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Author has written 12 stories for Doctor Who, Astro Boy, My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Harry Potter, Five Nights at Freddy´s, Warriors, Gravity Falls, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ninjago, Portal, and Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人.


also I am a total Doctor who geek!

weird right...? I also love NINJAGO!

Zane is bae, Zane is Senpai, ZANE IS LOVE, ZANE IS LIFE!

anywho i looovvee da turtles aswell so yeah...


and I usually play a lot of sonic games so expect to see sonic fanfics on my page as well!

(you will experience a lot of references in my stories so watch for that {mostly portal or the things listed above})

My fav color is Purple (violet)

Fav food?: MAC AND CHEZZ!

Fav Pony?: Pinkie Pie of cores and my OC Joking (my youtube channel is Joking4pink so yeah)

fav animal?: Coyote

fav ship?: Zane X Pixel O3O yeah We are not compatable

Fav TV show?: The old TEEN TITANS



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Mikasa: What is the plan?

Armin: Yeah tell us

Eren . . .

Eren: we will first all turn into titans, AND KILL THEM ALL!

Armin and Mikasa: *face palm*

Armin: I will NOT turn into a titan, I WILL BE HEMAN!

Mikasa: I can not turn into a titan, armin also lacks that power

Eren: . . .

then a titan eats them and all of humanity is slaves under shrek's slimey iron oger hand. the end. :D





Ninjago lovers oath!

Whenever i feel the flakes on my nose

And winter comes around

When I feel the chill of the weather

In my mind, Zane will be found.

Whenever I feel overly warm

And see the glowing flames

When fire or tempers are around,

I will speak Kai's name.

When the flash eminates through my room,

or I hear the boom that's after.

When lightning is showing itself through the clouds,

Through my mind I hear Jay's laughter.

When look at the sand or trip in the dirt,

and feel the messy ground.

When earth is around me, especially rocks,

In my mind, Cole will be around.

Whenever I find a youthful girl,

who is brave, strong, and kind.

Who is better than others think her to be,

Nya will cross my mind.

When I find a man, old and wise,

who lectures people on end.

Who tries to find the facts in life,

Sensei Wu fills my head.

When a person is dark, and obsessed with power,

who on the inside is kind

who loves family dearly, yet still acts like fighting,

Lord Garmadon invades my mind.

When I find a child, who tries to grow up to fast.

and swears to copy his father.

Who is actually strong at heart,

my mind is what Lloyd will bother.

Upon seeing snakes, instead of fleeing,

or looking at them with fear

I smile at the snakes, even if they hiss,

and think of the serpentine leaders.

Yes yes, I know I removed the one story I actualy Loved... The Strange Case one, Yes, But I have a good reason! My friend, who was the one helping me, hated it! She wanted me to tell what actualy happend, no songs, none of my input, just pure facts. My dearest pal Pinkie Jekyll decided later to give me a skype call every day so I can type it down, So later I can upload it. So please, if you liked this, surly the truth will be beter.

~Sincerly, Greta!

Ps: Hyde might tell some because she now can't controll her transformations.

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not inapropriet
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