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Hello Everyone,

Why don't we start with the basics?

My name is Kaitlin but I've been nicknamed Katie

My favorite books are Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Heroes of Olympus are included) Harry Potter A Song of Ice and Fire and anything written by J.R.R Tolkien and C.S. Lewis

My favorite movies are Lord of the Rings (I can quote each one backwards and forwards, and could watch all three over and over and over again :))

My favorite TV shows are Reign, Once Upon a Time, Supernatural Bones and The Big Bang Theory.


When I'm not writing you will ALWAYS find me curled up with a good book.

I'm from Ontario Canada

My favorite color is gold.

Alright, so before we get to the good stuff on the profile, I have something to say.

Number 1: I am someone who values perspective above almost anything else when it comes to discussing almost anything. I think perspective is key when discussing anything and the number one thing that people are forgetting when they are arguing about the important things and the meaningless nonsense. So if you guys want to argue with me about anything, all I ask before you do is try and consider every perspective you can and I guarantee you won't have as much to argue about. Same goes for me.

Now with that being said. I am not a fan of DC Comics or Marvel Comics. I AM A FAN OF SUPERHEROES IN GENERAL!!! And this nonsensical fanboy war that has been going on between these two franchises for the last few years is utter garbage. People it is a great time to be a nerd. We have been dreaming of our favorite characters on the big screen for decades, most likely before my time and now we are seeing them so people, you can love or hate the movies, but please we are all fans of superheroes and what they stand for and this nonsense between franchises has gone on long enough. People love superheroes because they do the things that they themselves can't, they stand as a beacon of hope in the face of a very dark world and universe with selfish and greedy people. People look up to them because they expect them to be better than that. They're role models and that's what we expect. So for me there is not DC and there is no Marvel, there are only superheroes. So lets unite by our common love for that shall we?

I could talk about Harry Potter, the Avengers A Song of Ice and Fire and the Lord of the Rings all day and everyday, they are my favourite type of fictions to write if you look at my stories. But let's get to the more interesting stuff shall we?

Harry Potter Pairings I like:

Harry/Luna: see below for why this one of my favorite pairings. I think Luna is so underrated. I have nothing against Ginny, I like her just fine and she doesn't deserve all the hate she gets. The only one of the Weasleys I'm not really keen on is Ron, he was just sort of there for me in the books, didn't have much of a role to play. Luna's quirky and funny and smart and very loyal and dependable. She and Neville were there for Harry in the Department of Mysteries fiasco and we don't hear much from her after that. When I was younger I thought she and Neville would have made a cute couple and I still do, so if she can't be with Harry, I'm going to put her with him. I happen to think Rowling made a serious mistake when she didn't make her part of Harry's troop along with Ron and Hermione. She was a breath of fresh air in the books and I always wanted to see more of her character. Luna will forever and always be my favorite Harry Potter character.

Hermione/Neville: we don't get to see this pairing very often but I think it would have been very interesting to see. Hermione would have been able to coax the inner lion out of Neville and he would have been able to temper her more away from her constant need to be perfect. I honestly think they would have made a good pair. Opposites attract and all that, she would have taught him how to believe in himself and he would have protected and brought her back to earth when she went off on a flight of fancy. In a way, they would have sharpened each other and made the other better, which I ultimately think is the best thing. It's a shame we didn't really get to see Neville develop until the fifth book.

Harry/Daphne/Tracey/Susan: I happen to be a big fan of non canon pairing just because it allows us to add development to other characters that were only mentioned in the books but never had any lines. With the first two, it allows us to bring together different houses that previously wouldn't have been mentioned, and adds depth to Harry's character too. It also sheds light on the fact that not all Slytherins are bad and it brings together two feuding houses. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet, but better and not as unbelievable.

Draco/Hermione: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please don't shoot me! I just find the dynamics of this pairing so interesting. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with these two. In some ways they're like oil and water and in other ways, I think their chemistry is amazing. Of course Draco has a lot of growing up to do before he becomes worthy of her, so I am very picky about the stories I read regarding these two. However I'm not going to write Hermione as a perfect paragon of grace and virtue either because she wasn't and I think so many people see her as able to do no wrong. I'm not like that. I will call each and every single one of the characters I write on the crap that they do. So I am a fan of this pairing, but it has to be well done. And I have read quite a few good stories with them over the last two and a half years that I have been on this site and all I can say is...*takes deep breath* I LOVE IT! I LOVE THIS PAIRING AND THESE TWO CHARACTERS SO MUCH DAMN IT AND I AM NOT GOING TO APOLOGIZE FOR THAT!!!!!!!*whew*

Ron/Pansy: so I know that many of you will be thinking I'm gone in the head when you see this, but let me explain. You would never think to see Ron with a Slytherin would you? That's one of the reasons I like it. It's unexpected you wouldn't expect to see something like this in a story, I'm currently working on a story right now that hasn't been posted called Enter the Grey which features these two as the main pairing, of course Pansy is very different in it. I will post it soon enough, but I do like the unexpectedness of this pairing because it shows that not all Slytherins are bad and not all Gryffindors are good.

Ginny/Blaise: same reasons apply here as in the Ron and Pansy pairing.

Hermione/Viktor: I think this could have been really interesting given the time and attention. I liked that Viktor saw something in Hermione that no one else did, not even her best friends who were only going to ask her to the Ball as a last resort. Viktor was the only one what saw that Hermione was different from all the other girls and instead of being a wimp, he manned up and asked her to go to the Yule Ball with him. I really admired him for that. He was a pureblood but he didn't care that Hermione was a Muggleborn, despite the fact that Durmstrang was even stricter about blood than Hogwarts was. Karkaroff was breathing down his neck the whole time and yet he basically gave the middle finger to them all and asked her anyway because it was what he wanted to do. He made Hermione feel special and beautiful for one night and I think she deserved that because she practically held Ron and Harry together for seven years. I was very disappointed that Rowling didn't decide to explore their relationspship further and he basically disappeared after fourth year. They would have made a fantastic couple because she wasn't some obsessed fan girl who only liked him for his looks, or his money, or his talent. She saw the inner person and he knew that, and he was willing to put in the work to get to know her. I think Hermione deserved someone like Viktor. It was an example to the world that someone who had "lesser blood" didn't have to adhere to societal norms and could in fact get to the top of the ladder with someone who was an influential pureblood who agreed.

Severus/Lily: I don't get why there are so few stories where this pairing occurs. Lily should have been with Severus all along. He was there for her despite everything and he didn't seem to care about the house rivalry that separated them despite the fact that there was constant pressure on both sides to break them up. He always supported her and it thoroughly ticked me off when in a fit of rage he called her something that he would never mean and she chose not to forgive him. The books depict Lily as this perfect paragon of virtue and grace and forgiveness and beauty but everything that happened when they were in fifth year contradicts all of that! Lily was self righteous and extremely tunneled in her vision about the way things should be, (something that also ticks me about Hermione to be honest with you). Severus spent the rest of his life making up for his mistake and ended up giving his life in the defense of the Light side, something that he was never thanked for, and he died in pain and alone in one of the most horrific ways possible. See below for my thoughts on Severus Snape.

Pairings I dislike: There aren't many Harry Potter Pairings I dislike, but these are just a few.

