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I changed my name from Jinikatt789 to KuriousKittyKat. Just wanted to clear that up!

I'm a thirteen year old girl who is completely and totaly obsessed with Chad Michael Murray,Michael Phelps (he is so freaking hot!), boys, chopsticks for your hair, the color purple, and cats,all of which will be included in my fics. I have a kitty named Sweetie who is kinda psychotic and likes to bite my toes while I'm on the computer. I live in the middle of the desert in Texas in a BIG city. (No, I DO NOT have a horrible accent!) I'm actually hispanic. I don't have much inspiration for my stories considering I live in the middle of the desert. That's why some of my stories seem dumb. I get the inspiration for my stories from my school which is really crazy considering it is a religious school.(I'm top in my class, I don't know why considering i don't like school and I never study. No, I'm not a geek with glasses and braces.) I have to wear a uniform. Yuck! I also get the ideas for my stories from my friends house. She has a lot of brothers and sisters (I have none) and all of them are always doing something crazy. I am also obsessed with the bands Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Maroon 5, Simple Plan, GwenStefani,not to mention Usher(a very wierd combo of music, I know). So remember, if you don't like kitties, boys and/or purple, stay away!
Thank you and goodnight.
I almost forgot to tell you my favorite joke. Religious people, don't be offended. Remember I go to a religious school, I hear this joke all the time in the hallways.

This girl Mary falls asleep in her Religion class and her teacher asks her, "Who created everything?" Then the boy behind Mary sticks her in the butt with a very sharp pencil and she yells out,"God Almighty!"
Then her teacher responds,"Very good Mary". Then Mary falls back asleep. Then her teacher asks her
"Who is the savior of all people?" Then Mary gets stuck in the butt again and screams out,"Jesus Christ!" The teacher responds," That is the correct answer Mary, I see you have been studdying." Mary falls asleep for the third time. Then the teacher asks her one more question,"What did Leah say to Jacob after their 13th child?" Mary got stuck in the butt again and screamed," if you stick that in me one more time, I swear to God, I'm going to break it off!"

I love that joke! Anyways, Please read and review my stories!

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The Prefect's Bathroom by The Leopardess reviews
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The Bachelor by Fluff reviews
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Hogwarts Yearbook reviews
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Voldemort's Shopping Tips reviews
Voldemort giving shopping tips to young teeny boppers. What has the world come to?
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Voldy Moldy's Sensitive Side, Well Sort Of reviews
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Opposite Day reviews
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