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DeviantArt username: CMY187 (the same as this one)

Favourite D&D Character Alignment: Neutral Evil

Favourite medieval fantasy race: Dwarf

Favourite TV series: Hannibal, Breaking Bad, House MD, Altered Carbon, Mindhunter, Narcos: Mexico, Blackadder, Psych, Game of Thrones, Sherlock (BBC), South Park, Malcolm in the Middle, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Favourite movies from 1990-2015: (The lists can be found in the journal entries at my Deviantart account)

Favourite anime/manga series: Slayers, Monster (Naoki Urasawa), Death Note, One Punch Man, My Teen Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected, KonoSuba, Rurouni Kenshin (manga only), Hayate the Combat Butler (manga only), Denpa Kyoushi (manga only)

Favourite visual novel: The Fruit of Grisaia (VN only)

Favourite book series: Discworld (Terry Pratchett), Matthew Scudder (Lawrence Block), Blood Sword (Dave Morris & Oliver Johnson), Fighting Fantasy (mostly the books written by Keith Martin and Jonathan Green)

Favourite comic book series: The Punisher MAX (2004-2008), Battlefields (Garth Ennis), Transmetropolitan (Warren Ellis), Hitman (Garth Ennis), Fury: My War Gone By (Garth Ennis)

Favourite professional wrestlers: Toshiaki Kawada, Akira Taue, Jumbo Tsuruta, Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi

Favourite Video Games: Spec Ops: The Line, GTA IV, Mass Effect series, Baldur's Gate series, Dragon Age series, Assassin's Creed series, Splinter Cell series, Alpha Protocol, Brothers in Arms series, Bioshock series, Hitman series

Favourite Internet reviewers: Brad Jones (The Cinema Snob), Noah Antwiler (The Spoony Experiment), Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic), Bennett "The Sage" White (Anime Abandon), Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw (Zero Punctuation), Matt Kowalewski, Patrick Boivin, Woolie Madden and Liam Allen-Miller (The Super Best Friends Zaibatsu)

Favourite web-comic series: The Order of the Stick (Rich "Giant" Burlew)

Favourite Mass Effect Shepard: Alex Shepard (Real name: Alexei Sergeyevich Pozharsky) (Face Code: 563.HPB.CWD.77B.4HW.7CI.ABQ.69W.DH8.621.E76.5) Background & Class: Colonist/Ruthless/Soldier Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Type 1)

Character summary: Born on Mindoir in 2151 (falsely declared his age to be 2154 when he joined the Alliance) to an Irish mother and a Russian father, he and his sister were kidnapped and taken to Camala as slaves in 2170. His sister died within the first month of their life in slavery. Caused a slave uprising in 2175 after years of manipulating the warden, guards and fellow slaves, using it as cover to escape the planet. Fled to Omega and became a mercenary for several months before enlisting with the Alliance military in late-2176. Falsified his identity and background, stating that he lost his entire family on Mindoir (stick to the truth as much as possible when lying) and became a wanderer until he was 'inspired by the Skyllian Blitz.' Suspected of becoming a Cerberus operative as early as 2179, shortly after earning his nickname as the Butcher of Torfan. Manipulative of everyone around him, almost to a pathological degree. Harbours hatred for the batarian race, and has displayed pleasure in murdering batarian prisoners. Secretly covets the power of the Reapers and wishes to claim it for himself.

