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Author has written 11 stories for Pokémon, Digimon, Gundam Wing/AC, and X/1999.

Alright, let's delete this whole silly thing and start from scratch, shall we? My name is Teena. I'm an author. I'm not writing as much these days, but I'd like to get back to it sooner or later. I used to have a metric buttload of last names, all of which had some sort of backstory to them. I've grown out of that, so it's just Teena now.

I'm working rather stubbornly on some original stuff, which, of course, can't go up here. I have my finger in a fair number of other pies, too. Then I wonder why I don't get much work done on any of them...

~Works in Progress~

Official Fanfiction University of X-Some utter childish twit gave it a review going 'Ha ha, I'm telling.' Then it got taken down by the admins. I still have it, and sooner or later I might get back to it and put it up somewhere else. I still have the enrollments, and I still have Plans for two certain overly creative individuals.

Princeling- This is up in its entirety on mediaminer. Not counting the still incomplete chapter 12. Sorry, I've been having a large amount of trouble with computers and floppies.

Spellbound- Oh Goddramon, I am SO stuck on this one. I haven't really even STARTED the next chapter. I have vague concepts, but nothing is forming up. Sorry.

Danse Macabre- It's on mediaminer, but I know the last update was a couple years ago. I haven't precisely abandoned it, I've just been suffering large amounts of computer issues. And now that I have a computer with a floppy drive, my floppy itself is misbehaving. I can't win. The attempt to gain an actual Real Life also causes complications.

There is other stuff in progress, but those are the big ones that I'm guilting over not finishing. There are also a few things in progress that haven't been posted yet.

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Court of Souls by Mirriem reviews
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Cut reviews
Just a ficlet I wrote for GWML long ago. A drabble about the boys and Relena being actors in GW. PG for yaoi and innuendo.
Gundam Wing/AC - Rated: K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,121 - Reviews: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 5/3/2004
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Mono reviews
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B.A. Kaizer reviews
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I Turn To You
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Goodnight reviews
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Yaoi Lovers Anonymous- a la Teena reviews
Basically just my initiation requirement for POYG. PG13 mainly for yaoi and innuendo. Multi-fandom.
Digimon - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,043 - Reviews: 4 - Follows: 1 - Published: 8/29/2001
Revealing Truths reviews
(sequel to Hidden Truths) PG for yaoi and innuendo.... Okay, Ashy-boy, spit it out. Time to tell your friends the unvarnished truth. Be happy, you people who wanted him to tell Brock and Misty. Here it is. Shishi, fluffy, things like that.
Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,323 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 2 - Published: 5/11/2001
Hidden Truths reviews
Fluff. Cute, sappy, nearly pointless, FLUFF. Ash and Gary, sitting by a lake, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. ...I stink at summaries. (Shishi, a.k.a YAOI)
Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,437 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/20/2001