Harry/Hermione: now the reason I dislike this pairing is firstly because it's incredibly obvious not to mention boring. Pairing the main character up with his first female friend is the height of being cliche. Almost every story I've read that that has a Harmony pairing turns every other female character into a monster by comparison and makes it seem as if everyone else isn't even good enough to be around these two. Can you spell bias? Harry and Hermione are actually much different that people seem to think. She provided the sister/confidante relationship that Harry needed and was lacking in the books and movies and was loyal to a fault even when Ron walked out on them in the Deathly Hallows (something I still haven't forgiven him for I assure you) But just because of that, people automatically think she's Harry's one true love and that the two are meant to be. Like I don't get it. I dislike these two together because throughout the books, I have seen nothing to suggest that they would make a good couple when Hermione is so militantly rigid and Harry likes to break the rules. They're great friends, but not a good couple. Another reason I dislike them is the fact that the story immediately becomes completely about them, and excludes all other characters. It's as if Harry and Hermione are in their own little bubble of the world where no one is allowed to disturb them and those who question their relationship are automatically the devil. A final thing I cannot stand is the fact that once these two get together, some stories I had read will make them better than anyone else and that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. It makes Hermione the perfect paragon of virtue and everyone else especially the females at best harpies and at worst the devil. Honestly I prefer Harry with Ginny over Hermione.

Ron/Hermione: Ok Rowling, I don't think I need to tell you how big you screwed up here. Hermione and Ron were downright dysfunctional in the books so how on earth does that make them a good couple!? I would have preferred to see Hermione with Harry over Ron if that was the only other option and I can't stand Harmony! That is how much I hate these two together. They shared one kiss in the Chamber of Secrets and it was during the heat of the moment when they're about to fight a bloody war! We get a brief epilogue nineteen years later where all of a sudden, they're married with two kids. Ron didn't deserve Hermione and never did. He needed to mature and grow up so much and he didn't like that she was the only one who called him on his BS. It boggles my mind that Rowling went this route and paired everyone's favorite witch with someone who really wasn't that special in the first place. If she had matured Ron over their school years and showed his growth, my opinion probably would have been different, but she didn't and we're supposed to accept the fact that one kiss suddenly leads to nineteen years of marriage and two kids? What the heck?

James P/Lily: Okay...words cannot describe how angry I was when I saw the back story for these two and how they got together. (See below for my rants on James Potter). James Potter was the biggest prick in the universe and it boggles my mind how he ended up with Lily and how she wasn't able to see what an arrogant sexist self interested douche bagel he was! He claimed he would only let up on Snape if she agreed to date him. First of all...can I just say how incredibly creepy and messed up that is. If someone continuously harassed and pestered me to go out with them and harassed my male friends for simply talking to or being around me, I would be getting a restraining order so fast it would make you head spin! It blows my mind that people continue to think that this pairing is "romantic" when that couldn't be farther from the truth! I don't give a flying fart in space that he was Harry's father, and I don't understand how very few people have called him on the completely stupid and asinine things he has done. He got away with attempted murder, constant harassment and so much more! But no one sees it! Everyone applauds him about how wonderful and brave he was and claims that the things and bullying he did in the past, he "grew out of." What...the serious...fudge...?! People don't grow out of habits like that, they simply grow older and bully their friends, spouses, employees and children. I received no indication that James Potter had changed and I would have preferred it if Lily ended up with nobody than with him.

Thoughts on the HP world and its characters in general:

First and foremost, Luna Lovegood, is my most favorite character in the Harry Potter universe. She's beautiful and strong and quirky and smart as a whip. I also think that besides Neville, she's one of the most underrated characters. In my heart of hearts, I think she was the one who should have ended up with Harry. Him and Ginny and him and Hermione are just so cliche, and I'm a big fan of non canon pairings. I felt like Luna would understand Harry in a way that no one else would be able to. Instead of looking at the appearance of a person and their personality like the rest of the school did, she looked at the hearts of a person, and it would take someone very special to end up with her. So you can obviously see why, The Holly and the Loony and Of Nargles and Misty Mountains have a special place in my heart. Again Luna rocks and no one is going to convince me otherwise!

1. I love the stories but there were many issues I had with the canon stories. Firstly there was the way that Albus Dumbledore was made into a manipulative old man with a thirst for power right up until the moment that he was killed by Snape. I am not a huge Dumbledore fan because if you are going by canon, he uses everyone he comes into contact with.

2. I am not a huge fan of the Weasley's particularly Ron. That's not to say that I hate the red head because I don't, but I don't like how he was portrayed in canon. He had the opportunity to be a really good friend to Harry and he wasn't. He abandoned him twice in canon when it was very obvious that Harry needed his friends and when he came crawling back, Harry took him back as if nothing had happened! I have read some very good Ron fan fiction, so I don't dislike him, but I'm also not very fond of him either unless he is vastly different then canon.

3. Snape for me is a controversial character. I both hate him and pity him in canon, of course I have read some fan fiction where I absolutely love him, so I think it really all depends on how he's written. He's a conflicted character and I like that about him, because that makes him interesting and difficult to write and I very much like challenges. He is someone that you have to look very closely at to see the good side. But in the end we got to see where his loyalties lay and that was important. Don't make the mistake in thinking that I like Snape however, there are many times throughout the series where I downright hated him. I still don't entirely like him but perhaps that was because of the way Rowling wrote him. There's a lot of things about him that I do not like and I still don't like, I just like him more than some other characters.

4. I am not a fan of the canon pairings. I like the character of Hermione. Sure she can be bossy and annoying at first, but there are reasons for that. I didn't understand why on earth Rowling placed her with someone like canon Ron. They fought constantly throughout the stories and her hurt her and used her on a number of occasions and for some reason they still ended up getting married and having children together. For me their relationship is downright dysfunctional and if Hermione was truly the brightest witch of her age, then there was no way she would have allowed herself to marry someone like him. I think she's far better off with someone like Harry or perhaps Cedric Diggory had he lived or even Neville or Viktor Krum. Anyone but Ron.

5. Draco Malfoy. I have a love hate relationship with this character. I really didn't like him in canon, but towards the end of the Deathly Hallows, I did start to feel a little sorry for him. I have also read some very good fan fiction featuring him which I greatly enjoyed, so again, it all depends for me on how he is written. Also I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding the pairing of him and Hermione Granger. Now I am not an obsessed fan girl, but I am a fan of this pairing for a few reasons. The first is that I don't like the canon pairings. I thought that Hermione deserved to be with someone as intelligent and ambitious as she is, and Draco at least for me, is more of those things then Ron ever was. I also like the pairing because its different and can be difficult to write because of the nature of the characters, I find the two interesting as Hermione is a spitfire and Draco is made of ice. Plus I also think that they have chemistry.

6. There is only one person in the Harry Potter universe who I absolutely loathe and abhor and that person is JAMES POTTER. Despite the face that he is Harry's father, I cannot stand him and would probably hex him on sight if I had a wand. I HATE bullies and it boggled my mind that Lily chose to marry him. In my mind, Lily should have ended up with Severus Snape and Harry should have been his son. I know all about the Mudblood incident but I also think that given the circumstances (WHILE BEING BULLIED BY JAMES POTTER BY THE WAY) that it was somewhat understandable. Now I'm not say it was right that he said it, but I can understand it given the situation he was in and he would NEVER have called her that otherwise. And after that I think he more then paid for his mistake. It wasn't right how he treated Harry in canon as it wasn't his fault, so I didn't like Snape in canon for that. However, I think had it not been for the insufferable bullying of James Potter, that Severus would have been a different person. Now I'm not letting Severus off the hook for how he treated Harry in canon because that wouldn't be right. You will never ever see me write a James/Lily story because I hate the man and he didn't deserve her. I was also very irritated with Lily for the way she treated Severus after the incident. He more then paid for his mistake for the rest of his life and died in one of the most unforgiving of ways. James Potter who by the way is also a stalker and a sadist for only letting up on Snape if Lily agreed to date him is an arrogant bullying toe-rag who should've been cruciod to oblivion for his bullying ways. Who does something like that? Trying to sabotage a relationship simply because you don't like the person that the other is with, is signs of a stalker and a potential rapist! And Lily was supposed to be the brightest witch of her year?! I'm sorry, no one who is that bright would be so stupid as to marry someone like James...bloody...Potter! Whew...sorry about that. I just really don't like James Potter.