Favourite Dragon Age Warden: Dwarf/Male/Commoner/Rogue Name: Russian (Pronounced 'Russ-Sai-An'. His mother, out of bitterness and spite, named him 'Ruffian'. Rica mercifully convinced her to give him the resultant name) Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Type 3)

Character summary: Shortly before being 'employed' by Beraht, he ventured into the Deep Roads as part of a scavenging team, where he first encountered the Darkspawn who then killed and captured the team. The trauma of watching the Darkspawn kill, mutilate and then desecrate and devour the remains of the dead and badly wounded while dragging off those who were still alive, with him only narrowly escaping the same fate, would haunt him for years. During his time in the Carta, he became skilled not only in combat but in stealth, subterfuge and information-gathering. Learning about the Darkspawn and the Grey Wardens became a hobby of his, mostly through acquiring/stealing books and questioning others. Grew close to Duncan during their journey from Orzammar to Ostagar, listening to his stories and questioning him about the Wardens and the Darkspawn, although Duncan held back on giving him confidential information regarding archdemons. Became dedicated to the Grey Wardens and their mission to destroy the Darkspawn. Will say or do anything to get the job done, including manipulation and betrayal. Would sacrifice armies or even entire nations if it means stopping the Blight. The only thing that matters to him is the eternal mission to destroy the Darkspawn. Calculative and brutal. Considers long-term benefits and consequences before making decisions.

Major Decisions made by Russian in Origins:

Hardens Alistair and Leliana after helping the former to contact his sister and the latter to confront (and kill) Marjolaine to change their personalities towards ones which would serve his mission better (Alistair in particular).

Defeated Flemeth at Morrigan's request, earning her respect and gratitude, but also because he was suspicious of the old woman's motives regarding the Grey Wardens and felt that she was a problem that may need to be dealt with. Morrigan unexpectedly asking him to kill her was a convenience.

Retrieved Asala, Sten's sword, for the qunari warrior, thus earning the title of "kadan". Questioned Sten often on his mission to investigate the Blight. Became interested in possibly using Sten as a means to impress or at least interest the qunari people in the Grey Wardens. Entertains the idea of qunari becoming Grey Wardens in the future.

Earned Zevran's friendship and respect, resulting in the assassin pledging his allegiance to the Grey Wardens in their mission to end the Blight.

After confirming that the spirit residing within Wynne is neither malicious nor harmful, he helps her find and make peace with Aneirin. Wynne being a respected senior mage of the Circle as well as a first-hand witness to the betrayal at Ostagar was his main motivation for earning her friendship.

Aided Oghren in tracking down Felsi and mending his relationship with her, having calculated that Oghren is a valuable asset due to his veteran status as an experienced warrior, both in navigating the Deep Roads and battling Darkspawn.

Carried out Ignacio's assassination contracts after deciding that having the Antivan Crows on their side would be an asset against both Loghain and, in the long-term, might aid matters involving the Grey Warden Order, the Crows and Antiva.

Defended Redcliffe from the animated corpses mainly to win the trust and support of the village against both Loghain and the Darkspawn.

Rescues Arl Eamon's son Connor from the Fade Demon in order to secure Eamon's debt, gratitude and support against Loghain. Does so by accepting Jowan's proposal, leading to the sacrifice of Isolde. Allows Eamon to decide Jowan's fate, leading to the latter's sentencing to execution.

Pretended to go along with Kolgrim's proposal in order to gain more information on the Gauntlet, Guardian and the false Andraste. After obtaining the ashes, he left them intact and slaughtered the Disciples of Andraste, trusting neither their promise of power nor the act of bonding himself blood-wise with the dragon. Slays the dragon after calculating that it would be too risky to leave it to be possibly tainted by the encroaching Blight.

Ruthlessly slaughters the werewolves and the Lady in order to fully ensure the gratitude and support of the Dalish Elves against the Darkspawn. Murders Zathrian after calculating that Lanaya would be more easy and predictable to deal with in regards to relations with the Dalish and the Wardens. Keeps the murder secret from the Dalish, claiming that he fell in battle against the werewolves.

Refused to purge the Circle Tower of all living things as he feels it would be a waste of firepower to slaughter the mages. Saved First Enchanter Irving and the senior mages in order to secure their gratitude and support against the Darkspawn. Has no qualms with using (controllable) demons and blood mages so long as they are unleashed at the Darkspawn.

