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~Welcome Readers~

Hey, my name is Leah. I'm 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. I have been writing fanfictions for about 4 years, with a 2 year break in the middle. I had a bad case of writers block and just stopped. Also I was just getting into highschool and was very busy. But my cousin reminded me of it so here I am. I am hopefully gonna start updating Summer At the Weasley's. So please check that one out soon. And if you would like to contact me my AIM is x1diamondxrose1x.

~Just a Visual~

Well I am about 5'7" and have brown hair with a natural red tint. In the summer I get natural blonde highlights. I have hazel eyes and very light olive skin. People would say my body type would be average. So I will go with that. I'm not fat, not skinny. Just somewhere in the middle. In school I don't really have a clique, I am just kinda everywhere. I don't dress one certain way, I dress how I feel like it.


I am, for the most part a very easy going person. I hardly ever snap on people. And if you treat me well and with respect, then I shall give you that as well. If you don't and you strike me the wrong way than you can start running, but I have only had to do that to like 2 people in my life. So I think your safe. I am probably one of the best friends you could ever have if you trust me. I will help you, stick up for you, but only if I think I can get the same treatment from you. I will be nice to you as long as you don't give me a reason to treat you any other way. But I am a very untrusting person. I won't trust anyone until they give me a reason to. And I only have about 2 people I could trust with my life. But I am one of the most trustworthy people you can meet.

~Interests and Disinterests~

I am very intersested in music, computers, photography, going to the mall, hanging out with friend, and yes In the Groove. It like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), but better. I recently got a playstation and I love playing that too.

Things that disintrest me are people who have a "I'm better than everyone" attitude. No one is better than anyone, unless your like a murderer, then everyone is better than you, but um anyway. Smoking and drugs are a very big thing. Can't stand them but yeah thats me. lol


I understand my stories my not be the best, hell they may even be horible, but please don't flame. I spend alot of my time thinking and writing, and when someong leaves a comment like "OMG This was horible take this off, blah blah blah..." it hurts. And everyone can do without it. So please don't flame. If you don't like the story simply stop reading it.

~Check This Out~

In my family I am not the only one who is into writing. My cousin who is 1 year older than me is also a very good writer. So check her stuff out. Her Pen Name is x1xToughxLovex1x. She just put a new story up and its rather good.

Thanks for reading this if you bothered to. lol

I shall be updating soon.

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Too Many Bloody Clichés by RootbeerFloatShallPrevail reviews
A hilarious comedy about all the bloody clichés Draco and Hermione go through. Now Draco and Hermione have become aware of it, but can they escape the clichés before they endanger their lives?
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Harry feels left out and betrayed by the world, he feels so alone, but is he the only one who feels this way? I suck at summaries plz rr thanks ..
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Should've Been More Careful by Sassy Smirk reviews
How was she suppose to know that she would fall in love with a boy like him? ”You didn’t; That’s why you should’ve been more careful,” he said simply.
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Changes, Pranks, and Romance by dracos hottie27 reviews
R just in case, twinhermione fic, hope u like, plz r&r basicly about changes, pranks and romance between two people,or more you'll have to read to find out. Please, I have seen how many hits this story gets,just review, even if it's only Update!
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COMPLETE Hermione is being abused by her stepfather and is miserable. She writes a letter and sends it off into the sea, thinking no one will ever find it. Oh how wrong she was. R for later chapters. Warning: Contains rape
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Complicated Love reviews
Hermione and Fred have been dating for a year, and now Hermione is in her final year. The twins have also decided to come back and finish. But conflict will arise when Hermione is left with a decision. Will she make the right one?
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Summer at the Weasley reviews
Well everything starts fine, Hermione & Harry go to the Burrow for the summer and a little romance blossoms between Hermione and Fred. But what happens when Draco & Hermione are Head boygirl and Draco intervenes in Hermione and Freds life? CHP. 18 IS UP!
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