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Author has written 10 stories for Anime X-overs, Naruto, Pokémon, X-Men: Evolution, Blood+, Card Captor Sakura, Prince of Tennis, and Inuyasha.

name: Jeff Avalon

Age: 26

Height: 5'4

Weight: 125

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Hometown: San Jose, CA, now living in San Francisco.

Birthplace: San Jose, CA

Race: Japanese/Filopino/French.

Famous people that I met: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Halle Berry

Favoite type of shows: Anime and Reality TV

Company Name: Yahiko Organization.

Favorite Characters:

Yahiko Myojin (Rurouni Kenshin):I wouldn't be successful without Yahiko Myojin and I thank him and by thanking him that I would write intresting stories about him and support him the best as I can. The reason I like this character that I like the kid of the show and Yahiko is the kid of Rurouni Kenshin and to be honest that I like Yahiko out of any cartoon or any character in television.

Li Syaoran (Cardcaptors): Again I like the the kids of the show and they are usually boys. I also support his pride and try to bring him far by writing stories and making him the lead. Li Syaoran is my second favorite cartoon of the whole world and I couldn't get far with my life without him so I have to support him and I'm happy to support him.

Jim Hawking (Outlaw Star): I like Jim Hawking in Outlaw Star because he was the kid of the show. I was disappointed that he wasn't a combat person so I would support him in my stories making him a combat person and the lead. Jim is my third favorite cartoon in televison and I would like to see him in more combat than the computer.

Sai Saici (G Gundam): I do have my own imagination during the series and I do imagine that a Kothic Apprentice to Knight (More like a Jedi Knight skills) and I do support him that I can because he's the kid of the show and if you are wondering why not Hoi well I like the kids that has the most role of the show. Yes Sai Saici is my fourth favorite cartoon in the world and I going to support him at the best as I can .

Toboe (Wolf's Rain): Toboe is my fifth favorite cartoon in the world and I would like to support him and make him stronger in my stories like "The Phantom Wolf" by making him a great martial arts fighter and making him one of the best cartoons in the world and I'm happy doing that for him. Toboe is one of the greatest cartoon in the world and I'll make sure of that.

Bio of story writing: I've been writing for 15 years. The first fanfiction was Fievel from American Tail. Then later I start doing new cartoons but it never worked. Last I turn to Anime and it works. I will always write the small onces in the show like Yahiko Myojin, Sai Saici, and other young ones.
My next goal is to create my own movie studio and make the Anime to a real live movie films and make my stories come to that reality.

Story Status:

Storm Fighters: In Progress

The Anime Investigation: Finished

Hinata or Sakura: In Progress

Storm Fighters: I have deleted the story because it was not getting much fan base. I will return it with a better story line and will be split into seven parts.

Stories Coming Soon:


I am writing part 1 of Virtue Fighters. I may put the Virtue Fighters into five parts.


My stories coming in will be slow because I'm be going to Stanford University.

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