Played both sides during the Orzammar Assembly debacle despite his sister's wish for him to completely support Bhelen. Eventually crowns Bhelen king not to secure his sister's future, but out of calculation that Bhelen would be a better ally against the Darkspawn (also calculated that having a family relative in Bhelen's inner circle would be useful).

Decided to preserve the Anvil of the Void and allow Branka to study and harness its power to build golems for the fight against the Darkspawn, disregarding Caridin's protests of the unethical practice of using the souls of living beings to feed it. Knowing beforehand that Shale will violently oppose this decision, Russian fights and kills her in front of the Anvil.

At Soldier's Peak, Russian manipulates the Abomination-Dryden into mending the Veil before investigating the tower which it demanded be destroyed. When he discovers the horrific experiments and listens to Warden Avernus' testimony, he works with Avernus to destroy Abomination-Dryden, then allows Avernus to continue his unethical experiments unhindered, so long as the mage agrees to share all his research with the Grey Wardens (Russian decided that the possibility of removing the Wardens' mortality rate due to the Darkspawn taint would be a major breakthrough)

After confirming that the letter offered by the leader of the slavery ring in the Alienage is genuine, Russian slaughters them all, ignoring the man's pleas for mercy, thus increasing public opinion of the Grey Wardens among the city elves.

With the main motivation to put a fellow Grey Warden on the Ferelden throne, Russian makes Alistair the new King and encourages that he dispose of Anora. Fiercely refused Riordan's plea to subject Loghain to the Joining, then summarily executes Loghain for not only putting his personal feelings/loyalty to Ferelden over the threat of the Darkspawn but also for betraying, murdering by proxy, slandering and framing the Grey Wardens of Ferelden.

Accepts Morrigan's offer and sleeps with her in order to secure the ritual that will ensure his survival when he slays the Archdemon.

At the coronation, Russian answers King Alistair's offer of a boon by requesting that the Grey Wardens be remembered and honoured for their part in ending the Fourth Blight. When asked what he would do after the celebration, Russian declares that he will be returning to the Grey Wardens as soon as possible. He keeps the deal with Morrigan a secret from everybody, including Alistair, and while he is focused on continuing his duties as a Warden, he keeps in mind to investigate the swamp witch and the result of the ritual should word of her ever reach him again.

Alistair: "You're more dedicated to our cause than even Duncan ever was. Disturbingly dedicated, actually. What is it about the Darkspawn that bothers you so much?"

Russian: "I'm afraid of them. For me, there isn't anything more horrifying than their kind. Every time I see or hear one, my blood turns cold."

Alistair: "That...doesn't make a lot of sense. Most people run away from the things they're scared of, not towards."

Russian: "I guess I'm not most people."

Major decisions made by Russian in Awakening

Recruited Anders, Oghren, Nathaniel, Velanna, Justice and Sigrun into the Grey Wardens. In the particular case of Justice, Russian sided with the spirit against the Baroness; the latter conspired with darkspawn to murder a Grey Warden. To the dwarf, such a crime is an immediate death sentence.

Agreed to assist Anders in recovering his phylactery; Russian planned to fool Anders by finding it first, switch it with a fake and then hand him the fake phylactery in order to keep the real one. He is aware of Anders' lack of conviction to the Grey Wardens and wanted a means to locate him if he deserted. Of course, this is rendered moot when the supposed phylactery location turned out to be a set-up.

Openly supported Velanna in front of Marren in order to win the former's trust and loyalty, especially since she has no real loyalty to the Wardens and only wishes to find her sister.

Brought Justice to speak to Aura in order to appease the spirit and keep it motivated to fight the darkspawn with the Grey Wardens.

Helped Nathaniel reunite with his sister Delilah, and encouraged him to regain his family's honour by serving with distinction in the Grey Wardens.

Encouraged Oghren to be a good family man to Felsi; being aware of the issue weighing heavily on Oghren's mind, Russian decided not to take the chance that Oghren would abandon the Wardens completely for his family, and offered that the Wardens would provide support for Oghren's family in return for his service to the Order.