7. Sirius Black...oh Siri I have a lot of issues with how Rowling portrayed the younger you. You were an attempted murderer and a self entitled douche bagel just like James Potter and despite Azkaban for twelve years there were aspect about you that didn't really change. So if I ever write you in one of my stories, I am going to make you as vastly different as I can make you.

8. Harry and Ginny. I like Harry. I like Ginny. But not together. I felt like their relationship was far too rushed in canon, it was as if Harry had a thing for Cho...and then he didn't and suddenly he like Ginny. There was no buildup and he didn't get to see a relationship develop. If I had to place Harry with someone there would be a myriad of other girls that I would like him with. The first one that comes to mind is Daphne Greengrass. We don't get to hear much from her in canon, but I have read some excellent fan fiction which features her and think that she and Harry would make an interesting pair. I like the idea because it blows to smithereens the idea of a Gryffindor and a Slytherin not being able to be friends. Another choice would be Luna Lovegood and that is because she can see through to the heart of a person and look past all of the falsehoods, I think that makes her very special and perfect for Harry. I also like Susan Bones again for the same reasons as Daphne Greengrass, we don't get to see much of her and I have read stories where she is featured and I have really liked them.

9. I also didn't really like how unprepared Harry was going into the books, there were so many times when Dumbledore could have prepared him early, but he chose to keep silent. I don't know why Rowling portrayed him like that but I didn't like it. What was the purpose of leaving him with the Dursleys? Why wasn't he told of the prophesy earlier? Why wasn't he allowed to have any access to the wizarding world? And above all else why was Hagrid sent to retrieve him when one of the other teachers would have been just as imposing and could just as easily have done it?

10. I very much dislike how there are many authors who will turn Hermione into the perfect version of grace and beauty and charm that all other girls should adhere to and somehow make her the version of a female at Hogwarts. Let me be clear, Hermione is not my favorite character in the Harry Potter world, that title would go to Miss Luna Lovegood. I'm not even sure that she's my second favorite. I like her don't get me wrong, but I hate the way that she is written in some stories. Either she is tragically misunderstood and garners the attentions of the handsome male hero aka Harry, or she's seen as a beautiful porcelain doll that all the boys want. Hermione wasn't like that in the books! She was bloody annoying at first, even I didn't like her in the first book. She's a regular teenage girl with growing up to do. She has flaws, a temper an annoying habit of always needing to be the best at everything, and an unfortunate habit of nagging all of her friends to death! That's normal! When I write Hermione I like to write her as a character that has a temper, because that's the way she was in the books. I can include other subtle aspects because it is fanfiction and we are allowed to let our imaginations roam free, but the above plot devices have been used so many times its sickening. Please do not write Hermione like this.

Ideas I LOVE to see in Harry Potter Fanfiction:

Nice Dursleys: I don't know why this idea is so seldom used on this site. This is a fantastic way to chance canon without completely changing Harry. I still don't get why Rowling would write Petunia as such a mean vindictive character when something as small as jealousy wouldn't be enough to cause life time hatred. Something like caring a grudge even when the person who held a grudge against is dead would be exhausting. I don't get why the Dursley's are depicted as a loving family to Harry in so few stories. For me this is a fantastic plot device that would give Harry the love and attention he needed early before going to Hogwarts so he wouldn't have attracted fair weather friends like Ron. Petunia would be like the mother that Harry never had and a nice Vernon would give Harry a father figure who would teach him how to have a spine before going to Hogwarts. This whole plot device makes for a very interesting turn of events that wouldn't leave Harry a battered orphan. It surprises me that this isn't used more often.

Dudley having Magic: Like the above mentioned rant, I am amazed that this idea isn't used more often too. It would have dramatic connotations for Harry as well. If Dudley had magic too, there would be something to unite them and Harry would have a best friend before going to Hogwarts who wouldn't abandon him. This coupled with the nice Dursley plot device serves to make a story that I will always read. If you have written a story in which the Durlseys are a loving family to Harry and where Dudley has magic, you will have a reader for life in me.

Mentor/Father Severus: Again, it doesn't make sense to me why Rowling wrote Snape like this. Him taking Harry under his wing would have broken apart that notion that all SLytherins are bad and need to be kept away from. Plus it would be revenge sort of in a way if Harry and Severus formed a teacher student relationship that wasn't based on one man's hatred of another. I don't really get why this wasn't done. Severus would have been able to explain things to Harry about the wizarding world that no one else knew and would have been able to help Harry take down the Dark Lord faster. I am guaranteed to read any fic where Severus helps Harry. Likewise I am also guaranteed to read it if it is revealed that Severus is Harry's father and not James. In my opinion this is how things should have been to begin with and again, I will be sure to read stories like this.

Slytherin Harry Stories: I'm a sucker for these types of stories because it is a twist that no one in the wizarding world would have seen coming. It means that Harry will learn things like discipline and loyalty and cunning in that house that he wouldn't have learned somewhere else and having Snape as his head of house would lead to an interesting twist, see my thoughts on this above. Although I do like stories where Harry is in any other house but Gryffindor.

Draco is Harry's friend stories: I just think this plot device is so interesting as again, it would have strengthened Harry's beliefs that not all Slytherin's are bad and would likely have helped against Voldemort in the long run.

House Unity Stories: I also love stories where the students from different houses are friends and band together to fight the dark lord, putting aside their differences. For me this plot device is used far too infrequently and that's a real shame.

Ideas I HATE to see in Harry Potter Fanfiction:

Bashing of Weasleys: Honestly, Ron is the only Weasley that I feel it is necessary to bash. Frankly all of this Ginny and Molly bashing confuses me. Ginny and Molly never did one thing to harm Harry and they took him in and treated him like family. The only reason people bash Ginny is the fact that they want to set up a Harmony story (A pairing which makes me sick to my stomach frankly!) I happen to like Ginny. Just because I'd rather see her with someone else rather than Harry does not mean that I don't like her. I think's she's an underrated character same as Luna. I don't think that her being pretty and popular and good at Quidditch makes her a Mary Sue which honestly is a term I think people take far too literally these days. When I read a book I want to escape life and worries and stresses for a little bit. Why would I want to read about someone who's exactly like me and relatable with similar problems? That's just going to make me depressed. I like to read about characters that are different and have powers that I don't have because it takes me to a different world and helps me to forget for a little while

Soul Bond Fics: These I mostly see in terms of Harmony stories so maybe that's why I don't like them. But the idea of soul bonds is just creepy especially when they emerge at eleven years of age. Come on people! Let them be kids and have adventures! There's plenty of time for love later. And the whole idea of them having to get married early and then lose their virginity to each other to cement the bond makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. And not in a good way. Lose the eternal bonds people! It's not romantic!

