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Okay...Who am I

I'm an old man...I'm 66 years old, so I'm old that means I am entitled to be crotchety if I want to be, Silly if I want to be and sometimes forget things. I am also entitled to demand that people respect me because I am old and wise.

Well it got me this year 9 days in Sinai Grace Hospital and I know have an IDC implanted in my left shoulder. happy 66th birthday. I HATE BIRTHDAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I survived the birthday demon this year I turned 65 and nothing bad happened. I guess that when an entire congregation prays for protection Jehovah answers. You are stuck with me for a while. Hopefully I can catch-up on my stories

I don't know if anybody noticed but there was a bit of a temporary drop in my activity here. I hate birthdays...I mean I really hate birthdays. Bad things always happen on my birthday. In this case it was Congestive Heart Failure. Complicated by an initial misdiagnosis of bronchitis this happened when I went to an urgent care center at the insistence of about half a dozen of my co-workers who insisted that I go and had one of the owners of the store I work at take me up there. About a week later another co-worker took me to a clinic for a check-up because I was still having problems several of her relatives work for DMC the hospital group that clinic is associated with. They ran some tests and sent me to DMC Sinai Grace hospital for more tests...I spent the next six days there. Did I tell you I hate birthdays. Now I'm running around with a portable Defibrillator hanging on my belt. But at least I'm still running around. so you are not rid of me yet. BTW Did I tell I hate birthdays?

The majority of the people on this planet are insane. Sane people are in the minority. because they are the minority they are different since they are sane while the majority of the people are insane. Because they are in the minority they are abnormal because they are sane instead of being insane. Since sane people are abnormal because they are sane instead of being insane like the majority the insane majority considers the sane minority to be crazy because they are sane instead of being insane...I'm crazy.

Well I've done it now I have unleashed The 555th JFW. Be afraid...Be very afraid. These tiny witches are crazy!

Note: I need to know if my stories are any good or if there are any issues so if you could post a review it would help. I have a thick skin so be honest I can take it.

The Following Authors have permission to use my characters; StrikerStanding692, kh2996, Danger Close, YuriKohai, Leche Flandre, Generalfeldmaschal

555th Joint Fighter Wing...The Triple Nickles What these tiny witches lack in size they make up in ferocity. The idea behind this unit is that the ranks of the strike witches are getting thin. A combination of older witches aging out and battle losses along with expanded battle fronts is spreading the current Joint Fighter wings thin. In an attempt to address this issue The 555th was formed using witches that other Joint Fighter wings rejected because they are either too young or have physical deformities. The Upper Peninsula Aero Striker Research Center was formed in the summer of 1942 to look into the possibility of using witches that the Militaries of the front-line nations rejected primarily because they are under age as well as a few that had physical deformities that prevented them from meeting military physical requirements. Initially it was just age eventually two girls who had contracted polio and had partial paralysis were also accepted. The primary militaries already unhappy with teen age girls in combat wanted no part of these even younger witches. Just as it seemed that there would be no country that would give these little witches a chance. The Conch Republic appeared they said that if a six year old girl who was a powerful witch but was in a wheelchair because of polio could be fitted with a striker unit they would fund the 555th JFW and even supply them with a small escort carrier. The challenge was accepted and met. In April of 1945 the 555th Joint fighter wing became officially part of the Conch Republic Air Force. The CRNS Calypso was commissioned in September of 1945 and embarked the 555th Joint Fighter Wing which at that point had Eleven strike witches one shield witch and four conventional fighters. The official name of the 555th is "Triple Nickles" unofficially they are called the "Tiny Witches" or sometimes by people who don't like them the "Baby Witches" Calling them that to their face could get you into a fight. The motto of the 555th Joint Fighter Wing is "Because we fucking can!"

The Conch Republic

I based the SW world Conch Republic on the real world Conch Republic. In the real world it was formed in 1982, I moved the establishment of the Conch Republic 50 years to 1932 other than that it's pretty much the same. other than some technology has been reverted back and the military is is somewhat stronger other than that the nation is the same. More info can be found here.

Nine scariest words in the English Language:

I'm from the government. I'm here to help you.

I have discovered the reasoning for the Global Warming Theory...Drug induced Hallucinations!

Being old is a pain.

It's official: We're Doomed.

Listen to Red Eye Radio for details.

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