Aided Sigrun in making amends with Mischa. Russian stepped forward to give Mischa money so that Sigrun would not have to give up Varian's ring. Out of all the companions in Awakening, he grew closest to Sigrun due to their similar backgrounds and traumatic experiences with darkspawn.

Brought the stone tablet from Kal'Hirol to Voldrik and Dworkin. Russian did this mainly to appease Sigrun; he has little personal investment or concern in the honouring of the casteless dwarves.

Instructed Dworkin to exercise caution in his development and refinement of explosives.

Provided Herren and Wade with iron, veridium and silverite ore to produce quality equipment for the Vigil's soldiers.

Provided Voldrik with all the funding, manpower and resources required to fully repair and reinforce the walls and defenses of Vigil's Keep.

Invited the Tal-Vashoth merchant Amaas to trade his wares at Vigil's Keep. Ever since meeting Sten in Lothering, Russian had been interested in the possibility of recruiting Qunari into the Grey Wardens or establishing business/professional relationships with them, whether from those of the Qun or from Tal-Vashoth, and wishes to learn all he can about their people.

Cleared and sealed off the underground passages beneath Vigil's Keep, preventing further Darkspawn attacks from below.

Instructed that the Amarantine military assign protection to the city, farmlands and trade routes evenly instead of focusing on one.

Aided the Amarantine city guard in destroying the major smuggling operations in the city in order to increase co-operation and support from the guard. Also, being a former carta thug, Russian harboured the possibility of the Grey Wardens controlling Amaranthine's trade hub in the future.

Initially donated money to the Blight Orfans, but stopped after realizing it was a scam.

Heeded Ser Tamra's warning of a noble conspiracy against the Wardens. Paid the Dark Wolf to uncover the conspirators and then let him go without bringing up the issue of his nickname, recognizing the man's reliability in gathering information and keeping his mouth shut, then went to Old Stark's Farm and killed all of the conspirators. Subtle and discreet, no witnesses or evidence of Wardens murdering nobles.

Ordered Alec the Sheepherder to be conscripted into the Amaranthine army under the command of the Wardens. Russian hopes that this would encourage more peasants to join the military and fight the darkspawn.

Ordered Danella's imprisonment for up to one year as punishment for desertion, rather than the standard punishment of execution. Thus was displayed to the Amaranthine military the consequences for disobedience and the capacity for mercy in the Grey Warden Order.

Gave Ser Derren's land to Lady Liza Packton and promised to compensate Derren. Russian is aware of the need to maintain noble support for the Wardens.

Ordered Ser Temmerly the Ox's execution for the murder of Ser Tamra. It was not so much Temmerly likely being guilty as it was his arrogant, dismissive and disrespectful demeanor; when Temmerly blatantly demanded to Russian to release him, the dwarf decided to make the Ox an example of what happens to those who believe that their status and title would exempt them from the authority of the Grey Wardens.

When the peasants revolted as a result of the food shortage in the land, Russian loudly and openly gave them one chance, and one chance only, to leave lest he order his men to use lethal force. They refused to comply and were killed. Thus was the message sent; the Grey Wardens are not completely ruthless, but do not ever lift a weapon against them, especially in times of crisis.

Placing Vigil's Keep, the Grey Warden base in Amarantine, over the city, Russian returns to defend the former, leaving the latter and its population to burn.

After listening to the Architect's proposal of possible peace between the darkspawn and the rest of the world as well as the prevention of future Blights, Russian rejects it, slaying the Architect before proceeding to confront the Mother.

Russian: "It does not matter if there is a possibility of peace. Our duty is to kill them all."

Anders: "I guess I should be glad you aren't sworn to destroy all mages, then."

Russian: "Yes. You should be."

