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Author has written 2 stories for Final Fantasy VIII, and RuneScape.

I will no longer be updateing my profile or any of the fics under my name. I am sad to say this, but this is the way things have to be given what is going on in my own life. It is a shame, especially since I like writing... Goodbye, peeps.

Hey, people, I've edited AS again. This time it should be flawless, exept for the spaceing which this damn program wont keep and also the stars that ment a flashback will not stick to the document. Sorry about that. But if you realy are obsessed (yay!), e-mail me and I'll send you the actual chaptyrs of Altered Soul its self. My story has reached new heights! 1277 hits!

Laguna's Story--

It took me a while after the game to peice together
Laguna's events as they happened, but only in writing
my fanfic did I come to truly understand what
happened. The events played out this way:

Laguna is injured (in an accident seperate from
falling off a cliff in Esthar) and recouperates at
Raine's, the only woman in town that can tolorate him.

He is enthralled by both Raine and Ellone, and so
finds 'work' that gives him the excuse necisary to
stay in town. That is, untill Kiros arrives and
reminds him of his former journalistic ambitions.

Laguna then travels the world, writing articals for
the Timber Maniacs. This is when Ellone is snached up.
Naturally, Laguna rushes back to Winhill. This is probably when Squall is conceived. He proposes just as he leaves on his rescue of Elle.

He rescues Ellone, and his organization (or perhaps
Kiros and Ward themselves) see her home safely. Then
he leads his organization to overthrow Sorceress Adel.

Year(s) later, he returns and discovers that Raine has
passed away. He then looks for Ellone at the orphanage
(probably never suspecting that his own kid was there,
thought I do beleive that he just left him there).

Ellone had been sent away for her own protection by
Edea who was likely haveing some communication with
Ultimecia by then.

Laguna had no other choice (for he was obligated now)
than to stay in Esthar and assume the role of

This is how I beleive Laguna's, Squalls, Raines, and
Ellone's story unfolds. What do you think?

My Own Story--

There were so many things that I had planned to do differently in Altered Soul. My Original goal was to create a story longer than "Death Beyond Death", but truer to FFVIII than the saga Griever. I set out on writing 8 short chaptyrs, never suspecting that it would be double that amount. Still, I kept the chaptyrs short.

I had planned many things to happen in the story, but stopped in consideration of other factors.

I was going to work Ellone into being a main character, but that was just too out of character for the wandering girl to be involved in each event. At chaptyr 4 I was resolved to switch back and forth between an array of characters.

In the story, Squall has his focus on 2 characters for the presidency of Galbadia. It was between those 2 that I also had to choose from. It was a tough choice for me, but my decision turned out unexpectedly best, making Covert Ops later down the line more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise.

I was to have Squall propose then die before the wedding, but I didn't want fix up some radom death for him.

I had planned Caraway to actually steel Rinoa away from the wedding, but that would have resulted in too many more chaptrys.

Rinoa was going to meet the person who made the ring, but I decided on a mystery. Besides, if she had met him, he would know nothing of the supernatual ability of the ring. It was Squall that made it supernatural.

I had planned to have Caraway in the 15th chaptyr, but... I kind of spaced it off. I should go back to that. Lol.

In the chaptyr 15 that I had actually posted then deleted, was inside the mind of Rinoa. It was supposed to be an interesting insight into the mind of someone in her state, but it just turned out to be bad writting... I thank Hope Always for her kind words, but that chaptyr was simply aweful. Maybe I should post it as the last chaptyr like one of those deleted scenes on a DVD? Hm, if I didn't delete it entirely...

At the end, I was going to go through Ultimecia's thoughts and plans, but I grew weary of writing towards an end, then having to write again. But perhaps I will create a new story specifically for that perpose.

Things I like--

Interveiw with the Vampire, Memiors of a Geisha, Black Boy,Sphere, Wuthering Heights, Scruffy, and pretty much all fics under my favs

Samurai Champloo, FLCL, FFT; VIII; IX; X, Inuyasha (first 2-3 seasons), Gargoyles, Batman, Tekken, Frasier, Weekend Update, Daily Show, Surreal Life, Top Model, Star Trek Voyager; Next Generation, Miozaki


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