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That is not my homepage but it is my fav. site next to this place!
Hair: Blond
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I can be a little intense at times because I like to speak my mind and when I do I speck so every one can hear me. I usually say that if you don't like me speaking my mind that's just fine don't listen.

I love Harry Potter books
Final Fantasy X (haven't played Final Fantasy X-2 :-( )
Kingdom Harts (cant what for Kingdom Harts 2 looks even better than the first)
Zelda The Windwaker
I have big crushes on
Tides (Final Fantasy)
Riku (Kingdom harts)
Harry Potter (DUH)...
This could go on for days and days. So I'll stop.

Fav. Music
Simple Plan
This also could go on for days and days. So I'll stop.

Dislikes:???? A lot I guess

If you think that my wrighting sucks and I should stop. Please wright. And yes I'm serious cuze I need a wrighters opinion on my work!TY!

OK I'm going to take up some of your time by ranting about J.K. Roling for a minute now (I just want you all to know I really do love her and she is one of the best wrighters of our time If not of all time but she has really upset me on a couple of levels and I have to get it out after this I will go back to loving her Ok Ok). First HOW DARE SHE KILL OFF SIRIUS HE IS MY FAV. CHARACTER and... SHE DOESN'T HAVE ANY WRIGHT (well actually she does because she is the creator of it but that's not the point). Also how could she approve the script for the 3rd movie I just think it need more or just to add one more seen the one where Dumbledore tells Harry that when he saved Peters life Peter was then in debt to him and would one day have to save his life. That's it just that one seen because I know that it will be important later.Thank you for your time that is all! I think...

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Not So Alone Anymore by Wicked Dreamz reviews
DONE! Harry and Hermione are forced to stay at Grimmauld Place for one month when dangers arise. The two must fend for themselves in Sirius’s creepy house in which may lurk anything from dust bunnies, to ghosts and goblins. Will love creep up on them? R&R
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[AU] In Harry's sixth year, he begins preparing for Voldemort in earnest. He finds escape in the form of a competition hosted by the Weasley twins to crown the best prankster at Hogwarts, and comfort in the arms of an unexpected girl.
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I'm so sorry. This is what happens...well, you'll see. Actually, just don't read it. Go read another one of my stories. Do yourself a favor. Thank you.
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