Thoughts on GOT/ASOIAF Characters:

Tyrion Lannister: *takes deep breath* I AM STATING THIS HERE AND NOW FOR THE RECORD AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO UNTIL I LAST DRAW BREATH. TYRION LANNISTER IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE CHARACTER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD ASOIAF. NOT ONLY IS HE BRAVE, INTELLIGENT AND HAS SOME ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS NOT TO MENTION THOUGHT PROVOKING ONE LINERS, BUT HE IS THE MOST UNDERRATED CHARACTER IN MY OPINION IN THE ENTIRE CAST. PETER DINKLAGE DOES AN ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL JOB PLAYING HIM!!! *takes deep breath* Okay, now that that is over I can talk to like a rational human being. But seriously, Tyrion is my favorite character in this world, not because he's a knight or a king or even the lord of a great house...but because he's an under dog. I think there are some people that sleep on him and if there is anything that Martin has taught me through the books and the television show it is not only everything is not how it seems, but to not underestimate the people who might be perceived as weak or trodden down. The good guys die, but the bad guys die too and everything is a vicious cycle. Sansa, Jon, Bran, Tyrion are those characters that people may not have thought much of at the start of the books and it seems at least that they are the ones to survive out of everything that they have gone through. Tyrion is a character who along with Sansa I think has suffered the most emotional abuse throughout the show and the books so in the show at least, its really good to see him standing on his own two feet now.

Ned Stark: *oh Ned why!? facepalms* I love Ned, but he has got to be one of the dumbest characters in the entire cast of this world. He had no desire to go south to be the King's Hand, but he did it on the insistence of his wife who was so driven by revenge that she did something unbelievably stupid and started the conflict between the Lannisters and the Starks. And then, as if that wasn't rich enough, he didn't leave the capital after he was attacked by Jaime Lannister and instead chose to confront Cersei, who is by far the most vile person in the entire cast about her children. DOES HE NOT KNOW THAT YOU DO NOT THREATEN A MOTHER AND HER CHILDREN?! I was facepalming for the rest of the book because of that. He essentially brought his fate on his own head. Now granted he couldn't have known that Joffrey was going to be a back stabbing, traitorous, sadistic, insane, lunatic, lower than scum piece of filth but the steps to get to his ultimate downfall were taken by Ned himself. He was warned by Petyr FREAKING Baelish not to trust him and yet he still did and Baelish held a knife to his throat which ultimately rendered Ned a prisoner. And his two daughters and the rest of his family suffered and died for his stupid mistakes. I wanted bang my head against the wall when I read and saw the part where he was executed. Ned was honorable...too honorable...so honorable that it was stupid. He went in with prior knowledge not to trust anyone and he poked the lion by threatening Cersei's children. YOU CAN'T DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT AND EXPECT FOR THERE TO BE NO CONSEQUENCES!!!!! Also you did it when your children were still at risk in the capital. You had to have known what the Lannisters were capable of if you suspected that they murdered Jon Arryn and crippled your son!!! And not only that, but you didn't call off your wife when you learned what she had done, even touting that you had commissioned her to bring Tyrion Lannister to justice in the Vale. ARE. YOU. STUPID?!?!?! And this is not including his lies to his wife about spoiler Jon Snow not being his son which I am still thoroughly confused about why he didn't tell her. What could have been so wrong with her knowing?! And then he accuses Jaime Lannister of being honorless when what he has done is the exact opposite of honor! Ned I love you, but not only are you stupid, you are also one of the biggest hypocrites in the world. Ned Stark is the biggest idiot in my opinion in this entire cast of characters and as far as I am concerned, he brought his death on his own head.

Catelyn Stark: I'm not going to waste too much energy on her so I will just say it loud and say it proud right now. I HATE her, everything about her. She is one of the most selfish foolish characters in the entire world of ASOIAF. She kidnapped the son of Tywin Lannister and didn't think for one second about the repercussions. The entire conflict between the Lannisters and Starks to begin with was her fault and could have been avoided if she had used her head instead of her own damnable pride for once. That's not to mention how she treated Jon for his entire life, but I will cut her a little slack there. Ned had plenty of opportunities to tell her the truth and he didn't. I cannot feel sorry for her and her death was the one part of the Red Wedding that I felt was poetic justice.

Daenerys Targaryen: hmmm...My thoughts on her are decidedly mixed. She used to be my favorite character and while I still do like her, she has made some incredibly foolish decisions with regards to her military campaign. She essentially abolished slavery in Astapor when she wiped out Kraznys and the masters but at the same time, she left right after that, leaving no form of government in place to supplement the economy. And then when slavery returns she's all mad about it. What did you expect would happen? If you don't follow through on the change you are trying to bring about, it will not last! Part of me wonders whether or not she only cared about getting her army, the ships she would need and raising her dragons so that she might return to take the throne. If so she went about it very foolishly and selfishly. I admire her independence and that she's one of the few people in the books and movies who got done what she needed to get done without the help of a man, but I am not a Dany fan girl. She is not really a hero in my eyes and she has a lot of flaws that need to be worked out.

Jon Snow: Again, my feelings on him are decidedly mixed. He's an under dog so I like that, but at the same time he's a little too honorable like Ned and if he continued to go down that path like his father/uncle did...it is going to cost him dearly. Let's hope his luck continued to hold out.

Jaime Lannister: *oh boy* Jaime literally gives me a headache at times, both in a good and bad way. He is one of the most conflicted and complex characters that I have ever read about and there are times when I am very surprised at his acts of bravery and then absolutely disgusted and appalled by some of the other things he has done, namely sleeping with his sister and getting children on her that will inherit a crown. He seems to be a character, that despite how arrogant and sarcastic he is, is very introspective and aware of the things he has done and almost seems to have some self loathing because of it. However then he will say things like how he believes he has no choice but to love his sister despite the vile and contemptible things she has done which makes me want to scream. This also reveals just how messed up he is emotionally that he has to rely on a vile filthy despicable human being to retain some semblance of emotional stability. I also think that Jaime is one of those characters who has so much potential for good but constantly continues to screw it up when he is around Cersei. It was only when he was around Brienne that we saw some of what he was capable of as a good guy and I can only speak for myself when I say I wanted to see that continue. Brienne has her own flaws but at the same time, she is someone who brought out the good in Jaime which ended all too soon when he returned to the capital. And here's the part that makes me want to pull my hair out. Cersei was angry with him for leaving and "abandoning" her when he was fighting to return their brother. As a result of this he was captured, lost his hand which he called the best part of himself and which left him broken physically and emotionally and she has the AUDACITY, the GALL to be upset with him for getting captured and claiming he abandoned her. And yet he still goes back to her every time. If that is not enough to make me want to throw myself in front of a train for the sheer rage I am feeling about this than I don't know what is. One of his few redeeming qualities is his love for Tyrion, something Cersei has not succeeded in taking away from him thank god! But at the same time in spite of all of this, I honestly feel like deep down Jaime is a character who wants to be good and brave and honorable but is a afraid to for fear of failing, or being disappointed or simply terrified that his sister will abandon him, honestly I don't know. However despite my sheer rage and incredibly vivid cognitive dissonance about this character, Jaime is still one of my favorite characters to write about. I think I honestly just have a thing for conflicted people who perhaps deep down want to be good but lack the courage to do so. Jaime Lannister is essentially the Draco Malfoy of the GOT world and because of that, I find him incredibly interesting.

Cersei Lannister: Also not going to say much here as she is one of the most vile evil and despicable characters I have ever known or ever will know in a book. You have to be al kinds of messed up to sleep with your own brother and have children with him. Needless to say, I cannot wait to see how she will die.