Favourite Dragon Age Hawke: Female/Mage Name: Ishild Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Type 3)

Character summary

Hardened by an early life of hiding and fleeing from Templars and anti-mage people, her sister Bethany's death during the Fifth Blight was the final push to fully motivate Ishild to become strong and powerful so that she would not suffer the same fate. Upon arriving in Kirkwall, Ishild also vowed to stop constantly hiding and running, and to carve out a new life and place for herself within the city. Both of these goals, to make a new life and to become strong, were accompanied by a willingness to use any means necessary to achieve them. Ishild perceives the world to be a cold and cruel place, more so in Kirkwall for mages, and divides all people into two groups: predators or prey. She loves killing people and engaging in mass slaughter, but does not always turn to violence and is in fact a good socialiser and manipulator; for her, there are more ways to 'hunt' one's prey than with violence. She is capable of forming friendly relationships, but deep down is a sociopath whose cares and concerns extend only as far as herself.

Ishild's relationships with DA2 companions

Anders (Friendship - Manipulation)

Recognizing a useful asset in Anders' fame amongst the poor and sick of Kirkwall, Ishild was also curious about his bond with the spirit Justice, and thus worked to convince Anders of her friendship and trust. His fanaticism and anger toward prejudice against mages made Ishild see him as a convenient scapegoat if extreme actions against the templars ever became necessary. She was always careful to maintain a balance when it comes to expressing her opinions on blood magic to Anders, neither strongly opposing nor supporting its use.

Fenris (Friendship - Manipulation)

One of the most important things to know about lying; half-truths are always more effective than outright lies. Ishild did not hide nor flaunt her blood mage powers from/in front of Fenris, who naturally became wary and suspicious of her. But he is not the first mage-hating person whose friendship she had managed to win. She told him that she is fully aware of the dangers of blood magic, and that is why she is glad that he is around; so that she will be assured that there is someone strong enough to defeat her, and who would not hesitate to kill her, if she became an abomination. By displaying patience, understanding and compassion in regards to his past life as a slave and fugitive as well as choosing her words and tone of voice carefully around him, she would eventually win his friendship and trust. While Fenris would often question his own relationship with Ishild, through her words and actions he would usually choose to ignore the voice in the back of his head urging him to break all ties with her.

Merill (Friendship - Manipulation)

Like Anders, Ishild recognized a great asset and potential scapegoat in Merill, and sought to learn blood magic from the more experienced mage. Ishild was also interested in the mirror and thus helped Merill in her attempts to repair it, all the while pretending that her main motivation was to aid a friend.

Isabela (Friendship - Partial manipulation)

While it started with Ishild as usual viewing Isabela with the same sociopathic value of using friendship to gain an asset, she grew to genuinely like and enjoy the rogue's company. Isabela may be the closest thing to a genuine friend that Ishild has ever had.

Sebastian (Rivalry)

Ishild attempted to steer Sebastian towards a desire to reclaim Starkhaven, feeling that the man devoting himself to the Chantry would be of far less use to her. While he respects her strength and determination, Sebastian is disturbed by her ruthlessness and willingness to use violence and crush whoever gets in her way.

Aveline (Rivalry)

The animosity and tension between Aveline and Ishild began during the Fifth Blight, when the latter offered to mercy-kill the former's husband, barely concealing her enjoyment of the act. Ishild was never able to successfully manipulate Aveline, who was troubled by the young mage's disregard for the law and her eagerness for combat and bloodshed. The two women somehow managed to get along just well enough to work together effectively due to a mutual acceptance that it would be more productive to be allies rather than enemies. Aveline is actually one of the companions whom Ishild respects and admires the most, a fact that she often espouses to the Guard Captain herself.

