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Hello everybody!

I'm 18 and I've been writing stories of my own for a couple of years so I have plenty of experience in this field. I really love to write, but what I find better is when people love what I write.

Just a note, I will draw out all characters and stories in the most serious way I can.

I really don't have much to say on this part of the profile. I'll focus less on boasting it out on this board and letting you see it all put into stories. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!


Now, ever since I started my account and spread my inspiration to the web I've gotten a lot of PM's about my name, specifically the last part. It's a term I coined a few months back, and you guessed it, I was a big Skyrim fan. In fact it wasn't too long ago that a fellow FanFictionian by the name of Firem78910 further pinpointed the name by spelling it in the language of the dragons, Novahakiin (similar to Dovahakiin: "Dragonborn"). Thanks Firem!

But what does it mean to be a Novahakiin, a Novelborn?

How should I put this?

All people have a sense of creativity. I mean, look at all of your favorite authors and even fellow FanFictionians. Creativity can mold fantasies that can truly amaze. But unfortunately it isn't the real thing. The heroes from your own stories aren't just going to leap off of the pages and talk to you in person. Right?

Well under ordinary circumstances, yes, it would be impossible. But there are people out in this world who have an imagination that is impossible to suppress. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are more creative, just harder to hold in. For these people, their fantasies fill their every moment, and thinking of new ideas is something that happens subconsciously. Their dreams become so strong, so uncontrollable, that it has to break the boundaries of the human mind and the person's creations take on lives of their own.

These dreamers are what I refer to as the Novelborn, the Novahakiin. I am one of them.

They have appeared throughout history and many have come to power with these natural gifts working in the shadows. Some even falsely passed themselves off as gods in ancient pagan civilizations.

So it is very clear that I'm not the first nor will I be the last. But I am the first one to coin a name for myself and predecessors, the Novelborn, Novahakiin.

As such, my OC's and some of the pre-existing characters from my stories can come to life! Miki, Rico J. Sinker, Nimbus Altos; they're all real! Heck even the lovely Arachne is real, but she dresses in modern clothes when in the physical world. For safety's sake, I have to keep some of them separated based on affiliations and stories. You see, we can't let Rico and Arachne come into contact with each other. We all know that Rico would fall right into Arachne's arms and willingly surrender his blood supply to her. I don't want to see how that turns out.

But there is a type of interaction that my fictional friends are willing to start: a conversation with you! For any readers who would like to ask a question to one of the characters, I'm creating a system to where you can PM me and get a response from any character. I will post their responses along with your question on the board itself! If you want to remain anonymous, that's perfectly fine!

To mail them, just PM me and put "OC Question" or "OCQ" in the subject box followed by the OC's name and series.

Remember, the OC's want to hear your voice.

Beowulf the Novelborn (and the OC gang) out!

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