Petyr Baelish: Another character that I cannot stand. I will cheering when he dies too.

Joffrey Baratheon/Hill: Is there really any explanation needed? Go watch the show or read the books if you want to know why this character is the bane of my existence.

Sansa Stark: Oh Sansa, Sansa Sansa. You poor foolish little idiot. You had no idea what you were doing when you went to the queen and told her your father was planning on leaving did you. And how you suffered for it. I go back and forth between feeling sorry for Sansa and wanting to smack her for doing stupid things and trusting the wrong people. She's searching for a hero and if she hasn't learned by now that there is very little justice in the world of GOT than she is going to die because she trusted the wrong person and it cost her dearly.

Rhaegar Targaryen: Oh boy, I really don't want to rant again but it seems I have no other choice. I have gotten so much flack on this site for one of my stories called Book of the Stranger which is a crossover between Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. Some people were greatly upset that I chose to pair my fem Harry with Jaime Lannister as opposed to Rhaegar Targaryen. Let me tell you something, if you think that Rhaegar is somehow more morally right than Jaime Lannister about anything you my friend have serious issues. At best Rhaegar was an incredibly selfish individual who took another man's intended and fooled around with her which essentially threw the kingdom into chaos and caused the death of hundreds of common folk along with some pretty important family members of our main characters. And at worst he's a monster who kidnapped and raped a sixteen year old girl and got her pregnant with his child. But this is the one thing that sends me into a rage. Not only did this silver prince cheat on and insult his wife who had given him two children, a son and a daughter, but his unbelievably selfish actions got her killed in the most awful way imaginable. Her daughter was stabbed to death, her son's head was bashed against the wall like it was a ripe melon and then she was raped by the monster who did it with her son's blood still on his hands before she too was killed. I have no words to describe my horror and disgust for what this man did, both the monster who performed the action and the man who started it all. I will admit, Rhaegar had potential before he made off with Lyanna Stark but whatever good feelings I had for him died the moment this stupidly selfish man sentenced his wife and children to die and essentially brought down the Targaryen dynasty.

Lyanna Stark: *takes deep breath...here we go again* There is no cursing in elvish, entish or the tongues of men for this treachery. Lyanna Stark is one of those characters that I absolutely hate. Now and then I will come across a story where she was kidnapped and then it will not be her fault what happened and the blame lands squarely on Rhaegar's shoulders. But given what we know about Lyanna, it is unlikely that she was kidnapped and so this leads me to the conclusion that she ran away with Rhaegar. Now some people may think this is romantic, but all I can think of is Paris and Helen from the Trojan War and how they were some of the most selfish people to ever live. They destroyed lives and brought down an empire trying to be together. I don't care how much you love a person. Nothing is worth taking your family apart so you can have what you want. Self indulgence to the highest degree is Lyanna Stark because she inadvertently got both her brother and her father killed by her actions which also led to both her and Rhaegar's death and her son an outcast and a bastard. I'm sorry to those of you who like her, but this is my opinion and I am sticking by it. I cannot stand Lyanna Stark and I likely always will.

Elia Martell: Her's was the only death in the entirety of the series that made me want to cry. Despite the fact that her husband was an absolute vile selfish despicable cheating scumbag she remained every inch the graceful princess about it. Her death was the one that infuriated me the most because of how senseless it was. She paid for her husbands indiscretion with her life and died in one of the worst ways possible after seeing her children killed in front of her. She deserved so much better than Rhaegar Targaryen and in my mind, Elia Martell will always be better than Lyanna Stark by a million times. Any and every story that I write about her, you will see her live because I honestly feel as if her death was not necessary and a gross shame. The Dornish also happen to be my favorite people in Westeros because they are not ignorant or foolishly honorable like the Starks, not treacherous like the Lannisters, not insane like the Targaryens or stupid like the Tullys and the Freys. They are a house and people that are ambitious, cunning and fierce and like you will see below, if I were ever reborn in Westeros, I would want to be a Martell.

My Top 3 Houses in Westeros and Why:

House Martell: Call me crazy, but the Dornish are some of my most favorite people in Westeros. I love the sense of equality that is to be found in this part of the south and how it is not the eldest male but the eldest child male or female that rules the region when their mother or father passes. It is a place where females are treated very equally as they are not usually anywhere else in Westeros. I also adore Oberyn Martell and his love for his daughters, taking them to the Water Gardens and training them himself so they would not be underestimated to the rest of the world and vulnerable to people who would try to do him harm. He may be a suave philandering bastard (in a good way), but he does take care of his own, so I respect him for that. If I were to suddenly be reincarnated into Westeros, I would want to be a Martell if I had my choice of family. It wouldn't matter if I was Doran or Oberyn's daughter as long as I got to train with a sword and learn how to fight and do other things, I would be happy.

House Tyrell: Again another house of the south that has impressed me with their ability to manipulate and generate power. I really did like Margaery Tyrell in the books and the show as she has compassion but at the same time, she and her grandmother know how to use it. I think that's what impressed me the most about the women of house Tyrell. They're cunning and smart as well as beautiful and they know how to use their words to get more power for themselves because they realize as women in Westeros, they are at a bit of a disadvantage. I also think having Olenna for a grandmother would be bloody fantastic as there is so much I would want her to teach me.

House Targaryen: Although I am not a huge fan of the whole incest thing, having dragons as well as the looks of the Targaryens and the rich history would be cool

Thoughts on my Avengers Fanfiction:

I only have two stories out right now that feature my favorite heros, but there will be more as time goes on. I happen to like the idea of crossing this world with that of Harry Potter as there are so many parallels that can be drawn upon and used to make fantastic stories. So here are some of my thoughts on my crossover fan fiction:

Pairings I like in the Marvel Universe:

Thor/Natasha: This is probably only because I'm biased because of Child of Lightning and the enormous following I have around that story, but I have seen very few Thor/Natasha pairings and I always wondered why. I remember about a year ago searching through the crossover part of this site for a type of pairing like this that was unique but well written and still captured the universe in a humorous but canon manner. Needless to say I didn't find a single story like that with a unique pairing like this and that kind of frustrated me. So that was when I decided to heck with it, I am going to write one of them myself...and Child of Lightning was born! I am truly a sucker for unique pairings because after a while, I begin to find the canon pairings a little over done. Nothing against Jane fans, I just found her a little uninteresting. I truly think that Natasha is one of the few people in the Marvel Universe who can keep up with Thor that I am aware of right now. (I started writing this story before Age of Ultron came out and I came into contact with a Scarlet Witch that I absolutely loved). A lot of you seem to like Thor and Natasha together too so I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Cap/Natasha: I am a fan of this pairing too. They have great chemistry and really seem to understand each other. Also since Cap is one of the few characters in the movies who is still single as of this moment, that makes it a plus in that column too. Their partnership is unique and I find they get each other in a way that maybe only Clint would be able to get Natasha. I loved their interactions in Winter Soldier and I'm looking forward to more of that in Civil War. I think he challenges her to think outside the box and she helps him remember that people do have a dark side. I just think that they compliment each other in a way that she doesn't have with anyone else.

Clint/Natasha: This is one of those pairings I'm kind of neutral on. I'm not opposed to it, but neither am I obsessed with it. I found Clint and Nat to be good friends in the movies and some fanfiction that I have read where they are a couple is good too. On the whole it's an alright pairing but I'm not going to be disappointed if they're together in a story and not "together."

