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Name: Ashley

Nickname: Drake

Age: 18

Location: Missouri USA

Years writing: 5

Religion and beliefs: I am wiccan and believe that everything happens with reason for it to happen. If a storm wipes out a town I see it as fate and NOT the wrath of God. God is of no structure in my life and is not in my stories. My stories are that of sins, murder, destruction, love, chaos, and truth. Nothing more and nothing less shall come from my writing. If you want a story that makes you think then I am able to make that happen. All I need is my imagination to make it through life. It is what drives me to be who I am and who I shall forever be.

Character Profiles:

Allison Kruspe (Inheriting Your Trust)

Allison is a character I produced about 2 years ago. She is a 29 year old lesbian. She was born in Moscow, Russia and attended school at the Soviet Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry but switched to Hogwarts in her 3rd year. She is the daughter of a wealthy bourgeois senator and a very aristocratic mother. While at Hogwarts she was mostly associated with Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy until Narcissa graduated during her 4th year. She also was one of the rivals to Severus Snape due to her relationship with Khira Kruspe who Snape was infatuated with. After Hogwarts Allison’s father and mother died in a accident and she was left with all of the castles and buildings they owned across Russia and some of Europe. One in particular, Castle Kirov, is the home she was arrested at in 1987 for housing the wanted Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange. While in jail she had Khira sell all of the family properties except for Castle Kirov, and two summer houses. She was released three years later and was offered to tutor Draco Malfoy during the summer. During the beginning of Draco’s summer holiday after his 6th year she was offered the job of Defense Against the Dark Arts and eagerly took the job. Allison is also partially psychic and able to use telepathy. She is also an animagus and her form is the white tiger.

Khira Kruspe (Inheriting Your Trust)

Khira was created along with Allison since I knew I needed a girl to be her wife and I fixed it to be someone who went along with her attitude. Khira is 27 years old and also a lesbian. Her brother, Jacob, is the Royal Advisor for Count Dracula and also a complete bastard raising hell for Khira whenever he is around. Khira is very good at solving problems and stopping fights between many people but also is known for being very moody at times. She is part vampire and also an animagus. Her animal form is that of a black bear. She is also Russian but never attended school in her motherland, but at Hogwarts instead. She grew up in Kirov, in south-western Russia where she became adapted to the cold and seclusion of the lands. When Allison wanted the properties of her parents sold off Khira was the one who sent her the papers for it and then went about selling all twelve properties for over three million galleons which now reside in Allison’s bank account. Khira is able to resist the sunlight but only in certain areas of the world. Khira was also raped during the summer by Severus Snape due to his jealousy over her relationship with Allison.

Alexia Nichole Draculas (The Elementals)

Alexia came to me as a figure to stand as a symbol for the vampire race. She’s the classic hunter and seductress type but watches out for her own kind in times of peril. In the story she shows that she is intelligent and knows things most people wouldn’t think that she knows. She is also a lesbian which adds to the criticism she faces. In the books J.K. Rowling exploits vampires as being like the minister of magic, Rufus Scrimgeour in the 6th book, creatures of the night and praying upon the innocent and those they think to be best for them without care of who may be offended. I kept this specific description away from Alexia and knew it was for the best. With her character you get to see a different side of the vampire realm from the perspective of the royal status and even from the lower ranks of the newly reborn creatures.

Jessie Ranslan (The Elementals)

Jessie is a witch who was turned into a vampire after being bitten by Alexia. She went back to Dracula’s castle and was given the position of being the guardian of Count Dracula’s two children, Alexia and Jordan Draculas, both born vampires. While working for the Count she becomes involved with the Count’s daughter and a relationship occurs between the two. They hide the relationship from the rest of the world but only those close to them know of them being an ‘item’. Jessie is also known for her knowledge in the field of Greek and Roman myths and legends. Alex and her have a daughter who looks like Jessie, named Kelly, who is six years old. She is the one thing binding the two women’s love for each other together.

Kelly Draculas (The Elementals)

Kelly is the Daughter of Alex Draculas and Jessie Ranslan. She is a smart, witty, six year old girl with the charm similar to that of a snake charmer to a snake. She uses this to her advantage gaining complete attention of her parents whenever she wants it no matter what. It is these key facts that define Kelly as a true narcissistic person.

Elizabeth (Eliza, Liz, Eli) Jenkins (Summer of Changes)

Eliza was probably my hardest character to figure out. I started working on her when I figured that I would need to add in another perspective of Draco’s life. I thought, what better way then the cousin’s P.O.V. Eliza is about 5' 6" with short black hair and brown eyes. She has a petite form which works perfectly for her. In the story she gets along with Draco about 45 percent of the time and the rest of the time they are fighting over stupid stuff. Eliza adds a dry humor to the story with her cheeky remarks and complete sarcasm. She has total respect for each of her family members, especially Draco, but rarely lets it show. Eliza also has the knowledge of the darker realm of the world due to her father’s constant research in it. She attends Durmstrang but in the beginning of the story tells a character she is getting switched to a new school. Her being associated to Viktor Krum also brings up issues within Draco and Hermione’s life due to Viktor’s recent relationship with Hermione and his knowledge of Draco’s family ties and Eliza’s as well. Eliza also is a friend of Hermione’s and upon noticing Draco and Hermione’s attraction to each other plans to get them together somehow.

Janelle O’ Conner (Summer of Change

Janelle was a bit of an spontaneous character. I needed a character to play Draco’s old love and she was the one I came up with. She only appears in a few scenes but its those scenes that prove vital to the story. She is also associated with Viktor Krum but only because she dated him a few years back. She is witty, sarcastic, and most of all, a complete bitch to Draco. She attends Beauxbatons with Fleur Delacour, and is in her final year.

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