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Hi guys I'm Gale, and I write stuff here. Well DUH!!!! Anyway I'm going to be trying to get some fan fics up soon for you to enjoy.

About me:

I'm 18 I do Computer Science at uni I enjoy writing, and coding. My favorite number is 12 My favorite color is orange, or blue.


A Trail of Fire-- In progress //Hiatus// Bedtime stories-- In progress We Will Be Together, For All Of Your Lifetimes-- Hiatus, pending discontinuation and eventual removal

A Word On Character Development.

A lot of fics contain OCs, as part of the variation of canon. Original Characters are the sole creation of the author, and as such, do not benefit from the pre knowledge readers may have about canon characters. This is why developing the character is essential, so that the reader can understand the character.

The first step in developing the character is to first plan the story. Map the plot, and mark where the character will fit in, and what actions they take. Once you have done this, map out your characters, and the relationship they have with the character. Make sure to include any changes that occur during the story.

Next you just need to write a short summary on the characters personality. What are they like?

The next step is to come up with justifications for these relationships as they are at the start. Why does so-and-so hate the character? What did the character do? Develop further. Does the character feel guilty about it? Did they have a crush on another character? The point is to build up a past for the character. Also try to justify the changes in relationships.

Characters are defined by three things:

  1. Personality
  2. Relationships with other characters
  3. Past events (childhood trauma, how they were brought up etc.)

If you can easily talk about each of these three things in reference to the character, than you have a well-developed character. Now you just need to explain it to the readers. Be warned however, for any one of these can affect the other two. (A past event may affect a relationship with a character and affect the personality)

Development techniques.

In writing, there are three commonly used techniques to develop characters.

  1. Flashbacks (not subtle, but good for showing past events or justify a relationship with another character)
  2. Dialogue (and thoughts) (also not that subtle, but can help portray or explain a relationship, define personality, and is often needed to advance the plot)
  3. Actions (subtle, used to define personality in terms of what they think is important, whether they carry grudges etc. often needed to advance the plot.)

Flashbacks can be quite crude, but they are the best way to explain to the reader about the past of the character and how it affects them. Dialogue can be tedious, but is often a subtle (or not) portrayal of relationships. Actions are very subtle, and speak more about the personality than anything else.

An example of the use of flashbacks can be found in Avatar: The Last Airbender. In Book two, flashbacks are used to portray Zuko's relationship with his mother, her disappearance, and his burning and banishment. This was particularly well done, as it raised sympathy for Zuko, portrayed him as the victim, and ultimately meant that most people felt bad for him when he betrayed Aang under Ba Sing Se. It also developed Ozai as a completely ruthless monster of a dictator, raising the viewer's dislike of him.

I do not have any specific example for the other two.

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Gale Singer

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