Spiderman/Mary Jane: I'll be honest. I didn't really like the new remakes of the Spiderman movies with Andrew Garfield. Maybe that was because I was raised on the ones with Toby Maguire back in the early 2000's but I just felt that he did a better job than Garfield at portraying the character flaws and subtle awkwardness that Toby brings. Plus I did not like this new pairing of Gwen. Maybe that's just because I don't like Emma Stone, I don't know. But I also know that MJ and Peter made a much better couple in my opinion.

Tony Stark/Pepper Potts: I find their relationship dysfunctional, but it's also kind of funny and makes me laugh. She grounds him in a way that no other woman would have been able to do and she also matures him to realize that life is not all about fast cars money women and Iron Man suits.

Pairings I don't like in the Marvel Universe: (There's only really one right now)

Bruce Banner/Natasha: Really? Really?How in the name of God did the writers think that this was a good idea? Not only do they have zero chemistry, they also work hard to make Natasha seem as tortured as he is by using that forced sterilization from the Red Room against her. Natasha Romanov is a freaking badass and I feel that someone like Bruce would only hold her back. They're good as friends, don't get me wrong, but as potential love interests? Hell...to the...freaking...no.

Game of Thrones Pairings:

Ned/Cersei: I am such a huge fan of the idea of opposites attract and I feel like these two would just have such undeniable chemistry. Ned would be the only guy in Westeros who I feel would respect her and such respect would almost force her to love him. I feel like she'd also teach him how to be shrewd which was something he was vastly in need of before he went south to serve as Robert's Hand. I feel like Starks and Lannisters are a force to be reckoned with but when they're combined? Watch out! Also I think Ned would be the only guy who would be able to break Cersei out of her unhealthy relationship with her twin because he would love her unconditionally and show her what real love was, the kind of love that she never got from her father.

Jaime/Sansa: For similar reasons to Ned/Cersei do I love the idea of these two. Jaime is perhaps one of the most conflicted characters in the entire world of A Song of Ice and Fire. In a way when he was young he was a lot like Sansa with dreams of being a knight and caught up in the heroics of it. It wasn't until he became a member of the King's guard and saw how mad Aerys was that all his dreams of glory and battles fled from him. He is someone who wants to do what is right but has kind of forgotten what that is because his sister has him so twisted around her finger. He has done some terrible things, don't get me wrong and I'm not letting him off the hook for them but I also feel like he's someone to watch as well because he's not all bad just like some other characters in the series are not all good. I like the paring of Sansa for him because this would be an awesome way to stick it to Cersei who I love to hate. Plus I feel like having her and the loss of his hand would humble him in a way that few things would. Having Sansa in his life would start off as penance but then as time went on and they grew to love each other I feel like they would suit each other very well. It would be delicious irony for the knight that Sansa's dreaming of to come and save her from Joffrey to be Jaime. Again, Stark's and Lannisters are an irresistible pairing what can I say. (Stay tuned for a story about these two by the way. I don't know when I would post it but keep your eyes peeled.)

Lyanna/Rhaegar: I have issues with both of these characters because they essentially caused the rebellion by what they did and I hated what was done to Elia. However if this pairing is done right and a war isn't the result of it than I am a fan. Lyanna acts without thinking but if I do come across a story in which the correct steps are taken for them to be together than I will read it. AND ELIA HAS TO NOT BE IN THE PICTURE. I AM NOT A FAN OF CHEATING HUSBANDS OR THE OTHER WOMAN NO MATTER HOW YOU TRY TO SPIN IT, SO WAR CANNOT BE THE RESULT AND ELIA CAN'T BE IN THE PICTURE FOR ME TO ACCEPT IT.

Sandor/Sansa: Oh. My. Word. I do not even have words to describe how much I love the idea of these two. It just goes to show you that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Sandor is rough, griseled terrifying and has done terrible things. I feel like however if he loved Sansa he would tear men apart to keep her safe Joffrey included. In turn his little bird would be able to get inside of his heart and make him feel something again other abject hate and rage. He's lived with it for so long that its a wonder it hasn't consumed him completely yet. She would be the light of his life and in turn he would be the protector she wanted but never realized until it happened. This is such a beautiful pairing and I definitely think that it's an underrated one. This is definitely the meaning of opposites attract and I'll even go so far as to say these two are my guilty pleasure. Any story that has the two of them as the main pairing, I will read it.

Domeric/Sansa: An odd idea for a pairing I know seeing as how he is only mentioned and doesn't really have much of a story but I have read some very good fanfiction featuring him and I think its safe to say that I would definitely read a story featuring him and Sansa. A Bolton/Stark alliance is something that I think would be very fitting and deliciously ironic given the past emnity between the houses.

Robb/Margaery: I honestly think that if Margaery had married Robb as opposed to Renly and had added the troops of Highgarden to Robb's army the war would have been won that much faster. Bringing south and north together is also an idea that I find fascinating. Margaery has always wanted to be queen and she would be one under Robb who was called a King in the North as opposed to Renly who would never love her the way she deserved to be loved. With south and north united, they would crush the Lannisters and I think Margeary's temperament would be very good for someone like Robb. She's compassionate but also shrewd in the way her grandmother taught her to be. She would be an excellent queen. I was saddened when spoilers she was killed off along with almost all of the Tyrells in the show.

Robb/Myrcella: Another pairing that we didn't really see. Myrcella came north and met Robb once but in a different world I would have Robert betroth Myrcella to Robb instead of Joffrey and Sansa. She's a character that doesn't have as much of a part to play but given some characterization and a voice of her own, I think she would be excellent for Robb. I have read some convincing fanfiction that features the two of them and I was quite convinced that they could have an excellent story arc.

Dany/Jon: I am only a fan of this if the RL=J theory is not true.

Jaime/Elia: This is one of those pairings that I hardly ever see in any fanfiction so when I do see a pairing which features them(which is almost never) I pounce on it without delay. Jaime is just one of those characters that never really gets a break emotionally. I really feel for him at certain points. And I happen to think that given the proximity that Jaime and Elia were in when the marriage and shaming and rebellion went down, they would have made a very good what if couple. I am working on a story right now that features them as the main pairing and it is called Angel. I would very much appreciate it if you guys would go and check that out as it is one of my favorites.

Pairings from other TV series/books that I like:

Aragorn/Arwen: Okay this was the first romance pairing that really stuck with me. I first watched the Lord of the Rings movies when I was eleven years old and for me, these two were the pinnacle of what romance should be. They understood each other, they loved each other, she was there for him, he fought for her and they didn't let anything get in their way. Aragorn was entirely selfless when it came to Arwen and told her that he didn't want her to give up immortality for him, even though we all knew that he would never feel that way about another person...ever. But she did it anyway. And what really sold me on this couple and why I will continue to ship them until the day I die is the fact that she didn't just give up something like money, or prestige, or fame. She gave up immortality, something that people today would think was inconceivable of ever even considering to give up. They were the ultimate couple for me and they sold me on the whole idea of romance. Tolkien also did it tastefully...he did it with class. There was no smut like you see today and maybe that's a little naive of me, but I like to hold on to that childhood reminder of a pure romance...one that's not tainted by all of this sexually frustrated crap.

