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Author has written 5 stories for Naruto, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Update: 18 December 2009

On hiatus until further notice.

Never Ever (Naruto) : My very first piece of fanfiction. When I first started writing this piece, the manga was at an odd point in time--Sasuke had just run off to join the Sound, everyone was trying to get him back, and I began thinking, "What if things had been different?" and then, out of nowhere, this idea pops up. The title comes from the song 'Never Ever' by Ayumi Hamasaki, though I wasn't so much inspired by the lyrics as I was the song itself. If you have a chance, try and listen to the original version. There's a light music box-like sound reminiscent of childhood, and then the song rises before falling back to that tinkling melody. The Naruto of 'Never Ever' is a shinobi, trained to kill and grown-up by our standards. He encounters strife and deals with it as a full grown shinobi should, but, inescapably, he always returns to the melody of his childhood.

The Other Side (Naruto) : Sequel to 'Never Ever'. There was no creativity in this title, unfortunately. The Leaf demanded Naruto's return, thus Naruto is forced to defect to the other side. However, as this is still a work in progress, hopefully I will be able to convey to you Naruto's change as his ways of thinking and learning is altered and he is forced to look at 'the other side' of what it means to be a shinobi, to be a Kage.

Mr. Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist/Harry Potter) : Written shortly after the final episode of Full Metal Alchemist. As the ending of the anime was not exactly a happy one, I sought to rectify what I thought were it's shortcomings (bratty teenager, please to forgive). The more I wrote, however, the more ideas I got and the more I wanted to turn into a 'real' story. Thus...

Endless Moment (Fullmetal Alchemist/Harry Potter) : My worst planned story up to date. I had an ending in mind, but with only five of the Harry Potter books (I'm a big stickler for canon happenings), there was a huge question as to how I was going to reach that ending. Still is a big question, as showing progression and logical train of thought is not something I'm terribly good at doing. But I am still trying. The title was inspired by the w-inds. song 'Endless Moment'. Notable lyric translations: When you sleep, what kind of dreams to you see? Then, what is it you leave behind when you wake? If these eyes see tomorrow, then it won't be easy to keep all of these worries in...I found the answer, it will disappear. When I finally finish Endless Moment, hopefully you will see where they come into play.

Mind Games (Naruto) : No creativity with this title either. On hiatus until both The Other Side and Endless Moment are completed.

Fanfiction writing is a hobby, not my life. If updates cease, assume it is because reality has taken command of my attention.

That said, I have a certain amount of commitment to my writing. Assume that they will never be abandoned for any reason, please.

I'm always open to criticisms and suggestions, though regrettably, I can't always respond to criticisms and suggestions. Assume that I keep them in mind should you toss me a note; I read every one and I take them to heart.

I am truly terrible--and I mean truly terrible--at writing romance. I am not a very romantic person by nature, thus in most of my writing, pairings and couples usually take a backseat to action and story.

I like video games, dry wit, and straightforward people.

I dislike straightforward writing, most shoujo manga, and the word "kawaii".

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