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Hey people, my friends call me KeeKee, anywho, I LOVE wrestling and my Favorite wrestlers are:
1)Triple H: I just do, he's the Game, Cerebral Assassin. He is the best in the business and I like him a lot because he's a heel and it's not always good to be so nice and mushy. (July)HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He's getting! And it seems as if he's been working out because he was starting to get a little flabby. But, he's starting to look good. I want the old HHH back. I LOVE him, anyway. HE'S GONNA BE A DADDY IN JULY 06!

2)HBK, Shawn Michaels: I think he's cute, I know he's sexy, he's got the looks... He's such a sexy boy! Sooooo glad he's back!
3)Y2J, Chris Jericho: King of Bling, Bling. He gets cuter and cuter to me. Needs to grow his hair back, he was cuter that way. I MISS HIM:(
4)John Cena: Word Life, I love his blue eyes. He's been the champ for too long though! It's most definitely time for the King of Kings to get on his throne!
5)Shane McMahon: He is so cute to me, I don't know why I like him so much. $dolla dolla billz$ HE's BACK!
6)The Rock: If ya Smelelelelel what the Rock is cooking, cute, need I explain? Where is he now?

7) Edge: I can't stand him but he's growing on me!
8) Batista: Annoying but cute. The thumbs down thing is soooo stupid. He needs a new slogan or something.
9)Randy Orton:He's cute (of course). He's cocky but then again,I do love HHH and he's the cockiest of them all.I doHATE HIM yet, he's cute!

Favorite Diva's are:
1)Stephanie McMahon: She IS the Billion Dollar Princess and she stood up to Vinnie-Mac and she was married to the egotistical, arrogant, self-centered, sexy, best in the business, Triple H. And she's the most Dominate Female in the business. SHE's HAVING A BABY! YAY!

2)Lita: Extreme plus, she did IT, with Kane I mean she has got to have GUTS. Plus she stood up to him and called him a bitch. Okay, she now is a heel with Kane and she kissed him. That's nasty! I heard about the Matt/Lita/Edge thing-- no comment.
3)Trish: 100 slut, I love to hate her. (thats only sometimes)
4)Stacy: LEGS! She gave me a reason to hate Orton, again. You just don't hit a woman!
5)Torrie: She showed Sable out, plus she's tough and well she's nice. She recently beat up Candice and it was about time...Candice is cool but VERY annoying...Mickie is annoying too, btw. But she's cool...she should have her own number...

6) Maria: She's dumb funny!

Anyway, just read and be totally truthfully honest. Thanxs, much luv -KeeKee

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