Killian Jones/Emma Swan: Yup...this is my guilty pleasure pairing. Whenever I've had a bad day or I'm just in a bad mood, I jump onto Youtube and look up clips of these two and instantly I feel better. I don't know about the rest of you, but watching how Killian changed himself and Emma over the course of three seasons still blows my mind. I absolutely adore these two and I know we're going to hear wedding bells before long. Emma is living proof that death is not going to separate them because she isn't going to let it. And can I just say that if the writers do decide to make him dead for good, I will cease watching the show. I'm not an obsessed fan girl, but I do believe that we are seeing a real love story...and there is nothing better than that.

Dean Winchester/Tessa: Now you're probably thinking, who the heck is Tessa? Remember that pretty Reaper who Dean met at the end of season 1 and only had a few episodes with since? I truly think she would have been the best thing for Dean despite the fact that in order for them to be together, he would have had to die. She told it to Dean like it was, and she didn't sugar coat anything. I hated the way they killed her off.

Booth/Bones: Just because it was obvious from the beginning that they were going to end up together. They're partners and they compliment each other. He teaches her that being human is not all wrapped up in neat scientific files and that there's more than one way of looking at the world and she teaches him to use his intuition.

Buffy/Angel: Oh. My. Word. If there was one pairing that hit me in the feels like a ton of bricks...it was these two. Maybe its because they never got a happy ending and because they were both too driven by duty to be together. But they will always put saving the world before each other which makes them the very definition of champions in my book. I will always ship these two. Honestly, I don't know what everyone saw in Spike...I just found him annoying. I realize Bangel is not the most popular pairing but I don't care because Sarah Michelle Geller ships it and I have from the moment I laid eyes on them.


Negative comments: Don't get me wrong, I'm all for constructive criticism and critiquing. How else would we become better authors right? But when comments appear on stories that aren't meant to improve the quality of the writing and are downright mean and complaining...that's when I draw the line. You can state your opinion all you want, but when you use it to tear someone down, then you lose all respect in my eyes. My motto if I ever get a negative review is, I'm not going to waste my time reading them, so why would you waste your time writing them? It's an honest question people. We all have better things to do than write mean comments online as well as read mean comments online. So do yourself a favor and save yourself some time if you are going to post a negative review on one of my stories, because I'm not going to read them. They're not helpful and they will be deleted...you have been warned.

Sex: Okay people, please do not mistake this for me being a prude because I'm not. But there are some stories on this site that are not stories...they are porn. Call me old fashioned or whatever you want because I prefer romance rather than explicit sex scenes, but there is a line I am going to draw here. When a story has a sex scene every chapter with explicit details about what goes where and where she put her hands and where he put his hands and the positioning of their bodies, I get turned off really fast. I like a sex scene as much as the next girl, but I just think there's a tasteful way to do it. I think more detail could be put into subtle things like the temperature of the room, the scent of the air, the sensitivity of skin, the pressure of touches (very general mind you!) In the case of sex scenes for me, less is more. Leave some things to the imagination, I don't need to know everything that happens, because it just feel trashy and I literally feel dirty after reading an explicit sex scene. (Maybe that's why I was appalled at Fifty Shades of Grey) Like I said, you can do so much with a sex scene and make it sexy without being explicit. Using proximity color, tasteful sensation and breathing are all things that I will start to smile and turn pink at. And that's a good thing! Be tasteful people!

Jump the Gun Romances: Okay is this just me? Thankfully I don't see too much of this on this site, but there are the occasional stories where the main couple are like making out by the second chapter. I am guilty of doing this myself in the past so I can't judge too much, but that the same time, I also prefer slowburn stories because I like to build up the characters so there's a lot of depth before any kind of romance begins. Just take it easy people, not everything needs to happen in the first five chapters, spread it out a bit so there's something for the rest of the story.

Future Story Ideas:

The Devil Wears Corn-husks: They say that Luna's mother died in a magical accident when she was a child. And while that's true, it isn't the whole story. The truth is, before Pandora met Xenophilius, she was met the most beautiful man one can imagine, an angel you might say. But this angel had a dark side and he took it out on the beautiful witch. When she finally escaped him, she took something of his. Now nearly twenty years later, after this angel caused the death of her mother and step father Xenophilius, Luna Lovegood is on the war path. With potent angel blood in her veins and an incredible healing gift from her mother's fairy bloodline, Luna enters hell voluntarily to bring her mother's soul back and take revenge on the man who took everything from here. But she gets a little more than she bargained for when she meets a torn up Dean Winchester and decides that maybe saving the world is just as important. Starting between seasons 3 and 4 and carrying on from there. Dean/Luna

King of Winter: A story in which Robert Baratheon dies at the Trident and Ned Stark takes the Iron Throne.

Lord of the Sandship: This is the tale of Symeon Sand the only son and eldest child of Oberyn Martell. His mother was a noblewoman from Mereen who died giving birth to him and Oberyn takes him back to Dorne to be raised in the Water gardens. When he is older, he fights among the Second Sons as his father did when when he was in Essos and becomes a deadly warrior just like the Red Viper. Upon the death of Robb Stark, Symeon travels with his father Oberyn and surrogate mother Ellaria to the capital for King Joffrey's wedding to Margaery Tyrell. It is there where he meets an abused and vulnerable Sansa Stark. Despite her parentage and the hand her father played in the rebellion that killed his aunt, Symeon begins to care for her and upon the death of the boy king, he is forced to make some difficult choices regarding revenge and his own heart.

The Witch Child of the Forest: Another HP/GoT crossover once more featuring Luna. In this one, the prophecy is issued among the Children of the Forest of someone who will come to save them and the forests they love from extinction. Given new and strange powers, Luna is trained by the Children of the Forest to be their champion and save them from the destruction of men's greed and the White Walkers who are advancing on the known world. Possibly Luna/Robb.

Family, Duty, Honor, Loyalty: After an accident with a timeturner and one misplaced de-aging spell, Unspeakable Susan Bones is sent hurtling through time and space. When she awakens, she is a child once more in the arms of Lord Hoster Tully as his second daughter Susanna in a place called Westeros where she will have a crucial role to play in another war where her magic is in dire need. Susan/Jaime

Silver Scales and Golden Claws: Desperate to protect her sister and herself from her family's nefarious plans for them in the war with Voldemort, Daphne Greengrass delves deep into the restricted section of the library in Hogwarts to find a way of escape. She discovers a spell that promises a way out but comes with terrible results for it de ages her and sends her as a child to Westeros into the arms of Tywin Lannister as his youngest daughter. Daphne/Oberyn

Dragon Born: A Draco Malfoy centric fic in which Queen Rhaella gave birth to twins on the crossing to Essos. With one twin being the mother of dragons and the other being an accomplished sorcerer, taking back the kingdom that has been stolen from them will be easier than expected. Draco/Arianne

Unbroken: HP/GOT crossover It was said that Lewyn Martell, Uncle of Princess Elia and Princes Doran and Oberyn kept a paramour throughout his service of King Aerys. But what would happen if that paramour became pregnant, giving birth to a son? Ron Weasley awakens in a world far different from the one he died in and as the bastard son of Lewyn Martell and cousin of Oberyn and Doran he fights to make his own mark on the Game of Thrones.

Fabian and Gideon Stark: Upon his death in the war, George Weasley finds himself reunited with his twin Fred in the arms of a strange woman named Catelyn Stark. Before long they discover that they are the twins of Ned Stark and the second born sons after his heir Robb. And when their father goes south into the snake pit that is the capital they will understand just what it means to act like a Slytherin and rescue their family from the jaws of lions, kicking off a war that will erupt into a whirlwind of war, intrigue and battlefield glory. Nothing about the war with Voldemort could have prepared them for this.

