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Hello, I am Mistress Shadow Heartborn.

I want to apologize from the lack of updates, busy in RL you know. Also working on computer mods takes a lot outta you.

Just call me Shade for short. I'm from New York and here are a few things about me and my muses.

Name: Shadow Heartborn (a.k.a. Shade)

Age: HAHA Like I'll tell, you gotta guess

Sexuality: Parasexual, a problem? Bite me bitches

Eyes: Green/Gold

Race: Vampire/Kitsune/Punk

Occupation: Writer/Demonologist/Novelist

Likes: Pizza, Vampires, Reading, Slash/Yaoi/Shounen-ai/Shonen-ai, Vincent Valentine (hearts for eyes) I love him, Rock/Punk Rock/Acid Rock/Death Metal/Heavy Metal/Metal metal/Grundge, random funny things, puppies, bats, foxes, insanity, originality, my nondepression days, video games, and anime!

Fave Bands: Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Madian, Nickleback, Goo Goo Dolls, T.a.T.u., Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Motly Crew, Judas Priest, Perfect Circle, Chevelle, Slipknot, Evenessance, Seether, 3 days grace, Simple plan, Def Leppord, My Chemical Romance, Gorillaz, Lacuna Coil, Nine Inch Nails, Aphasia, The Used, Sugarcult, Alice Cooper, A Tribe Called Quest, AC/DC, Incubus, Smile Empty Soul, Demon Hunter, Exit to Eternety, Nine Inch Nails, Smile Empty Soul, Bif Naked, ALICE FUCKING COOPER, Pat Benatar, Green Day, System of a Down, and the Killers

Fave Actors: Viggo Mortensen (Played Aragorn in LOTR) I love him, Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter), Orlando Bloom (LOTR and PTC), Oded Fehr (Mummy Movies, Sleeper Cell), Mel Brooks(Blazing Saddles,Dracula: Dead and Lovin' it), Gene Wilder (Young Frankenstien), Nathen Lane(Lion King), Jason Fleyming(LXG), and Jonny Depp (Everyone knows the movie he's in!)

Fave Pairings: Draco/Harry, Sirius/Remus, Raphiel/Sigfried(Nightmare), Knuckles/Sonic, Naraku/Sesshoumaru, Togusa/Batou (Yes its unconventional, get off my back), Kakashi/Iruka, Yami/Seto, Bakura/Seto, Miroku/Inuyasha, Alexander Anderson/Alucard, Vash/Wolfwood, Aragorn/Legolas, Legolas/Gimli, Frodo/Sam, Merry/Pippin, Ardeth Bay/Jonathan, Yugi/Ryu, Flare/Yugi (From my fic), Weevil/Rex, Reanef/Eclipse, Kenshin/Sano, Heero/Duo, Trowa/Quartre, Vegeta/Goku, Kiba/Tsume, Kiba/Hige, Hiei/Kurama, L/Raito, Touya/Jin, Edwin Odesseron/Minsc, Yuusuke/Kurama, Amidamaru/Yoh, Tao Ren/Yoh, Tao Ren/Lyserg, Dee/Ryo, JJ/Drake, Vincent Valentine/Cloud Strife, Jason/Freddy, Cid/Vincent, Raiden/Solid Snake, 2D/Murdoc, Jekyll/Skinner,and a few others I can't remember. Mostly I'm into new, under-written pairings. The pairings that don't have alot of followers and such. So if you find any stories or webpages with those kinda pairings, fill me in!

Hates: Homophobes, People who flame because they can't open their minds to new things, people who use the word "guesstimate", most pop music, Ginny/Harry Tonks/Remus parings, Stupid People, HILLARY DUFF, Anzu from YGO, Obnoxious Fan-girls who insist yaoi or slash is evil, Christian Fundementalists,Ginny from HP, most Cannon shit, and holy water (jk on that one)

Fave animes/mangas, movies, books: DBZ, YGO, Yu Yu Hakusho(Who doesn't love Youko Kurama?), Demon Diary, DNAngel, Slayers, Princess Yucie, Noir, Samurai Champloo, Death Note, FAKE, Wolf's Rain(I adore Kiba), Inuyasha(Naraku!Hakudoushi too), Shaman King (love Tao Ren!), Ruroni Kenshin, Juvenile Orion: Aquarian Age, Naruto, Hellsing(Alucard!), Vampire Hunter D, Full Metal Alchamist, Ghost in the shell, Gundam Wing(Trowa), Anything made by Mel Brooks, LXG, LOTR, Harry Potter, Good Omens,1984, Star Wars (The old ones, not the crappy new ones),Ravencliff series, Series of unfortunate events, anything fantasy, oh and Interview with a Vampire

Fave Games: Final Fantasy of any kind (especially 7) Kingdom Hearts, The Sims, .hack, Doom, Resident Evil, Lord of the Rings:the third age, Castlevania, Soul Caliber, Darkstalkers, Balders Gate, Vampire The Masqurade Bloodlines, Metal Gear Solid, Psychonauts, Beyond Good and Evil, most RTS and RPGs, lotsa others too

(I also Like Daria which is not an Anime or manga and I didn't wanna give it it's own section)

Okay now time to meet my four muses.

