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First Name: Katie
Gender: Female (DUH!)
Age: 14
Hair Style: Chocolate brown hair in a low, mid-back curly ponytail, right bang hanging free at chin-length
Eye Color: Jade green
Authoress Fashion Today: Loose black tank top, jeans, black and blue cowboy boots, blue-tinted sunglasses with silver frames for the summer, the oh-so-stylish trademark black authoress beret, and a denim jacket with a black sideways bandana for the winter
Current Location: Oregon, USA (Three cheers for the red, white, and blue!)
Birthday: December 4, 1990
Star Sign: (Birth wise) Saggitarius (Personality wise) Scorpio (In the real world, anyways. Here, my Saggitarian side is FREE!)
Medicine Wheel Sign: (Birth wise) The Elk (Personality wise) The Snake
Element: Fire/Water
Favorite Color: Blue, Green, Purple, Black, and Gray
Favorite Food: Anything with garlic and/or mushrooms, particularly pizza and spaghetti.
Favorite Animal: Wolves (duh) and Big Cats
Weapons of Choice: Katana, Bow and Arrow, Magic Crystals
Things That Give Me Warm, Fuzzy Feelings: My bishies, the scent and/or taste of vanilla and/or strawberries, plushies (particularly of fuzzy animals or my bishies ;) ), reviews, my friends, CYOA's, the night sky, sunsets, water, chibi-bishie fics, baby animals, the classic "person gets stuck in their favorite show" fic, threatening characters to read my disclaimers, rainstorms, silly crossovers and parodies, and snow!
Things That Drive My Warm, Fuzzy Feelings Away: Slash fics, poisonous things, people who flame me and my friends (pyromaniacs), the European Zodiac (It says that a LOT of my bishies and I can't be couples. Only Odd, BB,and Joey are spared, and there are hints that they could be cutaken! Well, to this I say, "To heck with the Zodiac! The Medicine Wheel rocks!"), perfectionists (though I am a little bit of one myself), when I accidentally hurt people's feeling, being rejected or betrayed, squirrels (they're very cute, but they're also bent on world domination!), and fics where my any of the bishies on my list are paired off! ;( (emoticon for the evil eye, and not the Eye of Sauron, either) )

Top 3-10 Faves

Top Three Cartoons:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Okay, so I'm probably not a Turtle fanatic who everything having to do with them by heart, but it's one of my Top Three Favorite Shows now, and I know enough to write a fanfic or two.)
SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron (Loved it ever since I was... seven-ish, I think. I was really sad when Cartoon Network took it off the air. But nowadays, thanks to the miracle of satellite, I can see it again! Thank you, Boomerang!)
Kim Possible (But not much, nowadays. Ron was kicked off my bishie list when DP rolled around. Anime's pretty much my main interest, nowadays.)

Top Seven Anime (this includes americanime and franime):
Xiaolin Showdown (Discovered it by accident, researched it, and began to like it. Maybe I should write a fanfic about it (the discovery, I mean).)
Teen Titans (Loved it LONG before I saw the first airing.)
Yu Yu Hakusho (My best friend (off this site, that is) Britany introduced me to the show- and to one heck of a bishie!)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (At first, I thought Yu-Gi-Oh! was just a bad spin-off of Pokemon and Digimon. But, once again, Britany opened my eyes to this world of magic, fun, and- most importantly- REALLY HOT BISHIES!)
Avatar: The Last Airbender (WOW! It's about time Nickelodeon put some anime in the mix! And I must say, they made a VERY nice choice when they did!)
Code: Lyoko (Now, this one I discovered myself. At first, I liked Ulrich, but then I found out he liked Yumi. I held a grudge for about a week or two, then got over it and found promise in Odd. _ )
Pokemon (Britany gave me hints to this one, too! Gosh, what a great friend I have!)

