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Author has written 4 stories for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and My Little Pony.

Country: USA

Likes: TMNT, MLP; FiM, Digimon, Adventures of Tintin, Princess Tutu, Alice 19th, Wizard of Oz, Cose Geass, Ghost Stories(English dub), No Game No Life, RWBY, and so much more I can't name them all.

Gender: Female

Age Rage: Young Adult

OC List (so far)

Name: Terentia (nicknames: Tia, by her brothers and everyone else; Rintee, by Leonardo occasionally; Sissy, by Michelangelo)

Age: 11

Skin Color: Pale green(being a mutant ninja turtles)

Eye Color: Violet

Additional Ficures: Six fingers (three on each hand), four toes (in total), dark strawberry-blonde hair; usually put into a bun or in a single braid, a Yin-Yang necklace made out of wood, and wears a white mask

Weapon/s: A Kyoketsu-shogei, a weapon similar to a kurigama but with a knife instead of a Kama

Favorite pastime: Reading a good book, writing down her adventures in her "Adventure Journal," or practicing her singing

Least favorite pastime: Watching sports(any kind of sport) or horror movies

Favorite food: Pizza

Least favorite food: Veggies

Personality: Terentia is like a combination of all four of her brothers. She’s calm and mature for her age, yet if her buttons are pushed(whether it’s a bad guy who threatens her family, or just Raph giving her a hard time) she will blow up in anger. She’s also very smart, book smart that is, yet isn’t a stranger to show off her goofy, childish side. But, she’s very shy, often letting her brothers(mostly Mikey) do the talking.

Relationships with the Characters

Leonardo: With Leo, Terentia often has an easier time opening up to him about her feelings, since she know he will listen. In return, Tia will usually give advise to Leo if he ever begins to doubt his position as leader. Often times, since they're usually the first ones to wake up, some mornings they do early training together. Although, Leo can get a little overprotective of Tia(not to the extent of Splinter), which bugs her when he does. But, she knows she's the youngest, so she lets it go. Some of the time.

Michelangelo: Arguably, these two are the closest, since their both the two youngest in the family. Even those the two do seem like they wouldn't get along, the pair make a good team; whether it be combat or otherwise. Of the two, Tia would be considered the strategic of them. Often times, if Mikey ever gets in trouble because of some sort of distraction, nine times out ten, Tia usually is there to save his shell. And nine out of ten, he's there to save her if she needs too.

Donatello: Even those Donnie is more tech smart and Tia is more book smart, both of them are considered the "brainiacs" of the turtles. Despite that, the two of them aren't the closest. However, once the two put their minds together, they can practically come up with a near perfect strategy.

Raphael: Of the five turtles, their relationship is the most strained. They mostly get into fights more often than not. While not as violent as him and Leo, most of their arguments are verbal, but occasionally it can get physical. But, often time when they aren't arguing, they often tease each other, to show each other how much they care for one another without actually saying so.

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Send requests for any prompts or scenarios you would like from this story. Anything you guys can think of, I will do my best to write them perfectly. Angst and Fluff is welcomed.
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