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Author has written 5 stories for Angel, and Phantom of the Opera.

I am a huge Angel fan (well, since I saw the TNT rerun episodes over Christmas break 2003), but got totally into it. I am also a huge Alias fan, just ask my friends!

"Flesh and Bloodlines," an Angel-based fic, was my first sucessful attempt at a multi-chapter story and I can't beleive it's finally done. CHECK IT OUT! I hope to turn it into a series that has at least one story set in every season. We'll see. I am also contemplating an Angel-Alias crossover.

I have also become totally obsessed with Phantom of the Opera. Like many people, I will admit I saw the movie first, but read the Susan Kay and Gaston Leroux novels, and recently saw the stage production. They blow the movie away (I still love it though).

"Phantom of Crawford College," (the name may change later) is based off of a blend of the different versions and my own college experiences (where yes, a group of us role-play Erik, Christine (me), Raoul and Meg.). Basically, if you are in this group, you will be able to spot some similarities to Cazland.

"Dancing Demon" is also a phanfic based off of crazy Caz antics...with some interesting IM conversations mixed in. This is my fun, lighthearted, humorous one. Carlotta challenges Christine and Erik to a contest, Christine decides she's not going to take crap from anybody anymore, and Erik is constantly on the verge of a mental-breakdown.

"The Color of Dispair", a one-shot, was an experiement from my Business Research class. We were given 3 photographs at random and had to create a story that incorporated all of them. I got and man reaching through prison bars, a misty garden, and a bight blue rose.

"Because That is What Friends Do" is based off my true experience with a dear guy friend I've had for over 3 years. We always got along, but never dated (though we wanted to) because we never had the chance. He graduated from college after my freshman year and then joined the air force. We kept in close touch throughout that time, but he met someone what stationed in Texas and they are now married. He really did call me only a few days after their wedding and it did tear me apart, but I don't want to lose him as a friend. I figured my feelings would be similar (though much milder) than Erik's would be in a similar situation.

Reviews and constructive criticism are always welcomed and appreciated! They motivate me to keep going!

Other loves include:
horses- I've been around horses all my life and have been riding for over sixteen years. I did thirteen years of riding in 4-H and I am currently riding on the Cazenovia College westernand dressage equestrian teams.
jet skiing- While I only get to do it a few times per year, I love jet skiing. My two cousins are both Nationally and Internationally renowned jet racers who will be considered professionals in the coming years. They are gracious enough to let me ride the skis with them once in a while and let me come to some of their races. It's all very exciting and if I didn't spend all my money on horses and had a decent place to practice, I would definitely get into the sport.
dancing- I danced for seven years when I was younger, focusing on jazz dance. I never really stopped dancing (just taking the lessons) and now that I have friends who seem to love it even more than I do, I have happy feet!
digital video production/editing- I think I have finally found my true calling in life. I love video production and editing so I'm combining that with my love of horses to produce equine sale and promotional videos. I'm hoping that my new business and career will take off so I can pay off my student loans and totally drown in the real-world after I graduate college.

P.S. Be sure to check out L.M. Colburn's amazing PotC and PotO fics here on FF.net.

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Dancing Demon reviews
Carlotta challenges Christine and Erik to a contest, Christine decides she's not going to take crap from anybody anymore, and Erik is constantly on the verge of a mental breakdown. Modern setting and an attempt at being nearly angst free.
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