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When I'm writing the computer screen is glowing, the room is filled with music, everything from the mad techno throb of Alien Sex Fiend and My Life With a Thrill Kill Kult to the heart wrenching tunes of Portuguese fados. I'm typically wired from head to toe on coffee and cigarettes, I'm alone I can't write around people.

I ruin my keyboard when I write, I slam out words too fast, too hard, the staccato click of my keyboard almost competes with the noise of the music. I try and justify my actions, I try and justify my senseless detail and poor grammar. I try to claim that I write of higher human nobility, that I write of things of substance, but the only substance around is all the different things pumping in my veins... if you get what I mean.

In school I was a maverick, I was the kid who showed up to class everyday hungover or stoned. I had a mohawk and I thought it was cool... maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, but I had one anyway. I wore a leather jacket and stunk of cigarettes, I tried to have sex with any girl that was even mildly attractive. Most of the time I didn't succeed, sometimes I did.

Sometimes I was manic, sometimes I wouldn't sleep for days I would do things that were juvenile and stupid. Sometimes I was god and my fingers were my host of angels.

But most of the times I was depressed, I held onto sadness like a lover, I preached the gospel of Oblivion and practiced what I preached. I was a burning ball of nihilistic fury, I was also a pathetic cry for help that no-one could offer. I saw road signs sandwiching the void, I saw girls as tunnels, and I saw sugar as salt.

I saw the written word as escape, I devoured books, one after the other, sometimes two or more novels in a day. Then I went home and wrote, I would sit on my porch smoke my pipe and write with my cat on my lap. My cat is a skiddish little creature named Bruce Wayne who doesn't live up to his namesake... nothing ever does. I would write two thousand words a night, I wrote a collection called the "Memoirs of the Violated", short stories of despair and terror. I wrote a novella, I wrote half a novel, but my inner censor would always mess me up.

My computer crashed, my mom and step-father recovered the data, but they don't really pay much attention to me and haven't taken the ten minutes of the day that it would take to send me my stories back. So I kinda slumped, I still kinda am...

I'm going to college now, I don't have a mohawk anymore I have a very short hair cut. I go to campus everyday and attend classes, I bum cigarettes off of pretty girls and try to get their phone numbers. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I got in a car crash so I don't have a car anymore, it's a major bummer and the economy is too messed up to find a part-time job. I ride the bus from my apartment to the campus everyday, even if I don't have class. I'm broke all the time, but I don't feel too bad about it, I'm sure things will get better.

Sometimes I try and lie to myself, I try to tell myself that at one time I had everything, but it's not true. Aside from lacking a car and a job I have more now than I ever have. I'm working for a good education, I have good friends, and one day I'll have a good job. But no matter what happens I plan on writing until the day I die.

(P.S anyone who comes up with a fresh new Vertigo, Sandman, or Hellblazer fanfic please contact me. I am more than willing to read and review.)

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60 days without my leg by Virg reviews
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Goodbye to Raven by Blue-Apple reviews
Trigon has returned. He has come back to possess Raven and consume the world in evil. Only three chapters long.Rated PG13 for suicide, and a tiny amount of blood. I revised the whole story.
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Storm of Thor by NoneoftheAbove-0 reviews
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Question by Absolutely pointless reviews
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a little Raven poem rated R for suicide
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Daughters of Twilight - Character background by Fionacat reviews
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White Wolf - Rated: K - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,864 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Published: 5/14/2001
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The Untold Tale of Starcrossed Titans now told reviews
Raven gives her accounts of the night that she went on a date with Beast Boy to a local club. RaeXBB fluff for all you fluff lovers. First person narrative. Rated for alcohol use.
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and of Decadence reviews
A chance encounter with a madman leads Raven, and Beast Boy to contract a disease that causes them to become sexual deviants. Please Read and Review, sadism, masochism, terror, smut, explotation, violence, ect...
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A hundred and fifty word flash-fic inspired by the song of the same title. Cyborg, at night time.
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A brief, oneshot probably, about how Robin's death affects the Teen Titans. Main focus is Raven. Please read and review. No suicide in this fic.
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