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Konnichi'ha! Do you like my name? Toireasa, isn't it beautimous? It means strength in Gaelic, or Irish, I'm not quite sure which. It's pronounced Tore-ah-sah, which is just pretty. Anyways, my Pen name used to be Katie Marie, so if you remember that person from way back in the day, she's me! Just with a new name. Anywho, I love reading, writing, history, art, dance, and games. I'm an avid Role player, and not just in video games, but stuff on the net too. As a matter of fact, I actually own an RPG, passed down to me from my dear friend Ilana (check Favorite's list, she's on it and she's got skills...). If you RP, I suggest you check the game out: . It's got several games on it, all of them in need of more players, and each one unique.

Argh, I'm a short seventeen year old who lives in Colorado, and enjoys it! :gasp: I love anything by Jhonen Vasquez, Misty, Lotr, Robert Jordan, and Roman Dirge. I *hate* fanfiction, just because people warp and change characters and whatnot, so... if you only post fanfiction stuff and read someting of mine, it's very unlikely I'll return the favor. The only reason I'm reading Soul Searching is cause my best friend wrote it, and she does it well. Er, I write sci/fi, fantasy, poetry, and short stories. Yeah... yeah... if you read my stuff, I always try to return the favor, so read my stuff! Anyways, for my nice long story ideas, look below :points:

Arcane Magic: Book One: Birth of a Sage My current favorite. A twisted story about one girls stuggles and triumphs as she works her way to becoming one of the coveted Sages. I'm a bit cruel to my main character, Lir, so be ready for much emotional trauma if you read this one. There will be two more books in the trilogy, and maybe some prequels. ON TEMPORARY HIATUS! Look out for some branch offs with other characters, and some of the history. I'm working on all of that as well as the story.
Daughter of the Moon I took it down, because, quite frankly, it just wasn't in me. Sorry, but Alaerin-(Arcane Magic)-has my full attention.
Damn the Worm Hole! Yeah... whoo! So in the works! I'm still going to work on it, but I still have to flesh it out. I do have the first paragraph of the first story!
Darkened Skies Eh... short story that I might continue and finish out, probably not though.
Drop Kicking Sheep Realistic fiction! :gasp: Don't be too surprised, I do that sorta thing too. Anyways, it's in the works, but I might as well call it an auto-biography. My friends and I are really amusing together, so I think we could make an interesting story. I still have to develop a plot, but I think it will happen, eventually

There will be more poetry soon, hopefully. I've been battling out a pretty vicious Writers Block. So, on my birthday I think I'll post a really short poem. And I mean a 15 word poem. So it's not much, but it's something. Eh, thanks for reading my bio! Yay for you, have a cookie!

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