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August 19, 2010

To My Dearest Readers:

It has been two years since I've updated this profile,and at
the current moment I am doing a complete overhaul. I am
not proud of my previous works, as I was young and foolish,
back then... However I will not be taking down my Poppycock
or Our Rift. I will, nonetheless, be retiring my drabble
collection (as really, it had no purpose) and editing/re-writing
Our Rift. Updates will be infrequent, at the current moment
as I try to juggle work, life, and school - but I will not end until
at least one of my real stories have been completed. Poppycock
is an exception, because - really? How can you complete a
thing like that...?

I want to take this time to thank all of my readers who have
still reviewed, read, and appreciated all of my works. At this
moment, you are probably the reason that I have re-entered
the world of fanfiction.Without further ado, allow me to divulge
some story lines I will be focusing on - the first being the most
important and so on.


Current Stories/Story Lines

Our Rift
A NejiTen Story

Rated: T for Teen

Being accepted into high school is a milestone in every teen's
life. As for Tenten, it was the year that she nearly lost it all.

"I just wanted us to be together, Neji!"
"Tenten! Don't be a fool! There is no way to stop thi-"
"You may think that, but no one has ever been able to stop
me - and I'll be damned if I start letting it happen now!"


"Hinata... Do you know what's going on with Neji...?"

In a world that no longer wants them together - will it be
enough to keep them apart?

"HIASHI-SAN! Don't do this!"
"You wouldn't understand... I MUST PROTECT MY FAMILY!"


"You know, Neji... I've... been in love with you for some time."


"It shouldn't be taking this long... Move over, Tenten."


"Sometimes... You're more trouble than you're worth, Neji."

A Leviathan FanFiction

Rated T for Teen

Prince Aleksander has been outed. Ever since that unfortunate
interview with that damn American journalist, his life has been
nothing but trouble - especially on the ship that he was beginning
to call home. (One could argue, justifiably, that his troubles started
with the assassination of his parents, but that was just rubbing
salt on old wounds.) As it is, currently, the Leviathan is on-course
towards the Orient, a path that is in the opposite direction of
Alek's country, and the war that plagues the Austro-Hungary
people. The Clanker's were being pulled deeper into Darwinists
territory, but Volger had been right - it was keeping him from jail.
Still, with the Pope dead and his divine right all but useless, Alek
is unsure if this course of action is truly best for him... and for
his country.

Deryn is still a girl who is still posing as a boy in the British Air
Services - although that secret is becoming increasingly harder
to keep, especially when the Prince was concerned. As the
Leviathan surges towards the coasts of Japan, the midshipman
is finding it harder to ignore her feelings for the Clanker -
which may prove to be detrimental to her future as an officer
of the Air Services. Words like Exam and Lieutenant have been
floating about the hydrogen beastie, sending all middies to
absolutely quaking in their boots.

But the worst is far from over for our beloved teenagers. In
this action-packed story, we observe as the Grand War unfolds
through the eyes of these two youngsters. Pay mind as friend-
ships are tested, bonds are formed and frayed, battles are
won and men are lost - Watch as the third installment of this
highly-anticipated series comes to cataclysmic conclusion.
(as interpreted by Andreah Treole)


[ 1 ] Ziz is linked to Leviathan and Behemoth in Hebrew
mythology. According to the myth, Ziz is a phoenix-esque
mythical creature that protects even the smallest of birds -
and has the wing-span to eclipse the sun.
Originally, Westerfeld wanted to name Goliath (the third book
in the series) "Ziz" - but felt it wasn't impressive like the two
previous works. Whatever. I had already planned to call it
Ziz long before that, so, his loss. (It was that or Obelisk - but
that's Egyptian and didn't match the story AT ALL.)

[ 2 ] This is my first multi-chapter story... IN CANON. HOSHIT.
Time to celebrate! ...But only after I read up on WWI. I think
I should at least have a refresher on it. To make sure I'm not
going too far out there. Alternate historical steampunk fiction,
or not.

All stories and characters are copyrighted to their respectful owners.
(Meaning I only own the plot.) All similarities in actual events or
people is completely coincidental (unless stated otherwise).
Instead of reading these goof-ball fictions, support your local book-
store and the creators by purchasing their licensed paraphernalia.)

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