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Author has written 4 stories for Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto.

REVISED PROFILE (after many many years)

Hey there person that has decided to take their personal time to look and read this profile. My previous pen name was 'SangoSango68' (60..something), now changed to something else. As you can see, my new pen name is 'Animechao1228', like a lot of my other usernames and I would prefer to use that so I don't forget it. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I do plan on revising my fanfiction considering they are horribly written. Those that likes the fanfiction, I thank you for going through it and just liking the plot and such. For those thats not too fond of them, I am deeply sorry, I was a naive, silly, stupid little girl. Please parden my english, my grammar started to fade away when I was learning another language... grr

~I guess this is the part where I list things I like?~

TOP 5 FAVORITE ANIME (currently and not in order): Yu Yu Hakusho, Spice and Wolf, Axis Powers Hetalia, Hellsing, Wolf's Rain (Reasons? Yu Yu Hakusho was my first anime to be VERY obsessed with. Spice and Wolf had its share of legend and slice of life and it was nice. Hetalia is just silly and it helps me with my history >.> . Hellsing is an awesome anime and it helps me get over some gore fears. Wolf's Rain had lots of symbolism and i just freaking love wolves.)

TOP 5 FAVORITE MANGA (currently and not in order): One Piece, Crescent Moon, +Anima, Ao no Exorcist, Soul Rescue (Reasons? Sure One Piece is long like crazy, but I just can't stop reading it! Crescent Moon is short, interesting plot, and is one of the first mangas I started to collect. +Anima's way of fantasy is rather unique (or at least it was in my new manga craze) and it's also another series I first started collecting. Ao no Exorcist is a new series, recommended by a dear friend, and it's take on devils is rather interesting. Soul Rescue has only two volumes, but it's take on angels and demons can make me ponder.)

TOP 5 FAVORITE VIDEO GAMES (currently and not in order): Okami, God Hand, Devil May Cry 3, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken a.k.a. Blazing Sword (Reasons? Okami introduces some Japanese folklore (which I love) and it's just a damn good game. God Hand looked like a normal action game until I saw the move names, who I'm up against, and how (VERY FRUSTRATINGLY) challenging it is. DMC3 was one of my first action games and it was addictingly good with the storyline and challenge with the missions. Twilight Princess was unbelievable good to the point it surprised me even though it's not as challenging as the previous games. I'm a crack whore when it comes to Fire Emblem and I could play Rekka no Ken over and over and I will never get tired of it (such good replay value!))

and for the heck of it TOP 5 FAVORITE BANDS/SINGERS/WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL THEM (currently and not in order): Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden, One OK Rock, Rammstein, On/Off

~And I guess this is the part where I start explaining my fanfiction? ...Along with complaints and other comments.~

Three Loving Girls and One Loving Guy: If I remember correctly... It's about Goten trying to find the love of his life, but is stuck trying to choose between three girls and doesn't know what to do! Geez, was I corny or what. BTW, if you thought I was 10 writing this fanfic (yup, dedicated to you, mr. recent reviewer =D), you weren't far off! i was around maybe 12ish? COMPLETED

Questions to Sasuke from the Bottom of My Heart: Sakura ponders and starts forming questions she would want to ask Sasuke. A small poetic (or at least I thought it was) one-shot. COMPLETED

Peeking with Curiosity: A one-shot where Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke wonders what kind of book Kakashi sensei reads. COMPLETED

My True Lover: A SakuraxNaruto pairing, Naruto tries to get Sakura's attention, but fails. Something is fishy with Sasuke...what's he planning? HIATUS, INCOMPLETE

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My True Lover reviews
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