Varric (Rivalry)

Varric was too sharp and perceptive for Ishild to fool; he caught on quickly to her sociopathy and sadism. Regardless, Varric is unable to resist the fact that life simply is more interesting with Ishild around, and thus usually agrees to accompany her when she requests his help. Despite never quite becoming friends, they managed to be effective comrades and partners-in-crime and have a mutual respect for each other's strength and skills. Their relationship takes a drastic turn when, upon realizing that she had murdered her brother Carver, Varric confronted Ishild in her home, upon which Ishild used a combination of mind-controlling blood magic and emotional/psychological manipulation on him. Varric became Ishild's lover afterwards, and their relationship went from uneasy allies/friends to an extremely toxic, unhealthy, destructive and abusive romance. Perhaps the most painful aspect of this relationship for Varric is that he suspects or hopes that Ishild genuinely cares about him, in as much as a person with her degree of sociopathy could care for anyone.

Carver (Rivalry)

Ishild has never tried to hide it; the sibling she cared for and liked was Bethany. She feels nothing for Carver beyond regarding him as a pest that she cannot get rid of...yet. Their mother was the only reason that things did not escalate violently between the two siblings. Ishild is fully capable of premeditatedly murdering her own brother, and even looks forward to it; blood and family ties mean nothing to her. During the expedition in the Deep Roads, Ishild poisons Carver's food with darkspawn blood, causing him to become afflicted with the darkspawn taint. She refuses Anders' offer to seek out Grey Wardens, and when it becomes certain that Carver would die, she asks to be left alone with her brother in his final moments. With no witnesses, Ishild looks into Carver's eyes, smiles, stabs him in the stomach instead of in the heart, and leaves him to die a slow and painful death.

Favourite Baldur's Gate Bhaalspawn: Male/Dwarf/Thief/Neutral Evil (Type 1) Name: Dorean (Dor-Ree-Anne)

Stats: STR 12, DEX 17, CON 17, INT 13, WIS 14 (16 in BG2), CHA 15 (17 in BG2)

Preferred Companions in BG1: Imoen, Kagain, Viconia, Montaron, Xzar

Preferred Companions in BG2: Imoen, Korgan, Viconia, Jaheira, Nalia

Background and psych profile

Growing up in Candlekeep, he learnt that trust and loyalty pay off better than fear and intimidation, and quickly became a skilled manipulator. Half-truths are always more convincing and effective than outright lies. Learn of the likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses of the people around you, and use them to benefit yourself long-term. Know whether it is best to openly appear to be someone's friend or enemy. Machiavelli would have been one of his favourite philosophers.

Maintains a moderate reputation (10-11) so as not to antagonize the local authorities and civilians but also to prevent being ostracized from dubious groups such as the Thieves Guild. He steals from people without compunction, but refrains from assaulting them or law enforcement as "leaving corpses are messy" and "bad for business and publicity". He usually attempts to win the good graces of the local law enforcement in various towns and cities by taking on bounties on wanted men and such. However, he also willingly works with shysters and even murderers if it benefits him, although he distances himself from evil beings such as succubi and demons due to their treacherous nature. If he sees an opportunity to manipulate someone into becoming his ally, he will consider it.

Should it become necessary to do so, he will not hesitate to commit evil acts (executing a captive to win favor with the captors, murdering an innocent guard or civilian to prevent him from raising the alarm, etc), so long as he feels that he can avoid or withstand the consequences and repercussions. Almost never commits evil or good acts just for the sake of them. Shuns concepts like "revenge" or "sadism", although he will pretend to uphold them if doing so serves his purposes. Pragmatic Villain through and through. He only ever betrays a person whom he had a previous agreement or contract with if he deduces that it would be more long-term beneficial to do so, if the person forces him to, or if he does not trust the person to uphold their end of the agreement.

Dorean can be classified as a sociopath; he understands and acknowledges feelings and emotions like empathy, remorse, guilt, compassion, altruism, etc, but rather than having such feelings himself, he sees them in others and uses them to his benefit. He is perfectly capable of committing seemingly good, selfless, kind and compassionate actions, but he always has a self-serving motivation, underlying or otherwise, for most of his actions and decisions.

Ultimately, Dorean would be True Neutral if it were not for his lack of remorse, guilt and hesitation in committing evil actions and his self-serving nature which dictates most of his decisions.

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