Empire of the Dawn: Hannah Abbott, desperate to get her family back after they are killed in the war with Voldemort goes to extreme lengths to perform necromancy to bring their souls back from the dead. She gets her wish, but in a far different manner than she thought. Far beyond the world Hannah knows, there is a royal couple in the land of Essos praying to the Lord of Light for a child. Hannah becomes sucked from her own world to become that treasured one. Her new parents, Elissandre and Caelum Vespasian descended of ancient Valyrian bloodlines and the king and queen of an empire far to the east of a land called Essos have taken great pains to see to the ressurection of the ancient Empire of the Dawn.The empire which stretches from Asshai and all the lands and cities between it and the Jade Sea has remained untouched for centuries. The land has maintained a policy of isolationism for hundreds of years since the Doom when some Valyrians escaped and using their dragons, reconstructed the empire. Her parents, followers of the Red God, prayed long and hard for a child and Hannah is sucked out of her own world to become the princess of an ancient empire. With copper hair and golden eyes like her parents, Hannah becomes Isydar Macydon and begins to live a new life with her magic as her parents prayed to the priests of Asshai for her. Upon her birth, the priests of Asshai proclaim her as Azor Ahai, the chosen one of the Lord of Light. When she is sixteen however, a lion across the sea looking for adventure along with his nephew ends up on their shores. And that is when life begins to change. Hannah/Jaime

Hunting the Lion: A crossover featuring DC Comics, (particularly Wonder Woman) and GOT. Strange I know but bear with me. I actually think Diana is the character that would have a lot to contribute to this world and seeing as how she's already trained with a sword, it sort of fits. Diana of Themyscira has spent the first eight years of her life being told by her mother that men were not to be trusted. However her curiosity about just what it is that her mother is talking about begins to take its toll and so when she has some time to herself, she sneaks away and flies to Man's world see if it really is as bad as her mother claims it to be. Her journey takes her to the shores of Lannisport where she meets a boy about the same age as herself skipping stones across the water. Curious, Diana begins speaking with him and discovers that he is the son of the old lion and that the land called Westeros is a place badly in need of compassion and justice. And she intends to provide it no matter the cost. Over time however, Westeros may also provide her with something she didn't know she wanted as well. Diana/Jaime

Shadow Predators: (This name is likely to change) HP/Avengers. It is the common practice of the Red Room to abduct children they think will be necessary for their organization and induct them into their service. Natasha Romanov learned this the hard way a long time ago when her family was killed in a terrible father and the Russian organization took her from the foster care system. Once there, she was trained to be stronger, better, faster, smarter than any of her enemies. She was raised to not fail and the serums they injected into her to increase the aforementioned four things aided in that. However when she is sent to England to rendezvous with one of their sister organizations, she discovers a two year old child that has been kidnapped and her parents killed who is in possession of very unique abilities. Being overcome with compassion, something she long thought she didn't have, Natasha decides to save this little girl from the fate she grew up in and so flees, taking this little girl, this little moon far south with her. So far south in fact that she finds herself in the African nation of Wakanda where she immediately attracts the attention of the royal family and one crown prince in particular. T'Challa/Natasha

Flame of the West: A LOTR/ASOIAF crossover. After having lived a long and full life as the true king of Gondor, Aragorn sets sail for the undying lands with his queen Arwen...only to have fate once more intervene in his life and create a ship wreck where he is washed further east than he would ever have imagined. When he is picked up by a ship a certain dragon queen is using to sail to Astapor to purchase an army, Aragorn will need to once more summon the will to fight and bring justice to a world so desperately in need of it. Aragorn/Dany

Order of the Dragon: An Inheritance cycle/ASOIAF fic. Eragon has left Alagaesia with Sapphira and the elder dragons and dragon eggs along with the Eldunari as well as a few elves never to return. Though his heart is broken at the prospect of leaving the only home he knows, his family and the love of his life behind, he knows that a greater evil may occur if he were to remain. And so he travels east across the sea until he arrives in a strange land called Essos, a place of gods and magic and sorcerers far different from the one he left behind. Searching for peace, he makes his new home with the dragons in what is known as the Bone Mountains east of the Dothraki Sea. It is there that he comes into contact with a nomadic people very fond of their horses and their raiding. Thinking him a god because of his dragons and his magical powers, the Dothraki name the Bone Mountains as a sacred place and pay homage to Eragon whom they have called: The Dragon that Mounts the World. It is very rare that Eragon descends from the Bone Mountains to mingle among the peoples of Vaes Dothrak. It in this waste of grass and sand that he meets Daenerys Stormborn and her three dragons and begins a dynasty that will last a thousand years.

The Black Wolf: Edric Stark, the second born son of Ned and Catelyn is perfectly content in the north with his family. Being only ten months younger than Robb and Jon, the three are very close and like Jon he likes to indulge his sister Arya in her sword play and other unladylike activities much to the consternation of their mother. But when King Robert arrives to ask Edric's father to ascend to the position of his Hand, Edric realizes that his entire world is about to change. After Bran's accident, his father asks him to accompany him south to keep an eye on his sisters where the Lannisters are concerned.. Four Starks thus head south to the capital and only two would leave.

Ophidian: He was a Black and being a Black meant no one had the ability to control you but you. This is something that Regulus Black has never forgotten since he awakened as an eleven year in a place called Essos. Using only his wits and his magic to survive, he manages to outwit the slave traders and those who wish to sell him to become an extremely wealthy merchant with a mysterious reputation and strange affinity for serpants. This proves to come in handy when a mysterious and extremely beautiful stranger arrives in Qarth claiming to be Daenerys Targaryen, the last heir to the Iron Throne and the Mother of Dragons. Regulus/Daenerys

Cloud and Shade: Severus Snape has given much in his very hard very dark life. And when the world no longer has need of him, he is content to let go and die in the small shack, knowing he has completed his task. But to his shock the spirit of Lily comes to him in those final moments with a problem. His soul has become too stained with the mix of evil he has come into contact with in his life and he cannot enter the afterlife until he has redeemed himself. Luckily there is a way for him to do this by being reborn and spend the rest of his life trying to save lives. Otherwise he will spend the rest of eternity wandering earth as a spirit plagued by regrets. Desperate to avoid this fate Severus agrees and awakens in a strange world as an eleven year old once more. The place he awakens is a city called Oldtown and he begins his new life as a beggar on the streets, stealing food in order to feed himself. He is caught by the city guards and uses magic to free himself, attracting the attention of the the Maesters of Oldtown. He is taken under their wing and trained to be a healer. Upon reaching the age of twenty one, Severus is the most accomplished maester on account of his magic and sharp intelligence. Upon this time however, a message reaches the order of King Aerys desire to obtain a second maester to assist Pycelle in the capital and Severus is sent. There he meets the beautiful Elia Martell, the wife of Prince Rhaegar and futuere queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

Playing with Fire: Suppose Peeta had been killed right at the beginning of the games and the last two tributes in the arena were Katniss...and Cato? At this point Katniss has had enough of the games and the killing in general and so comes up with an idea to call the Capital's bluff. A story in which both Cato and Katniss survive as opposed to Peeta and Katniss

That's all I have for right now, thank you for reading my profile and enjoy my stories!

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Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 33 - Words: 194,759 - Reviews: 2958 - Favs: 7,396 - Follows: 6,941 - Updated: 7/29/2018 - Published: 1/12/2014 - Anakin Skywalker, E. Palpatine, Obi-Wan K., Count Dooku - Complete
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