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Deleted all of my stuff. Can't find where to get rid of the account itself, but all the better I guess. I'm retiring from the fanfiction business, though with a heavy heart. I loved this stuff, but it's too distracting, and too distracting for the people I care about (friends and reviewers). The Lord is coming, Judgement is coming, and I gotta get moving. There's too much to do and practically no time left. For all the years this place has been my home...I'm both eternally grateful and as equally disgusted with myself that I wasted so much of my time reading and writing when I should have been edifying my spirit with more righteous things. :sigh: Alas, nothing to do now but prepare as best I can in whatever little time's left.

And no, I haven't gone crazy, before anyone asks. I've finally woken up to the world around me. It's been slow, and I've been resistant, but I'm finally growing up. For those of you not right with the Lord I suggest getting right with Him. The clock is ticking.

~ 5 - 10 - 2010

000 I officially hate fandom for me not being able to quit you entirely. I tried...and failed miserably. And people have left me such sweet, endearing messages... ):

As it's been on my mind a lot, I guess I can tentively say that I MIGHT--and that's a huuuge MIGHT--bring a few of my fics back. The M-rated ones are out of the question (with the possible exception of one for...admittedly...less than noble reasons) unless I can somehow get rid of the "action", but I have quite a few others that I can re-post. (I'd bring Kyuuketsuki's rating down to T, since it was going to be forever before I got to the love scene anyway, so it's not like anybody would be missing out plot-wise.) I'm just determined to clean them up before I do, however, and that will probably take forever. And there's still an undetermined time-limit hanging on the world that's ever on my mind. :sigh: Anyway, this isn't a definite by any means, but anybody who still even visits this page (which...would be really surprising, actually) can thank those who have been kind and considerate enough to contact me over the summer. It's only thanks to them that I've even deeply considering this. :)

~ 9 - 7 - 2010