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I've been away for a while but I'M BACK, BABY, YEAH!!!

Apologies for my absense, my life got complicated & Cordelia went on holiday. A very long holiday. Anyway, I don't have a great deal of new ideas, but you might find a new fic posted from time to time. I've deleted a couple of things...

I write Buffy fic, almost always. I have been known to write PotC and Harry Potter, but it's always been so lame that I didn't put it up.

My OTP is Angel/Spike.

Buffy can do what she likes. I dislike Buffy-Bashing, but I have no great desire for her to be with either vamp.

My muse is called Cordelia and she's a stroppy little muse. This means I suffer from writer's block a lot. Unfortunately this also means I don't update regularly. I'm sorry. And I know people get frustrated and annoyed and I have lost a lot of readers because of it.

Apologies - the formatting in my earlier work SUCKS. Sorry about that.

Also I'm English, and so things I write will be full of Brit-spell and Briticisms. :D

(Skip this bit if you want - it's just info on my fics)

My fics:

Fledgeling - is my baby-fic. This is the one I love and cherish, but I did write it a long time ago so the writing (especially in the first few chapters) is not of great quality. I'm thinking of re-writing some of it. ETA: I don't like it anymore. But meh, read if you like.

Earthquake - follows vaguely on from Fledgeling. Vaguely. Inspired by my own geography lessons.

Letter to Buffy and Haunting song - The first fics I wrote. When I wasn't brave enough to write Spike and Angel in the same fic. (God knows why...)

Handicapped - Set sometime during Angel. It can't be S2 because Fred's there, but Connor's not around yet so... I don't know exactly when. Oh yeah, and Spike's living there. I never got around to working out why.

Little boy lost -When I got my GCSE Anthology book, I read a bit one day, and these two little short poems by William Blake were on the page. I read them, thought of Spike/Will, then re-read them and pondered over what words to change to make it basically more about Will. Hope you enjoy, and if you're looking for the original poems they can be found here and here.


School Days - AU. Set in England, because that's where I live, and I suck at stuff set it America.

We won't fade away - Post NFA. Just like all the other ones out there, probably. Written out of comfort to myself when Angel ended. ETA: Ended because I couldn't come up with a decent plotline, so it stands as it is.

The order of Auralius - I always wondered how Darla kept up the relationship with her Sire, the Master, considering she was out with Angelus for hundreds of years. Plus, I just like the idea of poor Will getting bullied by everyone. Heheheh.

Disclaimer here because I always forget: I do not own Buffy the vampire Slayer, or Angel the series, or any of the characters or settings derived from them. I am not profiting from this fic in anyway, and I fully accept thatI'm playing with someone else's toys here. I promise to take care of them and return them to Joss when I'm done.

Please don't flame me. Cos that would just be lame. Although, I am trying my hardest to improve at the moment, so if you can, give me some tips in your reviews? please?

If you like my writing style, then I've got some original stuff over at Fictionpress

And finally, any Angel(us)/Spike fans out there - go and check out thereferencekeywhere you will find A Lot Of Good Stuff including Peasant my Favourite Author Ever. (Except you guys at ff.net, of course!) Just go, and if you're a writer, register your stuff. The aim is apparently to have a reference for all the A/S stuff out there. (Notice mine isn't there (yet), because I still think it needs some fine tuning before I send it out into the big wide world of Official Registering. =D)

With regards to beta-ing: People have asked me to beta for them and I have turned them down on the basis that I don't/didn't see myself as an experienced enough or talented writer to take on beta-ing yet. Having thought about it a lot recently and realising that to really improve, a beta is a useful thing, I would be happy to do my best as a beta for you - just ask me in a review or email and give me a link or attachment to some of your writing, and I will probably accept. I might even ask you to be my beta - I'm looking for someone but mainly I'm too scared to ask the people I think of as brilliant writers incase they think it's not worth beta-ing. Eh. That took longer than I thought it would to say.

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