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My wings are bent and broken

It's sweet when candy tastes bitter in the mouth
The bite crawls down the throat
And burns
And makes you bleed tears

Pierce my soul
Until I can't take anymore
Then I'd laugh
Slash my eyes
Until I learn to cry

I don't need your pity
I need your spit on my face

A blood warrior
In a brutal game of fate
A soulless sacrifice
For pain's existence

The gritting of metal teeth
Corrupts my ears
To no end...

The moon cries blood and light

Why do you feed me with rotting smiles?

Embrace your empty words
They may eat you alive

When pain makes love to grief
Their passion burns endlessly

Today while I was walking home,
I met a beautiful faceless stranger.

All standard disclaimers apply.Original characters belong to their respective owners. Only the plot and storylines are mine.

"The dream started with a kiss...the last, sweet kiss...And I'm there again, on the tower, except I can see. I can see everything. I can see the sky, and the great, lumbering form of Bear. But most of all...most of all, I can see Wyatt. And he smiles, such a sad, sad smile. And then he's running away from me, carrying all the bad things with him as he does. As he takes wing. The cold autumn air rushes pat him, its blind fingers caressing his arms, his legs, his face...this is the last sensation he allows himself to feel. He is already one with the Wakan Tanka, the buffeting winds teaching him the secret language of flight. He brings this knowledge with him, along with the love he feels for the blind twin. For me. He thanks the thunderbird for this love. For the love of he who saw clearly with his Cante Ista. The eye of the heart. And I watch...I watch as Wyatt rises, majestic, from the shell of himself. And I see that he is beautiful. And I feel his lips touch my soul." --Cante Ista, the conclusion

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