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Ohayo, mes amis:

I'm sorry that I don't write very much or very often, but I'm busy procrastinating. So, you know. I do what I can, when I can, and... I am so, so sorry. I love fanfiction, though. I tend to get violently angry when someone says that it's stupid or pathetic (which it may be, just a little), because it's still great fun. Besides, sometimes it takes a while for authors or artists to get their characters, you know, just right. Really, I think that we fanfiction-ka are doing the public a favor, entertaining them while Kazuya Minekura-sensei works out when the best time would be for Gojyo and Hakkai to come out with their love for each other. And then, you know, screw.


Enjoy, my chickens, enjoy everything for as long as you can. And, you know, review like crazy.



P.S: (sorry about this rant, but...) Like, omigod, a new rant!

I was reading somewhere that no one likes to come to to read Saiyuki fanfiction because of all the Mary Sues. So SNORKY's a little cheesed off.

Because they're totally right. Every time I come here, the number of Sues has inexplicably multiplied, each more out-of-character and dripping with expected plot scenarios than the next (a half-breed woman for Gojyo, little girl for Goku, random Buddhist monk woman huh? for Sanzo, and someone with green eyes for Hakkai). Listen Sue-writers, I know you want Sanzo to fall in love with you. We all do. It's really nothing to be ashamed of. So if you want to make up the love sonnet Sanzo will write to you and play it in your mind as you fall asleep at night, go right on ahead. If you want to write a story about your children and growing old together, great. But please, for the love of Buddha, leave it on your computer and don't send it to ours! You're destroying's reputation, you're alienating possible readers! There are SO many great writers out there (KarotsaMused, Celrevia, Sora-kun, etc.) who deserve to be read and appreciated for their talent and their stories! AND YOU'RE SCREWING THEM OVER.

So, please, stop it. Dedicate yourselves to wonderful stories that will do justice to our boys and the great sensei, Kazuya.

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