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Author has written 4 stories for X-Men: Evolution, Pokémon, Jackie Chan Adventures, Digimon, Teen Titans, and Recess.

Jan 2016

I thought I had updated last year but it seems that I didn't. I might be the slowest fanctic writer in the world. I still plan on writing those two fanficts but

I have stalled my writing for two reasons. I am nearing the end of my educational career. The other reason is that although I still have the plot for CotP

I haven't found the focus needed to write in the tone of cold and slick, fast and loose. Many times even with professional writers long going works loose

tone, damage characterization or alter the plot.

I will get back to CotP when I have the guts to write the chapters right.

Sorry, sorry I'll update a soon as I can dec/ 11/10

*New Updates * --I will get back to writing soon. I just have some issues with getting into college. If I wasn't for that I would be writing. Oct/19/10

a word of warning. Souls of chaos: the new members is not my best story I may fix the issues but I leave it there because it helps me write Corruption of the playground a little easier. If you are wondering about my OC Riptide just keep to Corruption of the playground everything will be explained in time. There are some spoilers in Souls of chaos: the new members. If you already read this story fine you will see how Corruption of the playground effected him and where Jade Chan comes in.

May 29, I know some people are looking for an update. school is keeping me from writing. I'll get around to it after Wednesday or either after June 12 because of...the ACT.

I hate this so much...Corruption of the playground has been moved to the Recess category. Even though it will focus on the Digimon characters after a while I just want to keep it in the category.

Where it looks like it belongs. I will advertise in the digimon category for anyone who is wondering where the fict is.

April 12 2010

I've redone corruption of the playground. I decided to rewrite it and switch it to the digimon category. I do not think I'll ever get many readers or reviewers in the recess section. please send me an message if you think this is in the wrong category.

march 4 2009

I've got so much school I don't have the time to update. By the way what happned to my betas...anyway I do have a nother chapter typed but I think I want to make some changes before submitting it.

like january

Okay Now that I've been on FF a bit more I'm done with my teen titans cartoon story.Now for that failed story I took down.

hum...I'm not going to put it back up. I'm not going to write a story for the teen titans comic. One reason is as far as I see it the comic has went to hell, the category sucks here and it was a crossover. the last part made me thing about writing another story for another category. I'm going to write a story for Disney's Recess an AU crossover telling the backstory for the OC Riptide that was mentioned but never explained in my X-men story. I will still focus on the Recess characters.


I do humor and action. I love crossovers. I do not do lemon,limes,slash or any of the sort, also not a big fan of fluff.

I've got a Deviant art account DA account The Bad Ash's DA, this is where I play to put some of the art from my stories up.

I like to use an OC or other characters to cause chaos and what not
Characters used:
Cook and Dog

AU stories and worlds. Anything Riptide is in as an AU. Souls of chaos: the new members is an AU. Corruption of the playground is in the same world.

Tunips isn't an AU, Jade chan is in it but isn't not the same Jade chan that is in Souls of chaos: the new members.

X-men evo, Totally Spies, Teen Titans and their world, Jackie Chan Adventures, Inuyasha,Digimon,Disney's Recess, Pokemon the game, x-men comics, DC comics characters exist in the AU that Riptide lives in. Let's call that dimension: Earth one Blue.

Upcoming stories: I will write a JCA story soon. And later maybe one about KND.

[ stories and summeries coming soon]

I'm not into Pokemon bashing or bashing Sora from digimon.

I dislike people that pervert: Jade chan- yes I have seen some really bad things with her. Rogue- lemons, limes and just a plane really bad attitudes Cassandra cain -It can be hard to get her right but she not a pervert. nor is she (out side of fanfiction)gay it just doesn't look right having her go with Spoiler man there has been some bad stuff. And sometimes OOCing the teen titans in to madness.

*Old updates*

1/7/06I think as soon as I'm done with a few projects I will start writing again. I have found a way to fix the information problem with my X-men story; and as a sidenote what ever happen to purity black?

1/31/07Okay I think it's time to give an update I was suppost to have gotten back to writing. But I have not. I'm not keeping the site I have up here I decided to make a new one. I'm still working on it.

11/7/07 I've started the teen titans fanfiction. also I'm going to have to get a new site host. I have drawn a few pictures for this teen titans story but I don't have a scanner. I have a few on my DA account but i don't want to give the URL so i'll give you my site's URL when I move it.

13/8/07I'm writing my teen titans fanfiction and I'm ready to scan more pictures for it. I don't have plans to make another fan fiction right now.

28/8/07I have typed another chapter of a new superboy but i will not be able to update as much as I was before. (school)

17/9/07I fixed those messed up dated above there will be another chapter posted because I'm still in lombo...anyway I can't tell you what will happen after that.

14/2/08Ive started a Teen Titans cartoon story both of my stories I haven't updated. I've got the TT Cartoon chapter uploded but I don't like the way it's ened and i want to change it but don't know what to write. as for the Superboy story I will update even with a long chaptred fict with out people reading it. mostly I have that one up for my self but I may take it down and fix any errors that might be which will take time and I've been drawing a lot inthe mean time look at my DA account till I get something upThe Bad Ash's DA .

6/4/08 I've taken down A new superboy. the story kinda sucked and it was bassed way to much oh the time line of the comics. don't wory if you were one of the people who read it and liked any of the characters I'm going to put out a new story if I can question the people who read Teen Titans stories. And if I have the time.

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Corruption of the playground reviews
All is normal at Third Street Elementary School, life is good for the digidestine and T.J and friends, a new kid shines light on a disturbing secret boiling under the surface. Will everyone make it to the next grade? AU Digimon Recess crossover. R&R
Crossover - Digimon & Recess - Rated: T - English - Drama/Suspense - Chapters: 6 - Words: 20,970 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 2/20/2011 - Published: 4/11/2010 - Ken I., Gretchen G.
Turnips reviews
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Souls of Chaos: the new members reviews
Mega crossover. this story had been closed down but now it's back up. Warning: wrongness, OOC and OCs. rogue, amara, bobby,remy, wanda,tabitha,scott,jean, ororo,emma, logan and hank are in this. the xmen pick up two new members and chaos brakes out.update
X-Men: Evolution - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 17 - Words: 54,195 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 1 - Updated: 6/13/2007 - Published: 8/14/2004 - Magma/Amara A., Rogue/Anna Marie - Complete
Ash's replacement reviews
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