Top Six Books:
Abarat (Clive Barker is a literary GENIUS! He combines the perfect amounts of horror, fanatasy, action/adventure, and humor to create a deliciously morbid novel. And his illustrations are WONDERFUL! I give it 10 out of 10!)
Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War (Once again, Clive is a literary GENIUS! This is just as great, if not TWICE as much, as the original! I give it 10 out of 10!)
Avalon: Web of Magic series (What a cool series! I especially like Emily, Adrianne, and Stormbringer.)
Avalon: Quest for Magic series (I'm glad Rachel decided to continue the girl's adventures.)
Tokyo Mew Mew manga series (Cool girls with cool powers, animal protection, and tons of really cute (as in cutaken :( ) boys.)
Harry Potter series (POAis mypersonal favebookwise, but WB's new director really butchered the movie! I mean, is it POSSIBLE to have that many plotbunnies in a movie! Oh well, I guess I'll have to forgive them. I mean, they do own the rights to Clay, BB, Joey, and Seto, so I can't sue them or else no more new episodes of their shows! (Lightbulb)Unless I buy out their copyrights ;) )

Top Five Music Artists:
Evanescence (It's just so... dark... and true... I like it, a lot. They just... "Bring Me To Life.")
Avril Lavigne (You go, girl! Her songs, they speak to me! "What more can I say?")
Linkinpark (Wow! They are so COOL!)
Green Day(Those guys rock SO HARD!)
Lonestar (Yeah, I like country. SO WHAT!)

Top Six Movies:
A Knight's Tale (have you noticed that a lot of Ulrich's are cutaken (irresistably cute but taken)? )
Shrek (Taking fractured fairy tales to a whole new level!)
Shrek 2 (Just as captivating, if not more, than the first!)
Monty Python and Holy Grail (My Squeaky is a star! And to this I say... HUZZAH! I laughed so hard that my sides split!)
Ladyhawke (An all-time classic! Cool story, cool actors, and sprinkled with bits of cute humor. And Matthew Broderick Phillipe "The Mouse" Gaston was kind of cute as a kid. Not enough to be a bishie, but still.)

Top Ten Bishies (AKA: The Boys That Make Me Go "OMIGOSH HE'S HOT!"):
Achetti (He's one of shendothepowerful's muses. He kinda has a hard time showing his feelings, but I could be the one exception if he lets me. ;) Heheh. I hereby crown you king of all my bishies! (Smothers him with smooches which causes him to faint) I lose more bishies that way.) (ID)
Clay Bailey (Now who could possibly resist a cowboy this save-a-horsecute? MY CLAY!) (XS)
Joey Wheeler (Back off, Mai! Joey would never love a snob like you! Go crawl to your little boy toy Valon, why doncha! (Hiss) )(YGO)
Donatello (Yeah, so he's a turtle! SO WHAT! He's smart and creative and sensitive and he's not a perfectionist like Leo (no offense)! Besides, I'm planning on being a wolf so it doesn't matter! ;P) (TMNT)
Beast Boy (Back off, Raven, he's mine! You have Cyborg! That goes for you, too, Terra, you traitor!) (TT)
Prince Zuko (He give's new meaning to the word "hot"! I know what you're thinking: since when does LWP fall for the evil bishies! Well, from where I stand, I think there's enough evidence to prove that he's more misunderstood and lonely than evil. And you know how much of a sucker I am for the rough-around-the-edges lone-wolf bad boy bishie I am! ;) ) (Avatar)
Kurama (Back off, Botan, he's mine! You have Koenma! That includes all you fangirls!) (YYH)
Seto Kaiba (He's Ginka's boyfriend (and mine, when she's not looking). Always have a back-up bishie. ;) ) (YGO)
Odd (Well, Ulrich was taken, so I thought, "What the heck!" But that Samantha chick's threatening my rein over his heart! HE KISSED HER! (Hiss) MUST... DESTROY... SAMANTHA! (Deep breaths and china breaking for two hours) Okay, I'm calm... er.) (CL)
Chance/T-Bone(No, I am NOT in love with an idiot! T's just a kid at heart, that's all. Now, I just want to say two little words to Callie, Ann, Felina, Turmoil, and any other recurring she-kat... BUZZ OFF!) (SWAT)

