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Well, i'm jus a 13 yr old girl who likes writing fanfics^_^(I share
this account with my sis so sumtimes she review my stories 0_o and it
seems like I did it) I spend most of my time on the comp, so feel free
to drop me an e-mail. If you're bored and lookin for sumthing to do,
plz feel free to read one of my fanfic(s) the yugioh one had been
published in quizilla and had been praised by countless readers^_^

I think u would like it if u love yugioh. Plz R&R!

Im also thinking/making a new fanfic. The thing is, i get ideas all the
time but never really bother to write them down, and when i do
make sumthin into a story, im always too lazy to updateX_x LOL well
i'll try mah best^^;;

Here are my top three fave manga/anime tat i absolutely adore!

basket)- my #1 fave manga! it has everything, romance/comedy, actions,
etc and anything else u would want in a manga.

Rurouni Kenshin-a great classic involving samurai, romance,comedy and plenty of actions^^

wonderful combo of demons, ghosts, spirits and all those stuff. I
highly recommend it to ppl who likes inuyasha and shaman king, bleach

Well those are my top 3, here are sum more manga/anime titles i hav read and like:

xxxholic,tsubasa, fushigi yugi, alice the 19th, inuyasha, mermaid saga, the ring^^, saiyuki, doraemon=D, pretear, pita ten, yyh,shaman king, X-day, and so many more^.~

Here are mah fave pairings, hehehhe, i'll keep on ranting 4ever!

sesshoumaru/kikyou-from iy as u can c, and the only reason to keep me readin/watchin the series. I dun care wat u bashers say out there, im stayin from to my opinion>=3

kik/inu-theyre ok i suppose, i use to love this pairing, b4 i found out tat im obsess with sess/kik! w00t still its worth puttin up^^

kagome/shippou- lol this is more like a mocking pair, since i hate kagome-_-;; but if u think about it, shippou hav a crush on kagome ever since they met, even though their age is dif(and height) it still is cute=D

Atemu/Mana-the cutest childhood couple in ygo!

kenshin/misao-haha more like kenshin/kaoru, and aoshi/misao right? nope, i like this pair ever since they introduced them=) aoshi is more like a brother to misao, and kaoru and yahiko makes a perfect mocking pair in mah opinion!^_-


tats all for now...0.0...XD hehhe i'll add more soon...

Here is my all time fave band:


w00t dun they jus rox??! evanescence is good also^^

Well i suppose tat is all^^;; read my fanfic now, i command u0_o lmao, jk but do try it at least=D

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