consists of them as the main characters lol. So here we are. Happy to share my fanfiction with people that just get it.

I've read The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, and The Dark Artifices. I'm debating whether to read the Last Hours. I'm not really interested in that anymore but feel the need to know what happens for the sake of... knowing what happens. I haven't read any of the other "side" novels but the end of Queen of Air and Darkness kinda left off with some stuff unsolved am I right? Which I think gets answered in Ghosts of the Shadow Market or Eldest Curses? I've kind of gotten confused.

Only series I think I liked as much as TMI, was A Court of Thorns and Roses series which I only read a year or two ago. But I plan to read Sarah J Maas, Throne of Glass series too. But that has a bunch of books, so feels like it will be a commitment and I don't know about everyone else, but I get very invested once I have started a good book.

I also like to read novels on Kindle Unlimited. Honestly, has tons of typical fanfiction or Wattpad genres, you know? If you know, you know. Personally, I like the Mafia stuff. Or the Fae. I really like the "Mates" concept but, oddly not into the werewolves. Haven't read too many Vampire books, that I can think of, but honestly do love my vamps! (Was obsessed with the TVD Show for a long time) I like the enemies to lovers a lot, too. Alpha type love interests. I'm here and there on dystopian society. Really like parallel universe or time warped books. What The Wind Knows by Amy Harmon and The Parallel Duet by Elizabeth O'Roark were good. (Both had me crying) I also really enjoy L.J. Shen's books. Modern Romance. (If you like my style and plots, you would probably like her books) Oh! And I was obviously really into Fifty Shades of Grey. Definitely got me into the steamy/ erotic romance genre in general. Because what is good romance without a lot of tension and some good descriptive love making?

7/20/21- I've been MIA. Long story short, I had another baby. Ergo, haven't had much time to spend in my lalaland. But I've got an update for Style and NMSS that are almost ready to go! We might all be old and gray by the end of these stories but it will be finished!

2/12/21- I really want to update on NMSS but I have like 5 chapters to do before I'm supposed to get to, before the stuff I'm more excited about to happen. Does that make sense? So anyways, I'm procrastinating on them because I'm less interested. I mean I think you guys will enjoy them and they go along with story ark and everything but I'm anxious for the drama lol. Also there is this Taboo age gap, mafia story I think about writing a lot. So maybe Ill get to that one day. I need to get productive!

12/6/20- Seriously considering I might have ADHD. Cant decide what to update next. Constantly thinking about my stories but only writing down bits here and there. Very frustrated.

10/19/20- I've been MIA in the Fanfic department. Life has been preoccupying and my mind has been elsewhere. But I'm working on next Chapter of NMSS! Hopefully, ready to get some more writing time in now and get more updates done.

8/14/20- I had a dream the other night that was really cool and felt like a kind of movie I would love to watch. Weirdly it started as a tragedy and ended as a comedy... And now I wonder if I could adapt it into a story! Add it to the list amiright. Chapter 3 of Always Mine is under works, titled In Between. I'm wondering if I will have to break it into two parts, like the previous Chapter. But I will probably post another chapter of IHRK before that, which I'm currently working on.

8/1/20- I swear every time I come up with an entertaining scene, and I'm like 'Ooh, haven't seen that in story before'... Next book I read: has same thing. -_- Also, I have something in my mind for NMSS but I feel like it doesn't necessarily fit the current character mindsets... Decisions, Decisions.

6/25/20- So I told myself that I would not update anything until I updated another chapter of Style! And I'm having such a hard time finishing it for I don't even know why! Because I want to finish it, so bad. Because there are only 2-3 chapters left... I wouldn't call it writers block, but the words aren't flowing easily and I'm worried it won't be as good as it could be. So I'm trying to decide, is getting the plot out more important or getting the language right? Or should I continue to hop around, but honestly that's why it takes forever for me to get one thing posted lol Got all these stories I want to share and it overwhelms me. Any advice? Anyways, more coming soon!

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He had become an expert at hiding his feelings. It's not like he could act on them anyway. But when the subject of Jace's affection has nowhere else to go but the bedroom next door, hiding his feelings becomes increasingly difficult. The biggest problem? She's dating his roommate, who also happens to be his bestfriend.
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It was an interesting predicament. That she knew. Being in love with the same guy since she was little. Being in love with her brother's friend. Being in love with an older man. Being in love with her roommate. Being in love with her teacher... She would play innocent, but never shy. She would tease him and she would be completely honest. And he knew... But Oh, if he really knew.
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When Clary's mom and Jace's dad decide to rekindle their once forgotten high school romance and move in together, the athletic all-star and artistic rebel are forced to tag along. At school Jace and Clary lead very separate lives and once their worlds collide at home, it seems sibling rivalry ensues. But there is a fine line between love and hate. Or is it LUST and hate?
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Clary reflects on her past with the boy that has always had her heart. Whether it was cherished or broken. Throughout the years he has come in and out of her life but, despite that, he was her first everything. "I should just tell you to leave 'cause I know exactly where it leads but I watch us go 'round and 'round each time" And it looks like he is back again... Clace. AU. AH
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MC Fic. Clary was His and Jace was Hers. And that's all that would ever matter. Whether or not anyone else understood. That fact seemed simple for a long time until trouble got in the way. Violence never scared them until its what separated them. So how do you move on when you don't exist without the other? But 'There is no time, place, or person that will ever make you less mine.'
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As young children Clary, Jace, and Jonathon are all raised by Valentine. Until, tragedy brings only Jace and Clary to continue their lives at the Institute. Jace & Clary have always been close and believe that they have left all those horrors behind them. Jace is starting to wonder if he feels more for her than he ever thought but, someone from their past is back and out for blood.
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