Name: Ryo Razuki

Age: 18

Hair: Silvery blue

Eyes: Gold

Sexuality: Bisexual and loven' it

species: Bat demon

Special feature: Large, black bat wings

Brief Description: He is my muse of angst, romance, and Yaoi. He and Evangiline have FINALLY gotten together at long last! They are in seperable and really in love. Ryo grew up in the demonic realms untill his ninth birthday when his dad disappered and his mother and siblings died. He left home in a disguise and came to the human world and joined up with a gang. After being wounded badly during a botched street fight and left to die in a back alley six years later, Amelia found him and saved his life, on the condition that he'd come with her and go straight (which may not be the right word) before he really didget killed. He agreed and here he is now!

Post of the Day: Join us in our insanity. Hey Eva-chan, you busy tonight?

Name: Evangiline Angelus Archangal VI

Age: 17

Hair: Very Shiny Black

eyes: Sapphire Blue

Species: Fallen Angel

Sexuality: just in love with Ryo

special feature: Beautiful black angel wings

Brief Description: He's my muse of Drama, Fantasy, and Horror. He's very shy especially when Ryo flirts with him but oblivious and prone to sugar high. He really loves Ryo but is very shy about it even now that they are together. He died during a street shoot-out seventeen years ago when he used to be David Anglio, he fell from heaven when they found out about his true past and was sent to earth again with no memory of David Angilo or of what happened to him all those years ago. He had been exploring the area when he bumped into Ryo who instantly fell in love with our little angel and brought him home.

Post of the Day: No Ryo-kun, why do you ask (prince innocence)

Name: Amelia Demona BellaLuna

Age: 19 (actually 400)

Hair: dark brown

eyes: red

species: vampire

Sexuality: straight

Special feature: Long fangs

Brief Description: She is my muse for everything else! She's the quiet type but also is the evil type. She smokes and drinks but is generally a good person...depending on her mood. Just don't piss her off. She is currently crushing on Grave from Gungrave. She comes from a very ancient vampire bloodline and is well respected among the community but refuses to accept her countess title. She basically joined up with me after finding Ryo out of bordom.

Post of the Day: Christ I need a cigarrett


Name: Aries

Age: 20

Hair: long Black with blond bangs

Eyes: gold that fades into silver (no pupils)

Species: Underworld demon

Sexuality: Gay...we think

Special features: Large demon wings with black feathers and a demon tail to match

Brief Description: My muse of poetic inspiration. He's quiet and cool but treats Evangiline like his little brother and is generally unlucky. He has a boyfriend named Seth who is my friend Malia's muse. He is against Eva-chan and Ryo being together but he only wants Eva to be happy so he lets it slide but embarrasses Ryo on a regular basis. He was found laying outside a sealed underworld portal and Eva healed him, with no recollection of anything. He wants to know where he came from and who he is but at the same time, hates the answer.

Post of the all need proferssional help

Well that is me and my muses, we are all ready to write just for you. All flames will be printed out and mocked okay.

We may seem insane and we are but not that insane well okay yes we are. If anyone out there ever wants to RP give me an e-mail!

I hate just made a C2, we are brand new and have nothing! If you wanna join just contact me and I'll put you on the add on list baby!



"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." -Friedrich Nietzsche

" Life is not a game or a book. Life is a play, the world is a stage, the sun is your spotlight, nature is your rhythm and music, and life is the biggest role you will ever get. Are you going to waste your big chance?" -Me! I came up with it!

"To err is forgive is divine" -not a clue

"If beauty is only skin deep then how can we judge what beauty is?"-on the spot questioning

"Humanity is both the combination and seperation of instinct and intelligance. When it comes right down to it, every human is actually a primal creature waiting to be unleashed. Such is our fate as Mortals" -Once again me, in one of my angstier, humanity hating moods

"Love is not a choice, it can't be forced...unless you're playing The Sims, then it can be forced."- My pal Trin (That's her nickname)

"Evil will always prevail because dumb" - Dark Helmet, Space Balls

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." -Albert Einstein

"Do not meddle in the affairs of slashers, for you are cute, and would look good with another guy"-Simply a word to the wise

"A government big enough to give you what you need is big enough to take everything you have...It is shown that as a government grows, liberty decreses"- Thomas Jefferson

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