Favorite Pairings

Omi+Kimiko (Omiko) (XS)
Robin+Starfire (Starling)(TT)
Cyborg+Raven (TT)
Aang+Katara (Avatar)
Sokka+Suki (Avatar)
Yusuke+Keiko (YYH)
Koenma+Botan (YYH)
Kuwabara+Yukina (Though, for the love of my bishies, I can't imagine why ANYONE would fall in love HIM! Ah, what the heck. If she has bad taste in bishies, it's HER problem, not mine.) (YYH)
Yugi+Tea (YGO)
Tristan+Serenity (YGO)
Ash+Misty (Pokemon)
Jessie+James (Pokemon)
Brock+Officer Jenny (Pokemon)
Jake/Razor+Callie (SWAT)
Jeremie+Aelita (CL)
Ulrich+Yumi (It's okay, Yumi. You can have him, for I have found out that Odd needs my lovin'. Squeezes Odd plushie) (CL)
Sissy+Herve (WHAT? I didn't say Sissy had to like Herve back!) (CL)
Casey+April (TMNT)
Reader (Hey, that's me!)+Any one (or more ;) ) of my bishies (Well, what did you expect, VIP tickets to next year's Superbowl? ;) And even though CYOA's are banned, I have found out that I can guest star in some fics! YIPEE! In yo FACES, almighty rulers of FF.Net!)

The Many Phases of Me (Talk about your split-identity crisis! Yugi ain't got nothin' on me!)

Miakoda Tyler (XS)
Keah Star-Cloud/Comet (SWAT)
Jasmine Lyons/Marena (TT)
Ginka Ōkami (pronouced: Ohh-KA-mi)/Adrienne Wolfe (YGO)
Himeko Kawazaki (YYH)
Avril Dumont/April Cambridge (CL)
Amy Roberts-Natchios (TMNT)
Hari (Avatar)

My (Not-So-)Secret Weapons (With these almighty impliments, I shall punish pyromaniacs, threaten characters to read my disclaimers, and plunge the world into 10,000 years of darkness! BWAHAHAHA! Pause Heheh. Sorry, wrong cue card.) (BTW: These are listed by lethality,0 (pretty darn harmless) to 10 (HEAD FOR THE HILLS! THE APOCOLYPSE CAME EARLY/WUYA'S A HUMAN AGAIN!).)

THE Dress- Physically: .95 (The lace is really itchy!), Psycologically 9.99 (It ruins your self-esteem AND reputation) (This is the dress that was made by theEvil Man in the Basement's personal tailor! It's the poofiest, laciest girliest dress ever... and that shade of pink alone is a crime against everything good and decent in this world! It's especially scary for guys, so beware THE Dress!)
Ninja Monkey of Blackmail- 3.1 (Okay, so he's not really meant to cause physical harm. He's more of the "Sneak into your room, wait for the right moment to take blackmail-worthy photos, and return them to me fully developed" type. But he DOES have a High Blue Belt in Karate, though- courtesy of yours truly- and will kick any butts that stand in the way of doing his job.)
Shocker-Chips- 3.7 (These babies can alter your brains any way I want them to while making you look like Las Vegas celebrating Christmas on the Fourth of July in the process. Normally, I only use them to make my disclaimer readers forget they were blackmailed, but if you guys flame me, I can make exceptions. Capiche?)
Flame-Thrower- 4.1 (Now this little gem I got while co-starring in Ingtou's Dimension (please read for details). While the others decided to return theirs, I kept mine as a souvenier. And if anyone crosses me... well, let's just say that Squeaky's going to be eating Pyro Flambé for dinner tomorrow.)
Ridiculously Large Mallets- 4.3 (Break out the aspirin, baby, because these suckers dish out one HECK of a headache. Especially the Extra-Large, Burning Mallet of Doom! She's almost as valuable to me as Squeaky!)
Magic Authoress Hands- 4.6 (With just a point or snap of the fingers or even nothing at all, these suckers can make things appear out of thin air. It also does a little bit of Transfiguration. BEWARE MY MAGIC HANDS OF POWER! BWAHAHA!)
Squeaky- 5.2 (AKA: The Killer Rabbit. (Slight Scottish accent) I tried to warn ya, but did ya listen? Oh no, no, no. It's just a harmless little bunny rabbit!)
My Mouse Army- To cheese, especially cheddar, blue, Swiss, and/or brie: 6.9, On anything else: 1.99 (Okay, so they won't exactly tear you to shreds, but remember, I can turn things- and people- into other stuff- say... a four foot mound of blue cheese.)

And now onto the other stuff! Shave and a haircut, two bits! DING!

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