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Names: Angel and Temptress (AKA: Jen and Chery)
Age: hmmm...
Status: For us to know and for you to never know! Muwahhahaha!
We live...
Temptress: in a box!
Angel: -_-



Angel: hmmm...Inuyasha, Yu-Gi-Oh, Tri-gun, Cowboy Bebop, Yu-Yu Hakusho (Temptress: Yusuke's mine_)
Angel: Ahem! Anywho...Kenshin, DBZ, DB on and on ...(could take forever)


Temptress:HP's the Best! (dances around)
Angel: heheh...(sweatdrops)


Angel: hmm..let's se-
Temptress: AHEM! I'LL go first...let's see
Angel: you DONE!
Temptress: nods uh-huh_
Angel: Ok..let's see...
Tea/Marik (or Malik)
Keiko/Kurama (or Youko)
Keiko/Yusuke (Temptress:grrrrr...)
Hermione/Oliver (Temptress? Angel: Shut up!) A LITTE BIT BOUT US:

We're both azn...
Temptress: and proud of it!
Angel: Right...AHEM! whispers she's had too much sugar.
Temptress: Hey! I heard that!
Angel: innocent face As I was saying, we're both azn and we love reading fanfics as much as we love writing them (poems too).
Temptress: yea, and I know tennis, tae-kwon-do, I can play the piano, and I can sing and act!
Angel: Her eago's a bit big don't you think?
Temptress: well, what do you know?
Angel: hehe...funny thing you should ask...I don't have much talents but writing (I think)
Temptress: Ha-ha!
Angel: rolls eyes immature...
Temptress: Am not!
Angel: Are too!
Temptress: Am not! Am not! Am not! Am not!
Angel: Are too! Are too! Are too! Are too!
Temptress: Look who's immature now
Angel: Actually we're both immature, so there!
Temptress: shrugs O well, life's too short too be all boring and grown-up right?
Angel: true...
Temptress: Don't forget weird as one of our characteristics too!
Angel: Thanks, you just had to mention that... -_-"
Temptress: No problem!
Angel: slaps hand to forehead


Angel/Temptress: cowers from glowering reviewers

Angel: Please, please don’t be mad!! Uh…..cookies?? throws cookies half-heartedly

Temptress: Yea! What she said >.

Angel: hehe but they’re not you. whisper thank goodness. They are loyal, beautiful people innocent smile, who would never use violence to get retribution. Riiiight??

Temptress: unconvincingly Right. Ahem. So anyways, it’s been years and it is finally summer!! Soooo, as Angel and I have been bored out of our minds and we finally regained access to our account, we have been inspired to continue this story.

Angel: So don’t hate us because we have a lot of brand new ideas for where we want this story to go :)

Temptress: And hopefully we will have regained our old reviewers as well as get new ones

Angel: Soooooo there’s only one more thing left to say: Read and review!! :) And I promise there will be cookies in it for everyone

Temptress: And ice cream!!

Angel: sweat drop sure…that too.

Ohh! Some important info! IMPORTANT!

Angel: okay, for those of you that are confused, the fic Tempting An Angel is gonna kinda be like a Draco/Hermione/Harry triangle, so if you don't like it, don't say that you haven't been warned. Of course...we all know who Hermione ends up with in the very end... :winks: not fun without Temptress here to argue with...Anywho, yeah, so this is your only warning about the fic! And also since this fic is written after the 7th book it'll be just a warning!!

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