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Discontinued Project(s): Those Were The Days - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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Here's the latest: New Year's Crush has been updated at last! A short chapter but proof that I have been released from the vengeful Author's Block. I plan to write chapter 5 sometime this week. I can't guarantee then. I'm thinking Thursday night or Sunday, the latest. I've been thinking of adding a little drama into the fic to make it a tad bit realistic. Now the gang will face actual adult problems just like us meaning there will be no more little kid stuff like Robotnik coming to kidnap little girls and animals XP. Besides that, I have not much to say about my other fics. I can see myself working on Rouge's Diary a little more once I get halfway through with N.Y.C. (and believe me, it won't be for a while because most of the stories I've written in the past are maaaaad long). Wish me luck :D


The new year's begun and no update in two months? Don't worry about it. Mid-Terms are in a week so I plan to begin writing again on the weekend of the 26th so check back then. See ya.


Hee-hee, I am impressed! I updated RIGHT on the 26th. I'm proud of myself :)
Well anyway, the update is, of course New Year's Crush. It feels to be moving along nicely. I have some new ideas for the chapters that follow in which you will be exposed to the gang again (Tails, Knuckles, etc.). It might turn out to be somewhat of an intense story... I try to maintain it in the Sonic Universe but the Sonic Universe revolves mostly around kiddie stuff. Let's spice things up a little, shall we? Plus, this is fan fiction. I have a bit of leeway, don't I?


Summer '08 all ready? Eh, apparently so... well okay, it took me long enough but chapter 7 of New Year's Crush is finally up. Surprisingly, people haven't been bothering me too much about updates this time around. I just hope people are still reading it :/


It's been a while (yet again) since anyone's heard from me. So hi! Yes, I am alive and am hoping to submit Chapter 8 of New Year's Crush before or during Christmas break if all goes accordingly. As far as my other stories, I can't guarantee their definite return. Rouge's Diary may either be re-written or wiped out completely. I haven't made my decision. But seeing as it hasn't gotten anywhere as far as plotline, I'll probably delete it. One day. I'm too lazy to do anything at the moment. xP Check back again around the holidays. Layta! ;x


Word on the street is that three stories have officially been deleted. I decided that I really haven't had the time nor inspiration to continue any of them. Those Were the Days will no longer be continued but will stay up because I have a feeling that I'll be burned at a stake if I delete it x.X; As for New Year's Crush, no I'm not giving up on it but as you can see, I am taking my sweet, sweet time on it. As for now, it will be the only project on hiatus and my last project ever on Sorry for the news guys! I'll update again when I get back on writing again.


I'm sad... my slow butt decided to update on 10/11/10 instead of 10/10/10. Fail :( But yeah, to be honest I completely forgot about this place. A ton of stuff has happened over the past year and I really haven't been keeping up with writing anymore (unless it's absolutely necessary... skewl papers ftw D:) But after I saw some old Word documents titled "NYC" I remembered about the story that I never get to finish. And it actually had a really good plot, or at least in my opinion. But as time goes by, the ideas sort of get washed out in my head and I lose that train of ideas. It would be great if I got to finish it because it was actually getting really fun to write during the last few chapters. So let's see how this all goes and hopefully I could pick it back up :) of course, the unfortunate thing is that this story is literally half a decade old so I've probably lost most of my readers and the older Sonic fanbase, especially since the Sonic Universe keeps evolving in both games and the anime that's out (is it still running?) And to be honest, I don't keep up with Sonic anymore. Sonic Adventure 2 was the best for me and everything that came out after that lacked originality in plot and game structure and I just lost interest. So if it's ok for new (and old) readers, I want to make it clear once more that New Year's Crush starts right after Sonic Adventure 2, which is why none of the new characters are included. Not okay with that? Then it may not be a good read for you. Either way, I hope whoever is reading my work fully enjoys it. Thanks for keeping me on and making me come back :)


Oh wow, I never actually thought I'd ever write another update again haha. It's been like a million years. Or just four. Mostly because I rarely ever visit this site anymore or have time (or motivation) to continue the only active story I have on here. It's been a long, rough journey and unfortunately I don't write much in general these days. But I am trying to change that because I'm currently trying to get back into writing so I can pen out a novel I've had in my head for years but never had the courage to write. Plus I owe it to myself to finish at least ONE story I write...right? Honestly, I've NEVER finished a story in my life. I've always had this awful habit of starting something up and then abandoning it halfway through to write something new. Even though New Year's Crush is a Sonic fic, a little juvenile for my age, and already 9 years old since I started it (I was like 12-13), it's something I feel strongly about finishing. It would be an accomplishment (like yay!! I finally finished my story after nearly a decade!!) So yeah, I'm most definitely gonna be coming back to add more chapters and hopefully finish the damn thing up. The way the story's unfolding, it's definitely going to have a dark/dramatic undertone as opposed to whatever I must have had in mind when I was 12 (which was probably originally gonna be a romantic love triangle).

But there's one thing I do want to address, since I've been getting loads of these types of comments for years. One recurring detail in the middle chapters is that Shadow is a robot. A lot of you expressed how bothersome this is because it's inaccurate of Shadow. You guys said that Shadow is the ultimate life form, and that doesn't make him a robot. See, when Sonic Adventure 2 came out, I was about 8 or 9 and didn't understand this concept. There's a scene in the game that explains Shadow's background and how Dr. Eggman's grandfather constructed him before locking him away for 50 years (or something like that? I'm only going off my memory and it's kind of hazy by now). I was never able to fully grasp what type of being he is and I guess I kinda likened him to some sort of robot capable of adapting to new things (like a computer program) especially because Maria was the one who taught him most of the things he knows. As a kid, I didn't understand much of it and as I got older, I never really looked further into it. I just wrote about what I knew and assumed it was correct. Given that my understanding of this is still rather vague, you're more than welcome to message me your input on this subject so I could improve Shadow's part in the story and give a more accurate depiction of him (now that I think of it, PLEASE DO SO).

But that pretty much sums that up. I'll be back hopefully soon. Take care, lovelies. xx

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